Chapter 2369 Do You Want to Gamble?

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Chapter 2369 Do You Want to Gamble?

After cleaning up the battlefield and hearing that Long Chen only wanted the bezoars, refusing the other spoils, the Heavenly Dragon warriors felt even greater reverence for him.

He was truly worthy of being the boss of the Dragonblood Legion. He had refused all those treasures. Even if he himself didn’t have a use for them, he could exchange them for merit points and buy other treasures.

Long Chen came from poor origins but was actually willing to leave this wealth to them. That was very admirable of him. Hence, they all gathered up to listen intently to his vengeance plan.

Long Chen said, “Look at yourselves. Are you even cultivators? Did you cultivate to resign yourselves to fate? To be other people’s stepping stones? To be humiliated by others? If that’s the case, you can just stop cultivating and achieve the same result. To put it frankly, this is a result of you being pushovers. If it was the Dragonblood Legion, do you think that Ye… What was his name again?”

“Ye Lingfeng,” complemented Shen Chengfeng.

“Yes, that Ye Lingfeng, if he dared to act this way in front of my Dragonblood Legion, we’d have taken his b.a.l.l.s instead. I would write my name backward if even one person from his group could leave alive after taking the Dragonblood Legion’s spoils. But look at yourselves. Does gnas.h.i.+ng your teeth count as revenge? To tell the truth, if we didn’t have a little bit of a relations.h.i.+p, seeing you like this would make me leave. I don’t like cowards,” said Long Chen.

Shen Chengfeng’s expression was ugly. He sighed, “It’s my fault. I am the weakest of the eight commanders. We wouldn’t be forced to act like this if it weren’t for me.”

“This has nothing to do with your power. If I wasn’t present in the Dragonblood Legion, they still wouldn’t accept this. You’re still enduring and making concessions after people bully you like this? Let me tell you what the law of the cultivation world is. For every step back you take, others will take another step forward until you have nowhere to go. At that time, you will find that due to taking so many steps backward, you no longer have any chance to counterattack. In the end, you won’t be able to do anything but despair. So tell me, do you want revenge? Do you want to strike back? Do you want to take back the dignity that you lost?” demanded Long Chen.

“Of course, but we can’t beat the third legion. The difference in power is too great…” Shen Chengfeng bitterly smiled.

The rankings of the legions were based not only on the power of the commanders but also on the actual legions.

In the last compet.i.tion for the rankings, Shen Chengfeng had lost narrowly to Ye Benchang. After that, he had worked hard and had surpa.s.sed his level.

However, just that wasn’t enough. He also needed to raise everyone’s collective power. That didn’t just refer to each warrior’s power, but also the weapons, armor, steeds, housepets, and other things that the legion possessed.

Due to the eighth legion being the weakest, they also won the least spoils on the battlefield. They were unable to acc.u.mulate many merit points, which were the important wealth of the legion.

As a result, they grew weaker and weaker, with their courage shrinking along with them. They could only kill a few of the weaker demonic beast races.

The cycle had continued to this point. The strong grew stronger, while the weak grew weaker. It was now very difficult to reverse this situation.

They used to have over twenty arrow towers, but some had been damaged last time and had yet to be repaired before more were damaged. If they hadn’t killed so many of the t.i.tan Blood Bull demons this time, the next few months would have been difficult for them to get through.

As for the third legion, they had one hundred and eighty arrow towers and three mobile chariots, with almost every member possessing a powerful Magical Beast steed. Their equipment was top-notch individually as well.

The eighth legion was like beggars trying to get by in comparison to the third legion.

That was why Shen Chengfeng couldn’t help sighing. The power difference was too immense. Other than humiliating themselves, nothing would be gained from going against the third legion.

Of the eight legions, the only one that they could compete with in terms of combat resources was the seventh legion. But the seventh and sixth legions had been sent to stand guard over the Yin Yang World. The seventh legion’s territory had been temporarily handed to the third legion to watch over.

Although the third legion had only sent a small portion of their warriors over to this side, it was still too much pressure for the eighth legion.

This was a very important time for the eighth legion. Right now, everyone was rotating through guarding the Yin Yang World. That didn’t bring them any real benefits. Last time, they had basically made nothing from guarding it. The time to gather points was crucial, but the third legion was intentionally making things hard on them.

“Who said that you have to fight against them directly? Furthermore, the divine families would not permit such a thing. I simply wish to know if you have the determination to truly go against them. Battle is like a gamble. You’ve lost your underpants, so your only gambling chip is your life. I’m asking if you dare to gamble. If you do, then I have a plan. If you don’t, then there’s no need for me to stay here,” said Long Chen.

“I don’t quite understand,” said Shen Chengfeng. He didn’t know what Long Chen was planning.

Long Chen waved his hand. “I just want to know your att.i.tude. Do you have that determination? If things work, you’ll end up getting a big fish and the eighth legion will no longer need to bear other people’s insults. If you fail though, the eighth legion will be so badly damaged that it won’t ever recover again. I’m asking if you’re willing to gamble.”

For a moment, everyone was silent. Suddenly, one warrior shouted, “Commander, let’s gamble! We cannot continue suffering like this. Everyone’s morale has plummeted. We’ve lost everything we could lose, so what’s the worst case if we lose again? Are people with nothing afraid of losing?”

“Yes, they’ve pushed us too far. Our cultivation is being slowed down by them. How are we supposed to survive on the battlefield like this? Let’s gamble now, or there won’t be a chance in the future. I believe that senior apprentice-brother Long Chen will definitely lead us to a big victory,” said another warrior.

Long Chen shook his head. “No. When gambling, there will definitely be losses along with the wins. There are no sure bets, or it wouldn’t be gambling. Whether you wish to gamble or not is up to you. Think it over well.”

“Let’s gamble! Commander, we already don’t have anything to lose.”

“If we don’t strike back now, we won’t even be qualified to fight the seventh legion.”

“Exactly. Being ground down like this is miserable. It’s better to gamble.”

The Heavenly Dragon warriors didn’t know what Long Chen was planning, but they knew it would be something big.

Their target was the third legion, the third legion which had bullied them intolerably these days. The flames of rage were still strong in their hearts.

Some of them were even willing to not get anything as long as it meant that the third legion paid a price. They had had enough of the third legion’s arrogance and taunting. After being forced into such desperate straits, even a rabbit would bite, let alone a human.

Seeing that everyone supported this, Shen Chengfeng nodded. “Alright, then we’ll entrust our fates to you. We’ll do what you say.”

Shen Chengfeng knew what kind of person Long Chen was. He was someone who did not fear anything within heaven and earth. No one knew what he would do.

Moreover, Shen Chengfeng had also grown sick of this. In the worst case, they would be expelled from the divine families. Since everyone had made their choice, as commander, he couldn’t be cowardly.

“Alright, then let’s reorganize ourselves. Tally up the results of this battle.” Long Chen didn’t treat them as outsiders, instead directly giving orders. He called over Shen Chengfeng to a place where they could speak alone. He smiled at him. “Don’t look like you’re going onto the executioner’s platform. I’m not going to get you all killed.”

Long Chen saw that Shen Chengfeng was worried he would do something that would implicate the entire eighth legion and get them punished. That wasn’t what he was planning.

Shen Chengfeng was embarra.s.sed at being read so easily and having such thoughts.

“Get me a map of this place with various strongholds, defensive lines, and powerful forces labeled. I also need to see what kind of trump cards you have acc.u.mulated, and what kind of things your merit points can be traded for,” said Long Chen.

Shen Chengfeng began to explain in detail how the eight defensive lines were spread throughout the Ancient Battlefield, as well as the general camps of the demon race.

At this time, Long Chen realized that the Ancient Battlefield had many natural strongholds. The Heavenly Dragon Legion relied on those strongholds for their defensive lines.

“Alright, I have a general understanding. Let me see what kind of cards you have right now. This is very important,” said Long Chen solemnly.

This was the crux of the problem. This time, Long Chen wasn’t planning on using his own power. This was the trial that the Deputy Elder had given him.

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