Chapter 1083: Not Your Ordinary Grade One Alchemist

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Chapter 1083: Not Your Ordinary Grade One Alchemist

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"What?!" Lu Rui's smile froze on his face as a hint of shock and incredulity appeared in his eyes when he heard the message from outside.


A faint sound reverberated in the air. Lu Rui had involuntarily broken the armrest. He did not seem to have noticed it as he sat there with a blank expression.

Both Lu Yuan and Lu Gui who sat beneath Lu Rui simultaneously gulped before they turned to look at Lu Rui.

"Clan Leader… You said you've just sent the medicinal materials and the list over to Elder Duan this morning?" Lu Yuan asked with a startled expression.

"Yes… How can Elder Duan finished refining the pills in one morning?" Lu Gui asked.

After the rest of the Lu Clan's elders recovered from the shock, they looked at Lu Rui with a puzzled expression. They too wanted to know what was going on.

"I don't know as well." Lu Rui shook his head as he frowned.

After a moment of silence, Lu Rui unfurrowed his brows as if he had thought of something. He muttered, "Maybe Elder Duan already has some of the pills I requested… That's why he asked someone to hand me those first." Lu Rui's voice was not loud but it was clearly heard by the Lu Clan's elders.

"That should be it."

"That's the only possibility… The types of grade one pill requested by the Clan Leader would need at least ten days to half a month to complete."

"Elder Duan is a grade one alchemist, He probably has grade one Life Recovery Pills on hand… Maybe, he sent those grade one Life Recovery Pills to the Clan Leader first."

The group of Lu Clan's elders discussed among themselves. Each of them had their own opinion.

"Come in!" Lu Rui summoned the Lu Clan's disciple who had brought the pills over.

"Clan Leader." The Lu Clan disciple entered the hall and handed over the Spatial Ring respectfully before he turned to leave.

After the Lu Clan's disciple left, everyone's eyes s.h.i.+fted to Lu Rui, the Clan Leader of Lu Clan.

More accurately, their eyes landed on the Spatial Ring in Lu Rui's hands.

"Elder Duan is a knowledgeable grade one alchemist… But we don't know what's the purity of the grade one pills he refined."

"He should be stronger than Guild Master Cheng from the Alchemist Guild's Main Guild in the Southern Outer Land.

"That's not necessarily true… You should know that grade one pills refined by Guild Master Cheng sometimes have more than 70% purity."

The group of Lu Clan's elders began to whisper among themselves. However, their eyes did not leave the Spatial Ring in Lu Rui's hands.

Under everyone's watchful eyes, Lu Rui p.r.i.c.ked a finger and dripped a drop of blood to establish a Blood Owners.h.i.+p Claim with the Spatial Ring.

In the next moment, he checked the s.p.a.ce in the Spatial Ring with his mind.

When he saw the Spatial Ring was densely packed with neatly placed pill bottles, his eyes widened. "How come there are so many pill bottles? Does Elder Duan has the habit of using one pill bottle to store one pill?" On the Cloud Continent, there were many alchemists with weird temperament who liked to store one pill in one pill bottle.

He had heard of them before.

"It's too wasteful." Although Lu Rui felt that storing one pill in one pill bottle was wasteful, he still took one of the pill bottles and opened it to take a look.

He was mentally prepared to see one pill inside the pill bottle. However, his eyes widened again when he saw inside the bottle.

"Ten grade one Life Recovery Pills?" Lu Rui realized the pill bottle contained ten pills. The rich medicinal aroma wafted out. The smell invaded his nostrils and relaxed him.

In ordinary circ.u.mstances, he would have immediately discovered the difference in the grade one pills in this pill bottle from the rich medicinal aroma.

However, he was not paying attention to it.

"What about the rest of the pill bottles…" He hurriedly closed the pill bottle in his hand and check on the others. Eventually, he discovered that every pill bottle contained ten pills.

More importantly, these pills were the pills he requested on the list.

The exact types of grade one pills with the correct quant.i.ty that he requested.

"This…" Lu Rui was dumbstruck after he confirmed it.

Both Lu Yuan and Lu Gui, who sat beneath him, were puzzled. The group of Lu Clan's elders in the main hall was getting antsy. They were curious about what could make the Clan Leader lose his composure.

"Clan Leader, what's wrong?" Lu Yuan and Lu Gui asked simultaneously.

Lu Rui finally recovered after he heard their question. He took a deep breath before looking at everyone present as they all stared at him.

"The types of grade one pill I requested on the list… Elder Duan completed it. Regardless of the type or quant.i.ty, he fulfilled the request perfectly!" Lu Rui said as he looked at the group of Lu Clan's elders solemnly. His gaze was complicated.


When Lu Rui finished his sentence, it was as though thunder had struck. Every elder, including Lu Yuan and Lu Gui the Guardian Elders of Lu clan, was stunned.

The Clan Leader's request was completed perfectly by Elder Duan?

Regardless of the type or quant.i.ty, he fulfilled it without any deviation?

It took a while for the group of Lu Clan's elders to regain their senses.

When they recovered from the shock, they began to discuss among themselves. The main hall became as noisy as a market.

"Elder Duan managed to refine all the pills requested by the Clan Leader?"

"That's impossible! How can he refine so many pills in one morning?"

"I think he probably already has some of the pills, so he just handed them over." The statement sparked another discussion.

"Apart from that, I can't think of any other possibilities."

"Even if someone asks Guild Master Cheng of the Alchemist Guild's Main Guild in the Southern Outer Land to personally refine those pills, he probably needs ten days to half a month to fulfill it. And that's if he doesn't sleep and rest."

"Completing it in one morning? That's impossible!"

The Lu Clan's elders quickly reached a conclusion.

Elder Duan had a sufficient number of grade one pills that the Clan Leader had requested so he just handed them over.

"If Elder Duan is asked to refine the pills with the medicinal materials given by the Clan Leader, he won't be able to refine enough pills as requested," one Lu Clan's elder said.

The others were deeply convinced by his words.

After all, that request required a 30% success rate of forming pills.

"No!" A voice filled with shock reverberated in the air and drowned out the voices of the Lu Clan's elders.

All the elders immediately looked toward the source of the voice.

It was the Clan Leader of Lu Clan, Lu Rui, who was sitting on the main seat at the very top!

Under everyone's watchful eyes, Lu Rui's hands moved as fast as lightning.

Following that, one after another pill bottles appeared in his hands. He opened them and retrieved several pills.

At the same time, a rich medicinal aroma wafted through the entire main hall. All the Lu Clan's elders immediately felt soothed and relaxed. Some of them even took a deep breath and closed their eyes in enjoyment. They all enjoyed the smell of the medicinal aroma.

Soon after, some of the Lu Clan's elders regained their senses. The shock was apparent on their faces.

"Such strong medicinal aroma… Only freshly refined pills that have not been left in the cauldron for more than a day have that aroma!" One of the Lu Clan's elders could not help chiming in.

He was one of the grade two alchemists in Lu Clan. He understood the characteristics of pills very well.

The medicinal aroma of freshly refined pills was completely different from the medicinal aroma of pills that had been refined for more than a day. Nothing could affect it, and that included pill bottles and Spatial Rings.

"All the pills have this medicinal aroma," Lu Rui said solemnly. His face still carried a blank expression. He still did not completely recover from the shock.

"How's this possible?!"

"These pills have been refined for less than a day?"

"Medicinal aroma won't lie!"

Soon after, the main hall erupted in a clamor. All the Lu Clan's elders had a blank expression on their faces. They found this hard to believe.

In their opinion, this was almost impossible!

"This means… These pills are refined by Elder Duan within a day?" Lu Yuan asked in a daze after he gulped.

"Although I find it hard to believe, I have to believe the facts before my eyes… Elder Duan is not your ordinary grade one alchemist!" Lu Rui gasped and said after he recovered from his shock.

Lu Rui's words echoed in the ears of the stunned Lu Clan's elders.

All of them agreed with the Clan Leader.

"Does this mean… apart from being able to refine grade one pills at an unbelievable speed, his success rate is more than 30%?!"

"That seems to be the case."


There was another uproar among the Lu Clan's elders.

It was still acceptable if he merely refined it quickly! If even his success rate was so high, how could the others compete?

"More importantly, Elder Duan is merely a young man around the age of twenty… I thought my innate talent in refining medicine is pretty good since I managed to become a grade two alchemist at my age. However, I've wasted all those years living like a dog compared to him!" One Lu Clan's elder said before he sighed.

He was one of the few grade two alchemists in the Lu Clan.

His words brought shame to the other Lu Clan's elders. All of them lowered their heads. They felt like burying their heads in the sand.

"How's that possible?!" Shortly after, there was another shout. It shocked all the Lu Clan's elders.

They could tell it was the Clan Leader again.

Their hearts jolted before they lifted their heads to look at Lu Rui.

"Did the Clan Leader discover something else?"

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