Chapter 146

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146 – Clarissa

Angelina hastily shouted out loud: “Your Holiness Snow White Madam, please be lenient.”

‘Your Holiness’ was a t.i.tle used by low-level Warlocks when addressing powerful beings like Great Warlocks. Only Great Warlock rank experts and above had the qualifications to be called Your Holiness. This was one of the t.i.tles unique to Turandot Subcontinent.

Dephilia waved her lily-white hand, and Rimont, this genius of White Ivory, turned into sparkling ice fragments, leaving only a storage ring behind. The storage ring flew into Dephilia’s lily-white hand, before being put away lightning fast.

When Angelina saw this scene, her pretty face paled and her beautiful eyes flickered with an extremely complicated light.

“Continue with the race! As long as no one violates the rules of the race, then I won’t act any more.” With an erudite demeanor, Dephilia said a few words lightly, then turned around and boarded the Type 1 Lightning Dragon.

“Yang Feng’s companion turned out to be Snow White Madam!”

“I even believed him to be an idiot. I didn’t antic.i.p.ated him to be that cunning, to even secretly bring a Great Warlock along.”

“With Snow White Madam by his side, there’s no one capable of even harming a hair of his.”


The princeling Warlocks outside the entrance to the Fiery Dragon Race Track were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with envy and jealousy as they suddenly saw the light. Having a beautiful and tempting Great Warlock closely protect one, they didn’t even dare to imagine it.

Dephilia had just boarded the Type 1 Lightning Dragon, when Yang Feng gave a mild cough, took her hand, and then said with a radiant smile: “Take it out!”

Dephilia cast Yang Feng a fuming glance: “Those are my spoils!”

Yang Feng said with a radiant smile: “Yours is mine and mine is still mine; therefore, your spoils are also my spoils.”

“Shameless! Have it!” Dephilia pouted, and then immediately threw the ring at Yang Feng.

After Yang Feng received the storage ring, and swept its interior with his spirit force. After picking a few materials and alchemical elixirs that he needed for practicing cultivation, he handed Dephilia the storage ring with a smile, and then said straightforwardly: “This is for you!”

Dephilia’s anger turned into joy, and she s.n.a.t.c.hed the ring: “That’s more like it!”

After the race resumed, there was already no suspense. The Type 1 Lightning Dragon driven by Yang Feng barged about, took the lead lead, and then greatly pulled open the distance with Angelina who was in second place. He easily seized first place, before receiving his spoils from Angelina.

With Dephilia, a Great Warlock, beside Yang Feng keeping watch, Cookson didn’t even dare complain, and could only watch helplessly as Yang Feng pocketed the Planar Astrolabe. His expression was remorseful as he departed dejectedly.

“Planar Astrolabe, I didn’t expect to see here such a treasure.”

A light sigh sounded. Dressed in a silver-white Warlock’s gown with a deep decollete, the base of the gown was fluttering with the wind, revealing a pair of slender and beautiful legs. A woman with a well developed sensual figure, a head full of dazzling golden hair, exuding a thick feminine hint, and giving off a sense of an absolute beauty, appeared out of a void.

“I’ve seen Your Holiness Clarissa!”

Angelina’s pretty face changed once she saw the absolute beauty, before bowing deeply towards the absolute beauty in salute and saying deferentially.

The one giving off a sense of an absolute beauty was one of Rose Garden’s three Great Warlocks, as well as one of Rose Garden’s three Rulers, Clarissa.

“I’ve seen Your Holiness Clarissa!”

Outside the entrance to the Fiery Dragon Race Track, apart from Dephilia, everyone bowed deeply towards Clarissa in salute and said deferentially.

Even Yang Feng was no exception.

Apart from Great Warlocks, anyone who saw Great Warlock rank experts had to pay them their respects. It was a publicly accepted custom in Turandot Subcontinent. Although Yang Feng was no longer afraid of Great Warlock rank experts, but he still was unwilling to offend a Great Warlock without any reason.

Although Rose Garden had only three Great Warlock guarding it, yet they not only had Divine rank secret treasures, but also had good relations with countless experts in Turandot Subcontinent, their potential monumental. If they made an all out summon, they could even gather more than ten Great Warlock rank experts in a short period of time.

Clarissa swept Yang Feng with a glance, her bewitching eyes flashed with a touch of amazement and she said: “You’re Yang Feng? Not bad, you even became a level-1 Warlock. It looks like your uncle Yang Ye is really fond of you.”

“A level-1 Warlock, he actually promoted to a level-1 Warlock? How is this possible?”

“Wasn’t he a good-for-nothing with merely an inferior level-1 soul apt.i.tude? How could such a good-for-nothing practice cultivation until level-1 Warlock!!”


After Clarissa had spoken, the minds of everyone on the Fiery Dragon Race Track became blown.

In Turandot Subcontinent, an inferior level-1 soul apt.i.tude was the lowest possible. Even ordinary peasants would generally have intermediate or even superior level-1 soul apt.i.tudes.

In Turandot Subcontinent, to promote to an official Warlock with an inferior level-1 soul apt.i.tude, Yang Feng was the first one in several millennia.

Angelina swept Yang Feng with a glance, and her beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of envy and jealousy: “He turned out to be a level-1 Warlock! With his soul apt.i.tude, how many unearthly treasures did he had to waste in order to promote to a level-1 Warlock?”

Yang Feng gave a silly smile, as if a simple and honest youngster.

Clarissa said with a slight smile: “Dephilia, it has already been fifty year since we had last met. How about accompanying me to my Storm Rose PaG.o.da and have a proper chat?”

Dephilia pointed towards Yang Feng and said: “I promised to protect this brats. If I go to the Storm Rose PaG.o.da, then I need to bring him along.”

“Alright!” Clarissa creased her eyebrows slightly, and then loosened them, before saying with a smile: “Angelina, come here and help me take proper care of Yang Feng.”

Angelina said deferentially: “Yes, Your Holiness!”

Clarissa waved her lily-white hand, and countless pink rose petals flew around, before gathering into a rose magic blanket.

After everyone had boarded, the rose magic blanket then flew straight towards the entrance to Rose Garden.

Among the youngsters at the entrance to the Fiery Dragon Race Track, a youngster with an ordinary appearance suddenly cursed in a low voice: “A Great Warlock. f.u.c.k, he even has a Great Warlock as a guard. Artz, have you any certainty in capturing him from under Snow White Madam’s nose?”

A youngster with dead fish eyes and an average appearance said chilly: “If it is to him, then I have a certainty of 30%, while it is impossible to capture him alive. After him, I would definitely die.”

The two youngsters with ordinary appearances were Chuks and Artz, the leaders of Warlock College Antalya’s Hidden Demonic Leopard and Hands of Death respectively. In order to catch Yang Feng, the two pinnacle level-3 Warlocks had set out personally.

Chuks sighed faintly: “Now that he had entered Rose Garden, it would be even more difficult to capture him.”

Artz said frigidly: “The information that Snow White Madam followed Yang Feng to Rose Garden, we should leak it to them!”

Chuks’ eyes lit up and he exclaimed in admiration: “That’s an excellent idea! They definitely wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity. We’ll wait until they and Steel City whittle each others forces, before we go over and get a bargain.”

“The information that Snow White Madam, in the capacity as Yang Feng’s guard, arrived at Rose Garden, send it to the allied forces from the under world’s races.”

Chuks immediately extracted a communications crystal, before whispered an order to the one on the other end.

Rose Garden was located in the Rose Mountain Range, ten kilometers to the north from St. Rose City. There was a long flight of steps outside the entrance to the Rose Mountain Range.

Shortly after, the rose magic blanket stopped outside the entrance to the Rose Mountain Range. Clarissa waved her lily-white hand, and put away the Rose Magic Blanket away.

Inside the six great Warlock groups’ territories, they all had extremely powerful sky restricting arrays placed, restricting flight. Only by going on foot could one enter, and only experts with special treasures could fly in their territory.

Outside the entrance to the Rose Mountain Range, an up to six meters tall Mantura Cyclops Monitor Lizard with earth-yellow scales and a huge single eye crawled out of a corner.

Even Great Warlock rank experts can’t evade their peeking.>

A series of information emerged on Yang Feng’s

The six great Warlock groups would raise extraordinary life forms with special racial innate skills capable of picking out enemies, like Mantura Cyclops Monitor Lizard, in captivity, for the purpose of preventing the infiltration of spies from different races. Warlocks had countless secret methods to change their shape and size, but they couldn’t change their soul origin.

The reason why Yang Feng didn’t use a Liquid-Metal Robot embodiment to partic.i.p.ate in the Warlock convention, part of it was in order to get the qualification to practice cultivation in the Rose Divine Pool, and part of it was because a Liquid-Metal Robot embodiment couldn’t conceal one from extraordinary life forms like the Mantura Cyclops Monitor Lizards.

“Everyone is human, and I have remembered their soul origin fluctuation. Your Holiness Clarissa, please enter.” The Mantura Cyclops Monitor Lizard issued in a hoa.r.s.e voice, and then immediately stepped aside.

Clarissa took Yang Feng and entourage along the pa.s.sage, before arriving inside Rose Garden.

At the end of the pa.s.sage, there was an extremely lush garden with all kinds of rare and exotic flowers blooming with variety of colors, the fragrance of flowers was omnipresent. The scene was incredible and picturesque, akin to a paradise.

Some beautiful and tempting Rose Garden’s female Apprentice Warlocks, just like fairies in a country of flowers, were shuttling the garden and picking up a variety of flowers.

In the center of this world akin to a country of flowers, there lied a crowd of Warlock PaG.o.das surrounding nine seven-story-tall Warlock PaG.o.das. In the center of the nine seven-story-tall Warlock PaG.o.das, there was an up to several hundred meters tall, resplendent and gorgeous blue rose absorbing the drifting energy from its surroundings. Incomparably powerful magic energy was being dispersed by the giant blue rose, making the concentration of magic energy in its surroundings by far superior than that of other places.

Translator’s note: the beings previously named as ‘demons’ will be renamed to ‘h.e.l.lions’

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