Chapter 2087 - Don't Let Her Come Up Again

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Chapter 2087: Don’t Let Her Come Up Again

They left the office hand in hand.

When the elevator stopped, the door opened and a woman walked out.

Qiao Mianmian was stunned to see who walked out of the elevator.

Mo Yesi’s expression darkened.

“Chairman Mo.”

The woman saw him and quickly walked towards him.

“Chairman Mo, are you going out now? I have a proposal here that you have to take a look at personally. I…” The woman’s eyes lit up when she saw Mo Yesi, and her expression was a little agitated.

But when she saw Mo Yesi and Qiao Mianmian holding hands, she frowned and pursed her lips unhappily.

It was like seeing her husband with a mistress.

She had completely forgotten that they were legally married, and she was just an unrelated person.

Mo Yesi interrupted her coldly. “Who asked you to come up? Didn’t Wei Zheng tell you that you have to hand over everything to him in the future? You don’t have to look for me anymore.”

The woman was stunned for a moment. When she met his cold gaze, her heart skipped a beat and she inexplicably panicked.

She opened her mouth to explain. “Chairman Mo, I…”

“Chairman Mo.”

Qiao Mianmian turned around and saw Wei Zheng running over.

Seeing the woman standing at the elevator, his expression changed. “Why are you here! Didn’t I tell you that Chairman Mo doesn’t see you again? Don’t you understand?”

After scolding the woman, he immediately turned around and hurriedly explained to Mo Yesi, “Chairman Mo, I told a.s.sistant Yang not to look for you anymore. I don’t know why she still came up.”

Mo Yesi said coldly, “If this happens again, you don’t have to come to work anymore. Take her away now.”

Wei Zheng’s expression changed. “Yes, Chairman Mo. I promise I won’t let this happen again.”

The woman’s face stiffened.

She clenched the doc.u.ment in her hand and looked hurt. “Chairman Mo…”

Mo Yesi said coldly, “Wei Zheng.”

“a.s.sistant Yang, please leave immediately.” Wei Zheng’s expression darkened when he saw that the woman was still standing there. “If you still refuse, I’ll have to get the security officers to chase you away.”

The woman was still staring at Mo Yesi.

Wei Zheng frowned and saw that Mo Yesi’s expression had darkened further. He didn’t hesitate anymore and immediately called for security.

He then said, “Bring a.s.sistant Yang down and inform the front desk. Don’t let her come up again.”

The security officers were efficient.

As soon as Wei Zheng finished speaking, a few security officers walked over, grabbed the woman’s arms, and dragged her into the elevator.

The woman was still struggling. “Let go of me. What are you doing? I’m here to discuss business with Chairman Mo. What right do you have to treat me like this?

“Let go of me! Chairman Mo, how could you treat your partner like this!

“Let go of me, let go of me!”

Soon, the elevator doors closed.

The woman’s voice faded.

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