Chapter 262

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Chapter 262 "If You Are Sick Then Hurry And Go Get It Looked At (4)"

“Angry?” Bai Yan literally laughed. It was a bone chilling laugh that made Di Xiao Wan s.h.i.+ver there like her existence was shrinking with each pa.s.sing second. Then without premonition, Bai Yan abruptly shot a somersaulting kick out to send the young dirty girl flying!

"Do you see that? Extra words are not needed for dealing with these kind of people. If you end up killing them then you can come find me, I will deal with the aftermath!"

Di Xiao Wan was literally stupefied there with shock. Unable to recover for the longest time, her beautiful eyes could only ogle at her idol there like a star-struck fan.

She's already used to seeing how ruthlessness her brother can be, but to see how cool her sister-in-law was at dealing with the enemy, words can no longer describe the excitement and emotions coursing through her veins. Her heart wanted to explode from how heavy it was thumping.

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“You……” The poor girl had wanted to yell again after crawling up from the ground. However, she was stopped by her maid that's urgently whispering into her ears.

"Miss, she is the mistress of the Flower Brothel and Lord Cang's woman. If you do anything to offend her and your father the Chancellor finds out, he will surely be very upset with you."

Choking at her own frustration, the young woman didn't know where else to vent her anger at this point. Turning back to the maid, she was seething with fire in her voice: "Who told you to be so nosy!"

Despite that att.i.tude, the girl no longer dared to cause a commotion because the maid had hit the bullseyes. She's afraid her father would beat her once she's home.

“Sister, I just knew you would come," it was then another voice had chimed in from the back that raised gooseb.u.mps across the recipient's body.

Not getting a reply as she wanted, Bai Ruo swings the talk in another direction by lowering her eyes and shaking her head like she's disappointed with her sister: "In truth, you shouldn't have come in the first place. Your son will only be an extra to support my son Lin."

Now that does it. p.r.i.c.king her brow at the statement, Bai Yan wasn't going to take that lying down: "Is that so? From what I hear your son nearly got killed when he tried to tame a wolf. So are you implying he's able to tame a wolf now and is seeking a new challenge by taming a demon beast?"

Startled by the mockery, Bai Ruo grew anxious in her voice: “Demon beast? What do you mean by that?"

Even if she ignored the strange remark about taming a demon beast, Bai Ruo can't just ignore the fact that her sister here knew about that event. She made sure to order those involved to seal their lips.

“What do I mean? Why don't you take a guess?" Giving a shrug with her shoulders, Bai Yan turns away without looking back at the foolish woman.

There's no way Bai Ruo could ignore this after hearing something so strange. Just as she's ready to go confront her sister again, her son Nangong Lin had already jumped off the sedan to come before his counterpart Bai Xiachen.

Knocking his fat oily face up, the bully proudly makes his claim: "Bai Xiachen, my mother said it already. You are only here to be an extra for me. Know that I will one day be the lord of the animals in this world so you must obey me! From now on, whenever you see me you must get on your knees you hear me?!"

Irritated by the rudeness, Bai Xiachen only had this to say in his reply: "My mother told me I mustn't get too close to imbeciles, otherwise I might get infected too."

“Imbecile?” Nangong Lin was so confused by the statement that he had to look around in search of said imbecile. "Where is the imbecile? It's me whose talking to you, are you listening or what?"

Sighing at the idiocy of his foe, the little steam bun could only lament the cruelty of this world by shaking his head: "If you are sick then its best you get it checked early on, otherwise your brain will really be screwed in the future."

No matter how dumb Nangong Lin was, there's no way he can miss that when it's so direct. Ready to punch his foe with his fat little fist, it was his mother Bai Ruo who stopped him by pulling the boy back.

“Don't be impulsive my son, your father is not around to protect us at the moment. Wait until he returns from talking with your grandfather, then we can deal with this brat."

Insulted by her mother's unwillingness to help, Nangong Lin became all teary in his eyes: "Why must I fear this b.a.s.t.a.r.d? I am the overlord of this world and the animals that live in it. Mother…"

“Behave yourself. Just wait okay? Once you are the direct disciple of the Demon Beast Sect then none will be a match for you then. At that time, you can deal with anyone as you please."

While Bai Ruo continues to comfort her son to keep him out of trouble, that flicker of crookedness cannot be hidden from her eyes. It's obvious she's not going to let anyone ruin her son's future.

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