Chapter 316 - Military Court Police Officers

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Chapter 316: Military Court Police Officers

Zhong Nuannuan smiled, and exposed her score to all the students.

“Wu Wenqian, Mathematics, 123 points.”

All the students looked at Wu Wenqian in surprise.

This was a historical low for her. In the past, she used to get full marks for all her math papers.

Wu Wenqian was shamed into anger under the students’ strange gazes, and she yelled furiously, “What are you looking at? My results are still higher than yours! Are you able to score 123 points in the test?”

This was an aristocratic school after all, so, apart from the scholars.h.i.+p students, most of the n.o.ble students had bad grades. The score of 130 to 140 was basically a chasm between the two of students. Thus, Wu Wenqian’s result was indeed very good, but it was still a step backward for her.

Despite this, Zhong Nuannuan suddenly said two more names out loud, “Guo Junhao, 132 points, Mu Qingxuan, 127 points.”

After reading them out, Zhong Nuannuan blinked at Wu Wenqian.

Wu Wenqian, who once sat firmly on the throne of mathematics, not only missed out on the first place this time, but even had two students overtake her. Not to mention, these were n.o.ble students.

Most importantly, she had just finished shouting at everyone, but was immediately slapped in the face by Zhong Nuannuan.

Many cla.s.smates did not like Wu Wenqian, and could not help but burst out laughing when they saw her making a fool of herself.

At the same time, Zhong Nuannuan shoved the test papers back to Wu Wenqian with a smile, and made her give them out herself. Who made her not only the cla.s.s monitor, but also the representative of the math cla.s.s?

“Zhong Nuannuan, what are you feeling proud of?” Wu Wenqian held Zhong Nuannuan’s test paper in her hands, and read aloud. “Zhong Nuannuan, 87 points.”

After reading, Wu Wenqian mocked her, “Before you laugh at others, you have to measure your own strength first. Only 87 points! Zhong Nuannuan, don’t forget the bet between us.”

Zhong Nuannuan raised her eyebrows slightly while looking at the 87-point test paper. She had received all kinds of education since she was a child, but did not learn much mathematics. However, she was very good in chemistry; in addition to that, she had developed some math skills later in her life, so she relied on her gut feelings to gain these 87 points, which was completely out of her expectations. If she had a good look at the math books again…

Zhong Nuannuan responded with a smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely beat you.”

“Just continue being stubborn.”

After all, in Wu Wenqian’s opinion, it was absolutely impossible for Zhong Nuannuan to defeat her.

Zhong Qianqian watched with an unhappy expression as Zhong Nuannuan defeated her friend like a rooster in a c.o.c.kfight. Before the anger in her heart subsided, Teacher Liu, the head teacher, came in.

Under the guidance of Teacher Liu, two soldiers also followed her in.

The students looked at the two soldiers in shock, and immediately looked toward Zhong Nuannuan.

After all, the soldiers who came last time were Zhong Nuannuan’s father and fiancé.

However, this time, they did not know each other.

The moment they saw the soldiers, Zhong Qianqian and Xue Miqi felt their heart skip a beat. The entire faces turned pale, and they looked as if they were about to collapse from fright.

“Officers, this is Xue Miqi, and this is Zhong Qianqian. May I know why the two of you are looking for them?”

Teacher Liu was also dumbfounded. She had just walked to the door earlier when these two police officers stopped her and solemnly informed her that they were looking for Zhong Qianqian.

Zhong Qianqian was also frightened by the aura of the two of them. After glancing at their clothes, which were different from ordinary military officers, she had a bad premonition. Despite this, in front of the students, she still flashed a decent smile and asked, “Officers, is there anything wrong? Did my father invite you over?”

The female officer took out her officer ID without showing any expression——

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