Chapter 1595 - Sun Moon Holy Palm

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Chapter 1595: Sun Moon Holy Palm

Outside the Dream Realm, Leng Xie stood as still as a statue in the destroyed sky.

Not far away, Su Mo had also revealed himself.

The two stood about 100 meters away from each other and both seemed to have turned into stones as a purple colored haze shrouded their bodies.

“What is going on?”

“Strength of a soul? This purple haze seems to be a Fighting Soul!”

“What Fighting Soul is that? Why have they become like that?”

One by one, the onlookers started to discuss among themselves, causing the scene to turn chaotic.

Everyone appeared confused and shocked. The purple haze was obviously a Fighting Soul, but no one knew what Fighting Soul it was.

Such strange Fighting Souls typically would not increase a martial artist’s strength, but they had special abilities that left opponents defenseless.

Most people sighed. Although Su Mo and Leng Xie had only exchanged a few blows, it was hard to tell whose side victory belongs to.

At the start, many thought that Leng Xie would definitely win. However, Su Mo had displayed exceptional fighting strength subsequently that changed their views towards Su Mo. Some believed that Su Mo was able to stand his ground against Leng Xie.

Even still, Leng Xie had showed incredible defensive strength just before that, and now everyone thought that Leng Xie would definitely win. Yet, things changed again.

While the two stood calm in their spots, the onlookers knew that some strange thing must have happened that had caused them to stop fighting.

However, no one could tell what had happened and they didn’t know how the battle was proceeding.

“Leng Xie seems to be losing!”

Suddenly, someone exclaimed in surprise. Leng Xie’s face had gone very pale and it seemed as though there was no blood flowing through his face.

As the people squinted to take a closer look, they all sucked in a cold breath. Leng Xie showed signs that he was weakening. Did that mean he was losing? That didn’t seem very possible, right?

All the Empty Sky Sect disciples were utterly shocked as their faces turned dark. They didn’t want Su Mo to defeat Leng Xie.

Bei Jing’s eyebrows furrowed together and he was itching to interfere with the fight. Yet, as he remembered the promise he made, he withheld himself.

Yun Youyou was also starting to get worried. She wasn’t worried for Su Mo, but she was instead worried for Leng Xie.

If Leng Xie died, Su Mo wouldn’t be able to live even if he had a million lives.

The crowd was jittery because the outcome of the battle could be known very quickly!

Right at that moment, the statue-like Su Mo and Leng Xie suddenly woke up and they both retreated backward.

Su Mo flew backward a hundred meters before he stopped and a helpless look crossed his eyes.

Leng Xie’s mental strength was very strong and he managed to break out of the Dream Realm quickly. This was no easy feat.

“Su Mo, you must die!” Leng Xie roared out in rage. His face was as white as a sheet, although he had managed to break out of the Dream Realm.

Leng Xie had suffered Su Mo’s relentless attack in the Dream Realm and he had been in a lot of pain. Due to the torture, his mental strength had suffered a heavy blow.

By now, he could no longer control the killing intent towards Su Mo and he was virtually a mad murderer on the loose.

Without hesitation, Leng Xie used his most powerful attack, a forbidden skill of the Sun Moon Tribe.

“Sun Moon Holy Palm!”

Leng Xie shouted as a sinister Dark Force rushed out of his body and circulated above his head.

The large amount of Dark Force was like a roaring river and it was very dense and thick. Instantly, it transformed into a ma.s.sive fist above Leng Xie’s head.

The fist was about the size of a palace and terrifying forces were churning inside. It was like a volcano that was about to erupt and it was like a roaring ocean as well.

What was even more wondrous was that the palm force seemed to have borrowed natural forces. In the atmosphere, a large wave of invisible energy gushed towards the palm.

This was energy that had originated from the sun and moon. Although it appeared invisible, it was an actual existence.

Everything that had happened appeared slow but had actually occurred in the blink of an eye. The large Sun Moon Holy Palm was formed almost instantly.

Then, Leng Xie threw his palm out at Su Mo and the large Sun Moon Holy Palm also rushed out as directed.

Boom boom boom!!!

This one palm destroyed the skies and the earth. Empty s.p.a.ce was torn apart, and the ground below, around 10 kilometers from the Holy Palm, crumbled apart.

Everything 10 kilometers away from the path which the Holy Palm took was destroyed, and a scene of chaos seemed to have befallen the place.

The crowd was taken aback by what they saw as their hearts leaped out of their chests in shock. What attack was this? Was it some ancient, sacred skill that was pa.s.sed down through the Sun Moon Tribe?

The history of the Sun Moon Tribe traced its roots to the beginning of the Ming Xu Galaxy.

Sun Moon Tribe was ranked 86th on the Ten Thousand Archean Tribe Board because of its ancient sacred skill.

Ancient sacred skills of the Sun Moon Tribe could not be learnt by typical tribe members. Only Martial Sage elders and the minority of heirs had the qualifications needed to learn the sacred skills.

Many people had heard of the powers of the ancient sacred skills of the Sun Moon Tribe. However, no one had seen them before and it was the first time that anyone had witnessed an ancient sacred skill.

“Su Mo!” Yun Youyou shouted. Leng Xie’s attack strength had exceeded her expectations and she frowned.

However, it was too late for her to try and stop it.

Boom boom boom!

The ma.s.sive Sun Moon Holy Palm was like a G.o.d’s palm from h.e.l.l that was about to destroy everything. It was hard to estimate the extent of its powers as it shot through the sky towards Su Mo.

“What?” Su Mo was shocked upon seeing the Holy Palm. He had not imagined that Leng Xie would attack with such a terrifying blow the moment he escaped the Dream Realm.

This attack caused Su Mo’s hair to stand on end and a dangerous sense rushed up his heart.

Furthermore, he felt that the Sun Moon Holy Palm had locked onto him and there was no way that he could avoid being hit by it.

Boom boom boom!

The large Sun Moon Holy Palm was incredibly fast and, almost instantly, it arrived before Su Mo.


Su Mo immediately retreated backward as he activated all the strength he had in him.

The Devouring Fighting Soul, 15 Sword Fighting Souls, 5 Divine Elixirs and all the special body const.i.tutions were activated.

Dazzling three-colored Sword Radiance blinded eyes as boundless Sword Force shot up to the nine heavens. Bright light filled the air and ma.s.sive forces struck against the Sun Moon Holy Palm.

In the blink of an eye, Su Mo unleashed his most powerful sword attack and hit the Sun Moon Holy Palm heavily.


A deafening explosion sounded that wiped out people’s minds. It was as though sound had momentarily disappeared from the earth.

Then, the crowd saw the large Sun Moon Holy Palm perfectly intact. Nothing seemed to be able to stop it as it crushed everything in its path. At lightning speed, it flew towards Su Mo.

As the Sun Moon Holy Palm collided against Su Mo, the vast Empty s.p.a.ce crumbled and a few mountains nearby were flattened to ground level. The palm flew directly out of the battle scene and disappeared out of everyone’s sights.


A cold wind blew across the shocked faces on the ground.

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