Chapter 1337 - A Sorrowful Conclusion

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Chapter 1337 A Sorrowful Conclusion

Boom, a frightening aura spread out; it was Saint-level!

In this galaxy, this was an invincible force. Unless the Celestial Realm sent out an army, no one could match that kind of power.

“Ah…” However, this incredibly powerful woman grabbed her head as she screamed in pain. A frightening shock wave of power spread out from her, sending boundless waves of dust. Boom, boom, boom, they shot out into all directions. Pa, pa, pa, cracks also appeared on the ancient coffin beneath her, and it suddenly shattered, turning into millions of pieces.

This should not have been caused by her, but rather said that this ancient coffin had completed its mission. Otherwise, wouldn’t any Saint be able to come and open the coffin, and thus ruin Ding Zizhen’s plans?

“Why have I become like this?” This woman wailed to the skies, her voice filled with resentment.

The present her could definitely not be considered any kind of beauty. She couldn’t even be considered a normal person. One side of her was beautiful as jade, whereas the other side was skeletal in appearance. To a woman who prized beauty, this was unacceptable.

Furthermore, even if she reached Genesis Tier, she could not possibly regrow her flesh and blood, because this had not come from an injury. Rather, it was the rea.s.sembly of a departed soul and reigniting life and vitality in a body that had long aged and died. This method could be considered nature-defying, yet there was obviously a miscalculation on Ding Zizhen’s part. Though he had revived her, only one half of her body had recovered vitality and life.

This was a fight with the heaven and earth. No matter how powerful you, as a Saint, were, how could you possibly win a fight against the heavens? Thus, it was definitely impossible that she could heal the other half of her body, unless the same method was used another time.

However, the ancient coffin had been destroyed. It should be the key to the process, and without this kind of object, this woman obviously would have to live on with this kind of bizarre appearance.

If Ding Zizhen had not lied on this matter, this woman should be Ding Ling.

She released an enraged shout, sounding incredibly severe.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

She waved her fists endlessly, pounding the ground until it was all scattered and smashed. However, this place was the Two Realm Pa.s.sageway, where strange Regulations were active. Furthermore, the composition of heaven and earth here was extraordinarily st.u.r.dy, so it had actually withstood the full force of a Saint wreaking havoc.

“I hate you!! I hate you!!” Ding Ling called out loudly, and suddenly slapped a palm into her own forehead. Pa, her forehead suddenly exploded, and even her whole body had turned into innumerable bits and pieces.

She had only been revived for a few breaths’ time, and she had actually committed suicide!

Xiu, her body turned into nothing, but a crystal that was only the size of a finger dropped down from the skies. It had actually withstood the full power of a Saint without being destroyed.

Ling Han recounted the scene he had witnessed to the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was initially stunned, but then sighed. She said, “If I was her, I may choose the same end.”

“Why?” Ling Han asked.

“To a woman, especially a beautiful woman, beauty is the most important, and its importance has even surpa.s.sed the importance of life,” Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden said slowly, filled with sympathy. “If my appearance was ruined, I definitely would not want to see you again. I would rather commit suicide and destroy my own body so that you would eternally remember me when I was at my most beautiful.”

Ling Han shook his head and took her lightly into his arms. He said, “Never have that kind of idea! As long as you are still alive, everything could be changed, but if you are dead, that would be the end. Nothing could be changed by then.”

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden nodded, but Ling Han knew that she had not heard what he had said. If she was really unable to recover her beauty, she would still make the same choice that Ding Ling had.

Women would be so incomprehensible at times.

Ling Han sighed, and came out of the Black Tower together with the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. There was still a majestic aura undulating in the air. That was the aura that belonged to a Saint. Even if she had died, it could still exist for a very, very long time.

This kind of ending… was probably something that Ding Zizhen could not have possibly imagined.

He’d spent all this strenuous effort, and schemed for who knew how many years, yet his daughter committed suicide right after coming back to life. But according to Ling Han’s deduction, even if he’d known this would’ve been the conclusion, there would’ve still been no change to Ding Zizhen’s decision. He would’ve still chosen to use innumerable lives in exchange for a chance for his daughter to revive.

Even if it was just a short instant, he would be satisfied. That was because he had tried his best, and had given his daughter the chance to make a choice instead of dying helplessly in the hands of his fiancee.

Ling Han couldn’t help but ask himself. If it was him who had this kind of chance, what would he do?

Would he become crazy for his son’s sake?

“No matter what, the only thing you can depend on is having extremely strong abilities,” Ling Han said. Only when one was strong enough could he prevent a tragedy from happening, and no matter how much compensation was made after the matter was over, there would still be regrets left after.

“En!” The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden nodded. When she saw Ding Ling’s end, she was also filled with a strong feeling of vigilance.

Ling Han picked up the crystal that Ding Ling had left behind, and it was in that single instant that a memory that did not belong to him suddenly appeared in his mind. At the same time, he felt as if someone was staring at him.

This memory… was the complete Tide of the Ages!

The golden sand extracted from here could not possibly contain Ding Zizhen’s complete memories, after all. Thus, though Small Tower had extracted one Tide of the Ages, which had also been grasped by Ling Han, it could not be considered as the true Tide of the Ages, but now it was complete.

This crystal… could it be a precious treasure that Ding Zizhen had brought out from his fiancee’s clan? Was that why it could condense a departed soul through these many, many years to allow Ding Ling to come back to life? And since Ding Ling possessed the bloodline of the Ding Clan, she naturally also possessed Tide of the Ages.

Ding Zizhen had tricked everyone. He completely had not planned to teach this secret technique of his clan to anyone. However, life was variable, and it had still fallen into Ling Han’s possession.

Still… What about that feeling of being observed?

Since this was the treasure of some force of the Celestial Realm, it had to have its own mark. Perhaps it had been suppressed by the ancient coffin, and so did not leak out, but now that it had fallen into Ling Han’s hands, this mark was activated, allowing that clan in the Celestial Realm to discover his existence.

Ling Han hurriedly entered into the Black Tower with the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden. TIme was too short, and perhaps that clan still could not confirm his exact location, but his appearance and aura were probably all known to the latter.

They had not even entered into the Celestial Realm yet, and were already in trouble.

Ling Han used the power of the Black Tower to wash away all signs on the crystal, and then began seclusion with the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden.

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden needed a large amount of time for appreciation to increase the extent of the Regulations of heaven and earth that she could grasp and increase her level at the pinnacle level as much as possible until she reached the peak. Ling Han was also just a mere step away from the peak of the pinnacle level. He, too, needed an extremely large amount of time to break through to the Heavenly Body Tier.

The powerful figures of the Xie Clan all knew that Xie Donglai had died by his hand, and while Xie Qian had died, there were still Heavenly Body Tier elites in the Xie Clan, though their exact cultivation level was unknown. Thus, if Ling Han wanted to go back and destroy the Five Sects, he had to first have enough power to oppose the Xie Clan.

Otherwise, he would have to crush the Five Sects on one end whilst having to deal with being hunted down by the Xie Clan. What was he to do then?

Hence, he would rather charge up to the Heavenly Body Tier in a single go, and then seek out the Five Sects to call them to account. In any case, it was only a matter of a few years.

The two of them entered into seclusion. With the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill, they did not have to worry about the acc.u.mulation of Origin Power, and merely had to concentrate on increasing the appreciation of their cultivation level.

Very soon, Ling Han ingested the last Berserk Blood Spirit Pill that he could take, and pushed his cultivation level all the way up to the peak of the pinnacle level. Next, he began to seclude himself to understand the mysteries of the Heavenly Body Tier.

Theoretically, he had not used much time to enter into pinnacle level, so he should advance into the Heavenly Body Tier at an even more rapid rate.

Yet the truth was not so. He kept feeling as if there was a barrier in the heaven and earth, which caused him to be unable to cross over even after a long time.

He came out of seclusion, and asked for guidance from the Notionless Saint. Only then did he know that there was a so-called age barrier.

There was no 100-year-old Heavenly Body Tier in this world!

Ling Han naturally would not believe that. How old was Hu Niu? Not only had she long since entered into the Heavenly Body Tier, she had even rushed all the way up to Genesis Tier. So, how could there be a so-called 100-year-old age barrier?

En, this could possibly be relevant to beings of the Immortal Realm.

Thus, Ling Han could only spend more time on comprehension. At first, he had thought it would be an additional few months’ time at most, but the time required had far surpa.s.sed his expectations. Depending on the Berserk Blood Spirit Pill to forcibly increase the acc.u.mulation of Origin Power finally revealed its disadvantage at this moment.

Every three months, Ling Han would stop to temper his body in immortal flame. Three months had pa.s.sed in the outside world, but in truth, he had comprehended Dao for close to 100 years.

“200 years”, “300 years”, “400 years”… time pa.s.sed quietly by. Ling Han was still unable to take that most crucial step. This allowed him to know that the Reincarnation Tree also had its limits.

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden had already ingested another Berserk Blood Spirit Pill, and under the condition that she was comprehending Dao beneath the Reincarnation Tree, she had advanced into the late stage of the pinnacle level. Another three years later, she had finally advanced into the peak of the pinnacle level. By now, she had already caught up to Ling Han in terms of cultivation level.

But this soon became a matter of the past, because Ling Han finally attained enough appreciation of cultivation, and the great doors to the Heavenly Body Tier opened up to him.

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