Chapter 182

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Chapter 182: The Key To Being a Shinigami

Outside The Impel Down, The justice door slowly opened and a warship approached, a person was seen jumping past the gate and falling directly inside there.

This figure belonged to Admiral Aokiji.

“Arara, what a mess.”

Aokiji shook his head, Kaido’s attack really was a huge headache, but the report also said that the prisoners in the sixth level are rioting.

If it was only Kaido then there wouldn’t be any problem, but with those prisoners wanting to run away it will be hard for him alone.

He shook his head.

Aokiji didn’t want to think too much about it, he directly entered the Impel Down while using his fruit to make everything freeze.

Some people in the first level were turned into ice sculptures.

When Aokiji arrived at the third level, he happened to meet Shiliew, after they met they directly went toward the fifth level.

Freezing h.e.l.l, Magellan spilled blood from his mouth, he was beaten and tattered, but he was still holding in before the support comes, he can’t allow Kaido to go freely.

Using this forbidden move, Magellan’s highly toxics had certain effects on Kaido, It slowed him by at least 30% and reduced his power by 10%.

Coupled with his venom soldier being tough, he could block Kaido for some time.

Otherwise, except for him, whether it was Roja or Shiliew, it was impossible to resist Kaido alone.


Kaido threw another punch which directly hit Magellan.

“It seems that this is all you’ve got, I had enough of your poison, so go and die!”

Kaido suddenly rushed at Magellan while throwing his fist at him. He was ready to Kill Magellan.

At the next moment.


Suddenly the venom turned into ice and that ice blocked Kaido, his first hit the ice wall, even though the wall directly smashed, but he also lost the opportunity to kill Magellan.


Kaido’s face darkened, Magellan’s poison reduced his strength and speed, and Aokiji’s ice can produce almost the same effect, So this would get annoying.

“It’s a real tragedy, Magellan.”

Shiliew looked at Magellan with a grin, his cigar in his mouth and his clothes were bloodstained.

Magellan refused to talk back to Shiliew, he saw the two coming he immediately said: “Aokiji, Shiliew I leave him to you guys, i must go to the Eternal h.e.l.l.”

While speaking Magellan directly moved toward the next level.

In fact, he was the one who should suppress the sixth level as the director.

But There should be someone to stop Kaido, If Shiliew was here although his attacks are better, his defense wasn’t good enough and it would be difficult for him to resist Kaido.

So he could only let Roja go to the Sixth level.

Magellan was moving inside the venom toward the next level.

When he got there, the scene in front of him made him shocked.

The entire Eternal h.e.l.l seems to turn into a real h.e.l.l.

A sea of blood, And in the heart of that sea, only Roja’s figure stood there, like a shura.

This event won’t be recorded in the history because the Impel Down being attacked was an extremely shameful thing for the world government.

As for the guard and Domino who are present there, they will never forget this scene, Roja alone suppressed the entire sixth level of the Impel Down.

A man suppressed a h.e.l.l.

Even though there were some prisoners who weren’t released, but the majority of them were released and beheaded by Roja.

Even when the most bloodthirsty person hears this, he would be scared.

In a Room.

“Fortunately, you were here, otherwise, this would’ve turned bad this time.”

Aokiji looked at Roja and smiled: “In the next two months, it’s unlikely for Kaido to attack again.”

As Aokiji said this he touched his chin and continued: “And most of the prisoners were executed by you, even if Kaido came again and caused another riot it won’t be as big as this one.”

“These prisoners were nothing, they were held for so many years and all of them are losers, even if they got some strength, they couldn’t compare to Kaido.”

most of Roja’s injuries were healed after a short break but the more serious ones were bandaged.

Listening to Roja’s words, Aokiji couldn’t help but smile a bit, even though Roja said that, and those prisoners weren’t at their peak strength, but together they would become terrifying.

“Yes, Kaido is a big trouble, for the time being, there is no way to deal with him.”

Aokiji shook his head and said: “We tried to kill him, but it did not work.”

Roja ripped off the last bandage was on the biggest wound on his body, it seemed like it will completely heal in half a day.

After Roja though for some time, he didn’t speak more about Kaido he just smiled at Aokiji and said: “Before you said you will treat me to dinner, Don’t forget about that.”

“I didn’t forget…”

Aokiji smiled and said: “Then I will return first and wait for you in the headquarters.”

After leaving Roja’s room, Aokiji returned to the headquarters, and after his departure, Roja pondered.

In the battle against those prisoners, his energy had increased by hundreds of points.

At the last moment, Not one the prisoner, even Domino, the guard, and he himself had a strange feeling.

the feeling seems to come from his body, it’s like his soul wants to leave the shackles of his flesh.

Unfortunately, it only lasted a moment.

The state only lasted for a moment before disappearing.

The reason seems to be because Roja’s physical strength and spiritual powers were depleted which made his soul further enhanced and wanted to break out from his flesh.

The soul is out would result in enhanced physical power and spiritual power as well.

“That feeling was … Death?”

Roja looked at his fist, it seems like not only can he feel his own body, he can even feel the soul that was bound to it.

“I was able to use the ability of the Zanpaktu without entering the soul state, that’s different from what I remember.”


Roja tried to free his soul from the shackles of his body, but he felt the powerful bond between the two.

“Death requires the soul to be completely removed from the body, but my body is so strong that I can’t do it.”

Roja pondered, here is not the world of bleach, but it’s the world of one piece, he obviously can’t do that or he could die, he didn’t know what would happen to his soul if it got out of his body.

And now Roja can use the powers from bleach without going into that spiritual form.

The soul was bound to the body, this is the normal state.

However, if the spirit covered the body, it would be the state he entered before, this should be his Shinigami’s power which belongs to him.

Roja can feel that this step is not only the key to being a shinigami but also the most crucial point in his own transformation.

Is it based on the power of this world or is it dominated by the power of the world of bleach?

Well, the latter is much stronger than the former when you compare the two.

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