Chapter 1014 - Sima clan’s plan

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1014 Sima clan’s plan

With an empty gaze and a faint smile, she wanted to reject but she didn’t.

“Thank you.” Sima You Yue took the jade token, she was determined to come up with an idea to let him see the world with his own eyes.

She understood that people like him were lonely, because of his ident.i.ty and health, if he met someone new that meets the eyes, he would want to be good to that person.

“If you know any Xuan Qiu clan’s people, give them this and they will definitely respect you as somebody superior, if you don’t know any, then this is just an ordinary jade pendant.” Xuan Qiu He continued, “So it’s not hundred percent useful.”

Regardless of usefulness, it was the thoughts that counted. She would always remember this friends.h.i.+p.

At the same time, the place where the Sima clan stayed, Sima Xin Shu and the rest were excitedly telling Sima Liu Yun and Sima Liu Feng what happened that day.

A thick stack of papers were on the tea table at the master’s seat, it was the first batch of news sent from the Shadow Team.

“Uncle Liu Feng, didn’t you see, when the Firebird clan flew here and landed beside her, that array was as strong as the people from our side.” Sima Yi Fei continued, “Also, if it wasn’t for You Yue today, that guild president would have died, that spatial lock was beautiful, we would have never thought someone could lock such a huge piece of district and it was able to block all the powerful attacks. You can even see how st.u.r.dy that spatial was.”

Sima Liu Yun and Sima Liu Feng nodded without showing much excitement.

“Uncle Liu Feng, aren’t you guys surprised?” Sima Yi Fei cried out when he saw how calm they were.

“I’m surprised.” Sima Liu Feng said.

“Then why are you guys so calm?”

Sima Liu Feng took the paper on the table, “I already know the things you guys just said.”

“I thought you guys didn’t go to the arena?” Sima Qi Qi asked.

Sima Liu Feng kept silent and pa.s.sed them the paper.

When Sima Yi Yun took the paper and read it, Sima You Yue’s recent activities were written clearly on it, they even knew that she was the one who created the dark forest’s happenings. This kind of strength made people gasp in admiration.

“Oh my G.o.d….”

Four of them gathered around and read, all these stacked things made them cry out in alarm.

“This is too perverse a genius.” Sima Yi Fei shouted after he finished reading.

“Is she even a human?” Sima Qi Qi was in disbelief, “Could there be an error to the dark forest’s matter? The things written here aren’t similar to how You Yue looked like.”

“Didn’t think of it initially, but after the things behind were pushed forward, it’s definitely her.” Sima Liu Feng a.s.sured.

“Goodness gracious, this is too scary! She is only in her thirties but her experience is much more than someone who’s three hundred years old.” Sima Qi Qi exclaimed.

“Compared to her, we are totally weak.” Sima Xin Shu commented.

“That’s right, but she’s Uncle Liu Xuan’s daughter, like father, like daughter.” Sima Yi Yun said.

“There are still some things that are not reported here, just with this, it’s enough to shock people. If Liu Xuan knows how powerful his daughter is, he will be so happy.” Sima Liu Feng said.

“Uncle Liu Feng, did you manage to locate Uncle Liu Xuan?” Sima Yi Yun questioned.

“No, but I know the estimated direction.” Sima Liu Feng answered.

“Do you know where he went?”

“Already found out his last known location. But it was cut off after that. With the estimated direction, it’s easier to find.” Sima Liu Feng explained.

“Didn’t the clan disallow you guys to search?”

“Hmph, those people….” Sima Liu Yun snorted coldy showing disdain and dissatisfaction.

“Younger generations like you guys don’t have to ask too much about Liu Xuan’s stuff.” Sima Liu Feng continued, “Remember, You Yue’s matters can never be spread outside, don’t let the clan know.”

“I guess can’t.” Sima Xin Shu continued, “We are not the only influences in the inner regions, Gu’s clan and the other clans came, although we didn’t tell anyone, You Yue’s name is too easy to recognise, others will immediately know she’s from our clan.”

“The generation of the ‘You’s’ are rare, those outstanding ones are rare too, people from outside don’t know much either, but we are close in contact with Gu’s clan, they should know.” Sima Yi Yun said.

“Who’s the team leader for Gu’s clan?” Sima Liu Feng asked.

“Gu Xi Chao and his fifthteen Elders.” Sima Xin Shu answered.

“They…. We will talk about it with them, tell them to be sure to keep it a secret.” Sima Liu Feng said.

“No need.” Sima Liu Yun refuted.


“If we specially look for them, they will raise interest in You Yue instead. If we don’t say anything, perhaps they might say nothing.” Sima Liu Yun continued, “If they really found out, then we will talk to them about it.”

“That works too. Then you guys don’t go look for her casually, keep a distance from her, don’t make them feel suspicious, understand?” Sima Liu Feng said.

“Got it. Eh, I feel like prying open You Yue’s brain to see the structure of it. How did Uncle Liu Xuan give birth to such a demon.” Sima Yi Fei sighed.

“Wait for us to be stronger and we can bring her home.” Sima Yi Yun said.

“We will.” Sima Xin Shu continued, “I think, with her natural gift and capabilities, it shouldn’t take long before she can go back.”

“Mm, it will!”

They believed that day wouldn’t be far.

Sima You Yue and the rest waited in the medicine garden till Mao San Quan contacted them to go back before they left and went to the front to look for them.

“You Yue, thanks for today.” Xia Chang Tian saw Sima You Yue and cupped his fist with grat.i.tude.

If not for her, he would be finished today.

“President, you’re welcome.” Sima You Yue stood aside avoiding his courtesy and said, “This is something that I should do, I don’t deserve your salute.”

Aside his guild president’s status, with his age, he was enough to be an old jade, she couldn’t take it when he saluted a young fellow like herself.

“President, the things here are almost settled, we will head back first.” Mao San Quan said.

“Go ahead, you guys are burnt out from today, take a good rest and prepare for the upcoming contest.” Xia Chang Tian said, then winked at Sima You Yue, “Good luck to you, I’m looking forward to your results!”

Sima You Yue got gooseb.u.mps when she saw him winking at her.

Why did she feel that the way this guy smiled at her with ulterior motive? The smile made one’s flesh creep.

Gao Zhi Hong who was at a side then knew what this guy was thinking, he guessed his intention was to get her into the guild, if her pills refining results turned out good, getting her in the guild would be justifiable.

After Sima You Yue saw how Xia Chang Tian was, she left the Alchemist Guild as if she was escaping.

They went back to rest for ten days, in those ten days, Sima You Yue brought Han Miao Shuang and the rest into spirit paG.o.da for seclusion, even though they haven’t upgraded to eighth tier yet, but she felt that she was extremely close to it.

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