Chapter 1358 - Vampire Knights

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Chapter 1358 - Vampire Knights

Out of the blue, three strangers seemed to have become the settlement's hope. After they saw that the leaders' attacks did nothing to harm the strange vampire, suddenly they bore witness to how those from the tenth family managed to harm him.

Laxmus, now having made a full recovery, had decided to change his plans a little after meeting these new vampires. He ran toward the Royal guards who had just stood by the side, not sure what they were meant to do.

It was a sorry sight to behold. They had once represented the glory of the vampire settlement, yet their number had dwindled to a mere fifteen, the rest having perished in battle. The Royal Knight Kyle stood in front of them since he was meant to command them, rather than with his family members.

"Kill them all!" Was the the simply command Laxmus gave the Royal guards, and nearly in an instant they turned against the crowd of people, charging in without any mercy.

"Wait!" Kyle shouted. "What are you doing?"

It was obvious that the Original King had used something similar to the Influence skill, but each Royal guard had around the strength of a Vampire Knight. Not even leaders could force them to do their bidding unless the guard might have served under them.

"Stop, this is an order!" Yet, no matter how loud Kyle yelled, it did nothing as they ran into the onlooking vampires, yet the leaders were there to prevent the normal populace from suffering any harm.

Sunny and Jin, were the first to go to combat with the Royal guards, hitting their spears away, and delivering a palm of red aura. Still, they would recover and attack again as if they were possessed.

"Leave the protection of the settlement to us!" Sunny shouted towards the tenth family group. "You're the only ones who can harm him, so please, defeat that tyrant!"

This seemed to be the will of the other leaders as well, as they joined the fourth and fifth leaders in holding down the Royal guards.

"You heard them!" Paul said. "They're relying on you two. I know my powers aren't enough to beat him. I've only learned how to use the first stage of Qi from the other vampires and I seriously doubt it will so much as tickle him."

"Still, there is another annoyance that I can help you get rid of." Paul never planned to just sit around and watch. He went to face the one who had awoken the strange vampire, the current leader of the second family, Tempus.

As long as he was there, not only the Royal guards but Laxmus could be healed over and over again. In a way it was of the utmost importance to get rid of Tempus before any of the others and Paul knew this.

The leaders and the vampires watching this thought Paul to be suicidal, because Laxmus wasn't far away, but the second he tried to move towards his fellow Original, Erin ran forward and pointed out her blade between the two of them.

Out from the Demon tier weapon came a large ice tunnel, until it hit the castle wall, creating a barrier between the two of them.

"You and your d.a.m.ned sword again!" Laxmus cursed as he turned around, looking at both Erin and Leo.

"This might be a harder fight than against Arthur. Now you will finally get your chance to show off all your skills!" Leo stated.


The reason why Paul was able to run head first towards Tempus was because he had confidence in his allies, or at least that's what he would have liked to think. While running over his heart kept beating louder hoping that they would do something. He wasn't a fool, he knew he had no chance going up against Laxmus, thankfully they did help out in the end.

'Now, it's time for me to do my part!' Paul thought, as he banged his gloves together to reveal the poison claws and immediately went striking towards Tempus, who moved out of the way quickly, avoiding each of the strikes.

"Are you really just a knight, you are a bit fast for one?" Tempus commented as he calmly went to grab Paul, but before he could, a set of strings had come out, and wrapped around the Original's hand, pulling it away.

"Don't let him touch you, if he does it's all over." Silver warned, and at that moment, not wasting time, from her chest a red glow could be seen.

"I will pay you back for embarra.s.sing me!" Silver shouted, as nearly an identical version of her, appeared. The only difference was, it looked like this version of her was slightly red. Silver quickly attached strings to herself, and charged in along with Paul.

'What is this, a blood weapon but where did it come from?' Tempus wondered. The feeling was similar yet different at the same time. Regardless, he went in and avoided the sword strikes. At the same time, Paul came from the side striking again, yet he missed as well.

However, it looked like he was finding it difficult to attack as well.

"This is annoying." The next second Tempus decided to charge in, and one of the Silver's was successful in her sword strike, his chest. A smile appeared on Tempus' face, as he moved to the side and grabbed her hand, trying to activate his ability, yet it wasn't working.

"Now!" Silver shouted.

It was at that moment, that eight flying b.a.l.l.s of poison could be seen, and Paul made sure to target them all from different directions so the b.a.l.l.s wouldn't miss. He was using his soul weapon as well. It wasn't a battle where either of them could hold back and a single touch could change the battle.

The poison hit, with no regard for the Silver that was still being held and this was because he had figured out that it was nothing but a puppet. The strange thing was, the Silver that had been grabbed was coloured, while the other one was tinted slightly red.

Which was why Tempus was slightly confused by how he could have been tricked by them.

"Idiot, I can make the puppet look how I wis.h.!.+ I thought someone as simple as you would fall for this."

It was then that, all the poison had successfully hit the Original, it immediately made him feel weak and he fell to the ground. Paul saw this as his opportunity to go in, and so did Silver. The two of them were beyond annoying.

As they came close, Tempus smashed the ground lifting up rocks in the air, in mere seconds his body looked to be recovering to what it once was. All the poison damage that had affected his body had disappeared.

"I'll make you pay for having tricked me!" Tempus' lackadaisical att.i.tude changed to one serious, now not caring whether he was. .h.i.t or not, he went straight towards Silver. Her puppet had been damaged and destroyed by the poison. It was their one chance she thought they had, but didn't realise just how fast the Original could heal.

Still, as Tempus reached out his hand, Paul had arrived from underneath stabbing his claws directly through it.

"There's two of us!" Paul shouted.

He could see Tempus using his open palm to hit Paul again, but he simply stabbed it with his claw again, hitting the other's open palm. As he was now, the Vampire Knight decided to use all the poison he could to weaken their enemy, yet they seemed to be at a standstill.

No matter how much poison he pumped into the other's body, the vampire kept reversing its effects, returning to prime condition.

'We have to get rid of him!' Silver thought.

Tempus was moving slowly forward pus.h.i.+ng through the pain, and allowing for the claws to go deeper into his hands, all he needed to do was touch Paul. At this point, Silver was behind Tempus and tried to slice off his head.

However, having expected as much, her attack only struck on an outer layer of Blood hardening that he had used to protect his neck. Silver struck again, this time aiming at another area and slashed at his back, but the second she pulled it out, it looked like his body was healing on the spot. She continued to cut but her attacks just weren't strong enough.

"Why! Why!" Silver shouted in frustration.

It looked like time was up, for Tempus was soon upon Paul. Pus.h.i.+ng through the pain and walking forward.

"You just need a little more help!" Another female voice stated.

She came from the other side, with a sword of her own, and started to stab at Tempus' back, but the stab didn't just make one wound, but made several in the same place, cutting the inside of the body as well as the outside.

"It's been a long time since you and I fought side by side like this!" Kazz said.

The two of them continued to attack. Tempus had seen the other leaders fight, and he was confident. How could three simple knights allow him to reach this level?

It was then that Paul, also summoned the poison b.a.l.l.s hovering over his head again.

"You didn't think I could only do that once did you?" Paul smiled. "A commander knows when to reveal his trump card. I was waiting for her to join in."

The second Paul had entered the field, he had caught eyes with Kazz off to the side, she looked a bit lost, but at the same time concerned. Still, he and her had gotten close, and he thought that she wasn't the type to just stand there and do nothing when her people were being wrongfully attacked. It was a bit of a gamble but it had paid off.

The floating poison hit Tempus from the front, and as soon as all eight b.a.l.l.s. .h.i.t him, his reversing ability wasn't as quick. Paul, quickly, pulled out his claws, and all three of the knights started to attack Tempus non stop.

Eventually, a claw, and two swords stabbed Tempus right through the head, causing the second leader, the Original, to meet his end... to Vampire Knights…

The dying vampire had no idea where things went wrong…but he only had one regret.

"I won't get to see you…send them all to him." Tempus murmured as his vision went, looking over the ice barrier at the other side.


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