Chapter 103 – I’ll Let You Die Ugly

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Chapter 103 – I’ll Let You Die Ugly

This sugar steamed cheese made use of the spiritual fruit and spiritual flowers from her s.p.a.ce. Specially mixed with water from the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring, its flavour was fresher and more delicate compared to the famous desserts from her previous world. Most important of all, was that it also helped in nursing the spiritual energy to circulate in the body, and stabilising the endurance of the meridians. Recently this has become the favourite dessert of Xiao Li and Hexi.

Bai Hu watched helplessly on the side as Hexi and Xiao Li were eating. As the fragrance of the food reached his nose and distracted him, his stomach began to rumble.

Finally, Xiao Li couldn’t stand his pitiful expression any longer, and after obtaining permission from Hexi, she then carried a few desserts over to him while beaming.

At this time, Qin Lu who had been howling due to the sharp pain he felt, slowly came to his senses. Struggling with all his might, he twisted around to see who the person was that had pressed him into the ground. His face was distorted from his anger, but suddenly, shock was visible in every feature instead.

Zhangsan…unexpectedly, it was Zhangsan! However, his cultivation base was only at rank two of the Qi Refining stage, how could he beat him?

With a sneak attack, right?! This must be because he was momentarily unguarded, so Zhangsan used that opportunity to smoothly attack him, that’s all!

Thinking till here, Qin Lu shouted loudly in anger, “Zhangsan you dog, don’t you know who I am? I’m currently the External Manager for Nalan Manor! Did you dare touch me because you’ve eaten leopard guts?! Release me immediately, did you hear me?! Otherwise I will make it so that you die in an extremely ugly way!”

Qin Lu’s duty as an External Manager is to manage this outside courtyard, so it can be said that every slave belonging to Nalan Manor staying in this courtyard, including Zhangsan and the others, were all his subordinates. It was up to him how he wished to handle them, therefore he was furious.

Zhangsan’s eyes showed a carefree smile, and with a deep voice he said, “Qin Lu, who do you think you are? I now only recognise Young Miss as my Master.”

The moment that Zhangsan became controlled by Hexi, his state of mind was completely lost. At first, he had been filled with despair at the thought of spending his lifetime as an ignorant and unfeeling puppet.

However with the pa.s.sage of time, his consciousness had become clearer, and apart from not being able to go against Hexi’s commands or hurting her, himself and the others were gradually no different from ordinary people.

Furthermore, once they drank Miss’s special herbal drink, Zhangsan and the others were pleasantly surprised as their cultivation bases started to rise after being stagnant for a long time. Zhangsan, who had had the highest cultivation base amongst them, finally managed to break through to rank three of the Qi Refining stage.

Afterwards, Zhangsan and the others were fiercely dedicated to serving Hexi as their Master. Not just an insignificant manager from Nalan Manor, but even if the Madam from Nalan Manor personally came, they were only willing to obey Miss’s commands.

After hearing Zhangsan speak, Qin Lu just stared blankly. Then, due to his anger, he started trembling all over, his spiritual power even began to sharply increase.

No matter how much he thought about it, he just couldn’t understand. Zhangsan is a slave from Nalan Manor, and previously he was respectful towards him! How can he now be such a traitor, acting like a dog that kneeled and licked that useless Third Miss?!

So the next moment, the spiritual power in Qin Lu’s body suddenly burst forth, and fiercely shaking off Zhangsan’s suppression, he sent him flying with a kick.

Although Zhangsan had broken through to rank three of the Qi Refining stage, he still couldn’t compare with Qin Lu who had already been on rank three of the Qi Refining stage for many years, resulting in his strength only being able to last for a short length of time.

After kicking Zhangsan away, without the slightest hesitation, Qin Lu rushed towards Hexi. He wanted to tear her to pieces, his eyes red with rage.

Hexi stopped Bai Hu and Xi Jia, as well as the others, as they all moved to take action. Withdrawing the Bone Whip from the Storage Ring on her finger, she lightly waved her wrist, casually sending the whip in the direction of Qin Lu as he rushed closer towards her.

It was like the white whip had eyes as it flew like a spirit snake straight towards Qin Lu’s body. Obviously it looked like not much strength had been used and would be weak, yet when the whip thrashed Qin Lu’s body, its strength abruptly increased.

“AH AHH—-!”

Qin Lu issued continuous shrill screams as he once again he fell into a kneeling position on the ground with a thump.

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