Chapter 640 - Threat

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Chapter 640: Threat

Xue Feihan looked so certain and calm.

The three friends came to the Saint College as parentless children, and the Saint College was a home for them. So Xue Feihan was very certain that when Xia Yinghan returned, she was going back to Saint College sooner or later.

Since he was here today already, he was going to bring her back to the college.

“We have been very busy these days with both you and Huang Xuan gone. The Dean barely has time to take a break. He has to give lessons to the students at the Saint College. The Dean should have come to get you personally hearing that you are back, but he is just too busy to do so, so I came to get you myself. The New Year is around the corner, and we will not be that busy any more. The plum flowers are blooming in the backyard, let’s go and see them, alright?” Xue Feihan explained his reason for being here, trying to tempt Xia Yinghan.

Seeing the plum flowers in the backyard had always been what they liked doing since little.

Xia Yinghan was the one that loved plum flowers most of all, so she loved seeing them every year and she always wanted Xue Feihan to keep her company. Therefore, Xue Feihan believed that as long as he mentioned plum flowers, Xia Yinghan would definitely go to the Saint College with him without any objection.

Although Huang Xuan was absent, Xue Feihan believed that as long as Xia Yinghan was with him for the winter, it would be a perfect time for them too.

Seeing that Xue Feihan was speaking with her in a flattering way, and remembering that Xue Feihan never liked plum flowers…

Xia Yinghan felt that things had changed. She had no idea since when things started to change. Could it have been from the time when he asked her to return home back at the Pa.s.s?

Xia Yinghan felt quite emotional facing Xue Feihan in this way, but she did not have the intention of following him home. Saint College used to be a place full of warmth for her, but Xia Yinghan just could not remember since when, the Saint College had become something different in her heart.

It seemed that it was when she was so concerned about Xue Feihan’s concern about Huang Xuan.

Xia Yinghan sighed as she looked at Xue Feihan, “Senior Brother, just leave, I am not going to return to the Saint College any more. The Dean already approved of my departure before I left for the Pa.s.s.”


“So I have nothing to do with Saint College, and when I am settled, I will visit the Dean. As for the others… well, just forget about it.” Xia Yinghan said calmly.

As a matter of fact, she herself had no strong interest in plum flowers. She only did that because she wanted to spend some time with Xue Feihan, but now, she no longer liked Xue Feihan, so she had no interest in plum flowers any more either. Everything was gone.

Xue Feihan’s face changed.

She was not going back with him? Why?

“No, you have to return there with me! We are all parentless children and Saint College is our home! Huang Xuan is reckless so she left, but you are not! Have you forgotten what we promised to each other before? We are staying at the Saint College for our whole life!” Xue Feihan’s voice arose louder and louder and now he started to bellow furiously, “Xia Yinghan, you have to come with me!”

Xia Yinghan shook her head and felt even more emotional at the sight of Xue Feihan, but they were no longer children.

“Senior Brother, what is the point?”

“Xia Yinghan, if you refuse to return with me, you are never going to see me again!” Xue Feihan threatened.

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