Chapter 319 - Be Obedient, Don't Agree

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Chapter 319 – Be Obedient, Don’t Agree (1)

Dammit! Has Lu Yaoyao already agreed?

Mo Rongzhan’s dark eyes flashed. His handsome face seemed to be sheathed with a layer of unbreakable ice. “Is that so, then I will have to go congratulate my imperial mother.”

“Your Imperial Majesty?” Xu Huiru was taken aback. Did she say something wrong? Why did he seem to have changed into another person?

Mo Rongzhan stood up, and without a word strode out of the water pavilion.

Eunuch Fu came out from the other side, whispering in Mo Rongzhan’s ear. His expression grew even more dark and cold. He brushed off his sleeves, and his figure moved like a flash, quickly disappearing into the plum forest.

Xu Huiru’s face grew white. She didn’t know what had just happened.

Was Mo Rongzhan angry because Lu Yaoyao was about to become a princess? Why was he upset?

Ye Zhen, who was unaware of the fact that Mo Rongzhan was so mad he could choke her, had unknowingly walked close to the dry well from so many years ago. Looking at this familiar place, she couldn’t feel anything but an ache in her chest.

This was one of the most beautiful places in her memory… because she had met him here, and fallen in love with him at first sight. She could never forget.

She lightly smiled, then shook her head. She wouldn’t hark back to the things of her past life anymore. It was a bygone era, she had learnt her lessons. She took her basket that was already full of fruits and turned to leave. She had only just looked behind her when a cold and tall figure appeared. She jumped, startled, and stepped back. But her step fell empty… She had forgotten about the well behind her.

Mo Rongzhan eyes were like ice. Seeing her fall, he didn’t extend his hand to help her. Only when she was plummeting into the well, did he jump, catching her as she was about to hit the floor. The two of them safely floated to the bottom of the well.

As soon as Ye Zhen stood steady, she saw the fruits on the ground, and forcefully pushed Mo Rongzhan aside, angrily glaring at him. “Mo Rongzhan, are you trying to scare someone to death?”

Mo Rongzhan’s dark eyes stared at her. His body was surrounded with shocking cold, his lips pursed, and he stayed silent.

“What… do you want to do?”

Ye Zhen was afraid.


Mo Rongzhan’s face was overcast, his thin lips shaped in a handsome angle. He looked at her deeply with his dark eyes in silence. Yet, despite not saying a word, Ye Zhen still felt a pressure that made her breathless.

He looked at those clear and bright eyes, her upturned lashes were trembling with nervousness. Her beautiful face was looking up at him with stubbornness. Clearly, she was just a disobedient little girl who happened to look like Ye Zhen, yet, he was unable to forget her.

He had no impression of Ye Zhen whatsoever, so even if the two were a spitting image of each other, it had little effect on him. He thought, if only he had exercised a little more patience, naturally, she would be willing to enter his inner palace. But who would have known that she would agree to become a princess?

As long as the empress dowager’s imperial edict was pa.s.sed, she would become his imperial sister. How could she then become his woman?

“Yaoyao, do you want to be a princess?” Mo Rongzhan’s low voice sounded mellower in the well, as drunken as old wine.

Ye Zhen quietly said, “The empress dowager wants to make me a princess. Could I refuse?”

Mo Rongzhan reached out against the stone wall behind her, locking her in his embrace and lowering his head to look into her eyes. “As long as you say that you are unwilling, naturally, I will speak with Imperial Mother about it.”

“Why should I say that I am unwilling? I am willing!” Ye Zhen said, her face full of confusion. “What’s so bad with being a princess. In the future, I can also enter the palace as I wish to accompany the empress dowager,”

She was much too willing!She could avoid this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, and also reach her goal. There was nothing that would make her happier.

Mo Rongzhan’s eyes grew darker, almost bursting out with rage. But as he saw the mirth in her eyes, he controlled himself and softly coaxed her. “Yaoyao, listen to me. If you become a princess, then you will be my imperial sister.”

”Then shouldn’t I call you Imperial Brother?” Ye Zhen asked with a smile, sweetly calling, “Imperial Brother.”

His expression turned even more distorted. “Do not call me Imperial Brother!”

“Then what should I call you? Your Imperial Majesty, why don’t you first send me up. The Empress Dowager is still waiting for me,” she asked with confusion.


“Yaoyao, be obedient. Don’t agree with Empress Dowager’s plans. I won’t force you to do anything in the future, okay?” He ignored her words, wrapping a hand around her waist, whispering in her ear.

She pushed away his hand. “You are forcing me right now.”

He placed his hand on the stone wall again. “Tell me, what is it that you want?”

“Imperial Brother, the empress dowager has already decided to make me a princess. It is not too… well for you to act like this,” she said flatly.

He had never known the words ‘Imperial Brother’ would make him so uncomfortable.

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