+ Can I actually play the games? What do I get to do?

You sure can. GE²® is designed to let you experience the latest in gaming and technology up close. You get to play games, fly drones, play a round of laser tag or dodgeball, experience virtual reality, learn in our STEM and Robotics Zone, plus have other hands-on experiences throughout the event. You are not limited to spectating.

+ Will you be cleaning the VR headsets between uses?

Vendors will be required to sanitize all equipment in between each use.

+ What’s the difference between a 1 day and 2 day ticket?

There’s a lot to see and experience and who knows, you might just not finish in one day. No problem, just buy the two-day pass at a discount!

+ Where can I find the schedule?

Keep coming back for more information. The VR Zone, Drone Zone, Dodgeball Zone, Laser Tag Zone and STEM and Robotics Zone will have regularly scheduled events all day, both days. And when it comes to the Gaming Zone, step right up and take a seat and play!

+ What does Premium Experience get me?

Your experience gets you early access to the event each day (ninety minutes before general admission), access to the GE²® Lounge, featuring VR, laser tag, dodge ball arenas, and an overhead viewing area of the drone racing! Plus, get a GE²® shirt, tote bag, a $5 Virtual Sports gift card, commemorative laminate, and more!

+ Is there food?

Oh yes, there will be plenty of food to fuel your day and night.

+ Is there a bar?

Yes there is, and a special private one for any of our VIPs. Please drink responsibly.

+ Is it family friendly?

Kids are the future - bring them. Bring your stroller, too. There is a lot to explore and you can't get them started too young! Please note that after 6PM on each day, we will be featuring M+ games.

+ Is cosplay allowed?

Yes! No weaponry or projectiles permitted.

+ I’d like to exhibit, who do I talk to?

contact Holly Grambihler

+ Are strollers allowed?


+ Are backpacks allowed?

Yes, subject to search (prior to entry) for your safety.

+ Where do I park?

There is plenty of parking in the area around the arena.

+ Are there ATMs?

There will be ATM’s on site, but only credit cards will be used for ticket purchases (no cash).

+ Is there stuff to buy?

Yes, gadgets, games, gear, and more!

+ Is it going to be live streamed?

Yes, the entire event will be live streamed.

+ Can I use Cannabis? Can I smoke? can I vape?

Sorry, this is a public facility and it is not permitted.

+ Is wifi available?


+ Is this event ADA accessible?