Chapter 2316

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Chapter 2316: Unt.i.tled

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No one could intimidate Chaoge, even if the person was an elder of the Feng clan.

She snorted. “Xiao Wu is a Level 7 formation master and a Level 7 inscription master. She can go through your formation with her eyes closed!”

“You —” Elder Grain couldn’t stand it when other people talked back.

He wanted to smack Chaoge, but Elder Jing stopped him.

“Grain, calm down. Even if you want to get back at her, wait until she’s done talking.” Elder Jing then turned to Chaoge and said, “Kiddo, you’re bluffing, aren’t you?”

“Of course not! You people have been stuck here for so long that you know nothing about what’s going on outside,” Chaoge said grumpily. “Not only is Xiao Wu a Level 7 inscription master and a Level 7 formation master, she’s also a Supreme Level medicine refiner as well! Surprised?”

Elder Grain didn’t believe a word. “Kiddo, that’s just ridiculous.”

Chaoge was displeased.

She didn’t mind them questioning her ability, but she wouldn’t let anyone say such things about Feng Wu.

“Why should I lie about it? It’s not a secret. Ask around, and you’ll know. By the sound of it, you’re all elders of the Feng clan. Why does it sound like you don’t know anything?”

Elder Breeze was speechless.

So was Elder Jing.

And Elder Grain.

Chaoge glared at them. “Since you don’t even know Xiao Wu’s additional abilities, I a.s.sume that you don’t know her cultivation level either. Right?”

Elder Grain frowned. “Isn’t she a Level 7 Spiritual Elder?”

Chaoge said, “Oh my G.o.d!”

She couldn’t believe her ears. “You really don’t know anything at all. That was six months ago!”

Elder Grain said, “How much better can she be after six months? She’ll be a Level 8 Spiritual Elder at most.”

Chaoge gave him a “you idiot” look.

Because Feng Wu often gave other people that look, Chaoge had learned it from her. It really made other people feel that they were stupid.

That look gave Elder Grain the creeps. “What are you looking at?”

Chaoge looked at the three old men and asked, “Do you really think that Feng Wu is still a Level 7 Spiritual Elder?!”

Elder Grain snapped. “What is she, then?”

Of course, Chaoge knew that Feng Wu was a Level 9 Spiritual Lord, but Feng Wu had been making other people believe that she was a Level 7 Spiritual Lord.

That would be enough to scare these three old men.

Chaoge decided to tell them that.

“A Level 7 Spiritual Lord?!” Elder Grain wouldn’t believe it. “You must be kidding! That’s impossible!”

Rising to a Level 7 Spiritual Lord from a Level 7 Spiritual Elder was indeed a scary leap.

The restraint on Chaoge expired at that moment, and she could move freely again..

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