Chapter 387 - Embarrassing

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Chapter 387 - Embarra.s.sing

In front of the teaching building.

Qiao Weimin and Shen Qiongzhi accompanied Qiao Chen into the campus. They were standing outside the test center, holding her hand and unwilling to let go.

"Chen Chen, don't be nervous, take the exam well. Mom believes that your score can pa.s.s the exam." Shen Qiongzhi held Qiao Chen's hand tightly, unwilling to let go for a long time.

She reminded Qiao Chen not to be nervous, without realizing that her own palms were sweating. Her face was sallow and white, and there was a thick dark circle under her eyes. At first glance, she had not slept well out of worry.

Qiao Chen was vexed by the sweat on her hands, but she did not reveal it on her face and nodded to comfort her. "Mom, don't worry. I'm not nervous, I'll take the test well."

"OK, good. Don't be nervous. It's nothing to be nervous about. If it's really impossible, you still have your uncle and the others. I'll ask them to help."

Seeing that she was going to talk nonsense again, Qiao Weimin hurriedly pulled her away and chided her. "Chen Chen hasn't taken the test yet. What nonsensical things are you saying? Be careful that the more you talk, the more it makes her nervous."

Shen Qiongzhi realized that she had said something wrong and slapped her mouth. She immediately said, "What nonsense am I saying? Touch wood, touch wood!"

She turned nervously and said, "Chen Chen, don't be nervous."

Qiao Chen was already annoyed that she kept repeating this. She nodded once again and suppressed her impatience. "I know. Mom, Dad, go back first. I'm going in."

Qiao Weimin had seen the wind and waves and was calmer than Shen Qiongzhi. He held her so that she stopped pestering Qiao Chen and nodded. "Go in, the exam is starting, we won't delay you anymore."

"Mm-hm." The exam was about to start in only ten minutes. Qiao Chen looked at the people pa.s.sing by her, and her heart had already flown in, so she stopped talking to them and quickly said, "Dad, take mom home first, I'll look for you two after the exam."


Qiao Chen walked inside.

Shen Qiongzhi saw that she was going into the examination room and couldn't help but shout again, "Chen Chen, take the exam well. Don't be afraid, Mom is here!"

Her voice wasn't small, which attracted many people to look over.

Qiao Chen blushed deeply as several people looked at her. She didn't dare to turn her head to respond to Shen Qiongzhi. She hurried in like a ghost was chasing her…

Shen Qiongzhi craned her neck and stood still in a daze until her figure had disappeared before she turned and asked anxiously, "Do you think Chen Chen can enter Qing University?"

In the past few days, she had asked this question every day. Qiao Weimin was already numb to it. Expressionless, he pulled her to the green belt and said cooly, "It's OK even if she doesn't pa.s.s, this is only an independent exam. There aren't many spots. All the top students from various urban areas have come to take the exam, so even if she doesn't pa.s.s it, it's not something to be ashamed about. This experience will be helpful for taking the college entrance examination in the future!"

"Really?" Shen Qiongzhi held her chest unsteadily, looking around nervously to ease her emotions. She muttered, "I still hope that she the exam. The college entrance examination isn't so easy, she still has to surpa.s.s many people to be admitted into a prestigious university."

At this point, her face was distorted and her eyes narrowed into a glare. "Originally, I didn't need to suffer this pain! Mom found Tang Wei who owed her favors, so I was able to escort Chen Chen to Ren Yi. I blame Qiao Nian, that white-eyed wolf. She just can't stand things going well for us! We're really unlucky to have met her! The thing I regret most in this life is bringing her back to our house…"

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