Chapter 1467 - The Sneaky Di Ling Yan (1)”

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Chapter 1467 “The Sneaky Di Ling Yan (1)”

“HAHAHA!” Though he’s laughing, Keeper Ling’s tone nevertheless gave off a creepy chill that’s unfitting to his style, “Little girl, your parents have done too many evil things in their life, and now we are merely trying to help you because only you can gain redemption for your parents.”

The old fella knows full well Di Cang didn’t have the strength to stop himself anymore, but…. he’s a member of the Celestial Palace, an inst.i.tution of the highest moral standard. Even if he takes a life, he wants to make sure the other side understand why they are dying. It’s his ethical standard.

Showing an irritated face: “My father and mother have done nothing bad, it’s you people who won’t let them go and kept pestering them.”

She won’t allow others to bad mouth her parents, that’s the demon princess’s standard!

Continuing to smirk in a sly fas.h.i.+on: “It’s not up to you to decide if they’ve done bad or not, it’s me who decides it. Of course, if you are willing to contribute your blood and save the lady next to me, I will naturally forgive your parents for all their past mistakes.”

Treating Yun Ruo Xi with the fox blood wasn’t an overnight feat, it’s a long-term project that requires constant showering. Meaning until the baby girl across from himself bleeds the last drop of blood, it won’t be enough for him. Furthermore, this grumpy Keeper already seen the healing function of the fox girl’s blood just now when used on the demon king, thus reaffirming his belief of the treatment’s viability.

“So you refused to let me go because of my blood? If that’s the case then why didn’t you say so?” Di Ling Yan’s childish and surprised sounding voice causes Winger to be puzzled from the back.

On the way here, he’s told the princess on what these crooks from the Celestial Palace wanted so it didn’t make sense on why she’s being so surprised like she didn’t know. Obviously it’s an act, but why?

“I’ll just give you my blood. I hate to have you people constantly hounding me because of that reasoning.” Despite the pure and innocent words of the baby princess, Di Ling Yan’s complexion was as white as it would come for someone that’s about to have her blood drained.

“Princess!” Winger’s heart began to pick up as he pulled the princess behind himself in a protective manner: “Believe in me Your Highness, I can protect you… and the Demon Realm.”

Last time, he only managed to get away with only being injured because he retracted his own aura right away, thus sustaining a severe but not life-threatening injury. However, if he were to take this battle today and release his full might to fight, then its without a doubt those hunting him would let loose the full might of that lightning. By then, its likely he won’t survive the ordeal….

Slowly closing his eyes, Winger’s expression gradually becomes firm, and by the time he opened them again, there’s determination and strength.

For the sake of Her Royal Highness…

For the queen and the Demon Realm….

So what if those people find out? These two are the ones I most want to protect….

Even she has forgotten me, I won’t regret it!

“Uncle Winger.” Its at this moment when the bird man’s about to release his all and step into the realm of no return, Di Ling Yan’s crisp clear voice cuts in and interrupts the act: “Believe in me Uncle Winger. I am a princess of the Demon Realm. Sacrificing myself for the sake of my home is expected and only right.”

There’s no brightness in the girl’s smile anymore, only the sternness of someone ready to meet their end when she pulled out a random bowl from somewhere. It’s what she intends to use to hold her blood that’s dripping from the finger right now.

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