Chapter 447 – A 100 million project!

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Chapter 447 – A 100 million project!

7 pm.

Rui He Hotel.

Dong Xuebing looks at that older officer. “What’s wrong? Is there any problem with the check?”

“Err… nothing.” The officer wiped the sweat off his forehead and gave Li Xiaoan the check.

Li Xiaoan doesn’t believe this check is real and doesn’t know about China’s check. He called his translator over to verify. In the end, the translator nodded.

Dong Xuebing had shocked many people, including w.a.n.g Bo and the Investment Promotion Agency’s staff. 100,000 RMB or 200,000 RMB might not be a small amount, but most can afford it. But the checkbook is different. The Chinese banks do not allow individuals to own checkbooks. Only companies worth over 10 million RMB can apply for it. Why is this guy so different from other government servants?

At this moment, some people noticed the watch Dong Xuebing is wearing. They thought it was a fake Patek Philippe at first. After all, there are too many counterfeits around, and they could not see it clearly from a distance. But after Dong Xuebing took out a checkbook, no one suspect he is wearing a fake watch. Someone who brings a checkbook around will not buy fake watches!

A 2 million RMB watch!

Even many investors will not bear to buy one!

This guy is wealthy! Is he a civil servant or an investor? How come he seems to be wealthier than many investors?!

After giving the check, Dong Xuebing stood up. “Officers, is this settled?”

“Ah… yes. It’s settled.” The younger officer quickly replied.

Dong Xuebing walks across the lobby to the lift and enters it.

First floor…

Third floor…

Fifth floor…

Back in his hotel room, Dong Xuebing took a shower. He is thinking of ways to bring an investor back before tomorrow morning. He doesn’t want to lose ‘face.’ He had announced to his agency and County Government before coming to Da Feng County. How can he return empty-handed?

What should he do?

Who should he look for?

As hee was showering, he heard the hotel room’s phone ringing.

Dong Xuebing thought it was those ‘special services’ calls and ignored them. The room’s phone rang again after he dried his hair, and he answered.


“Dong Xuebing?” It was a middle-aged man. “I am Park Yongxi.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “Master Park. Why are you calling me?”

Park Yongxi calmly replied. “I want to fix an appointment to have a friendly match with you. But I don’t have your number, so I can only call through your hotel room.”

Dong Xuebing does not hate Park Yongxi. Although they clashed in the swimming complex, he can understand why Park Yongxi wants to protect Li Xiaoan. Li Xiaoan is his friend’s son, and he must look after him. Furthermore, Park Yongxi had paid the compensation and forced Li Xiaoan to apologize. This is how a grandmaster should behave.

Although Dong Xuebing dislikes that group of Koreans, he did not treat Park Yongxi. “Master Park. I am afraid I cannot agree to this friendly match.”


“It’s not that I don’t recognize your skills. I know you all must accept all challenges because of honor and reputation. But I mentioned this in the afternoon. Winning and losing are meaningless to me. You should also know that I am a civil servant and not a martial arts artist.”

“Young man, it’s only a friendly match.”

“I’m sorry. I am not interested.”

There are reasons why Dong Xuebing fought, and most of the reasons are because he was forced to do it. Although he is a compet.i.tive person, he will not fight with someone for unknown reasons. What’s the point of fighting against Korea’s top Taekwondo fighter? His focus is not about winning fights against others. His focus is on the government service, and that’s why he did not agree.

But this matter is very important to Park Yongxi. One of the reasons he came to China is meeting that expert who had won against Seoul’s Taekwondo schools. To him, this is more important than his investments. Investing in China is his personal matter and fighting Dong Xuebing is about Korea’s Taekwondo pride and honor. He must win Dong Xuebing at all cost!

Both chatted over the phone, and Dong Xuebing just refused to accept his challenge.

Park Yongxi had thought it would be easy as all martial arts experts have their pride. But Dong Xuebing did not behave like one. He had won against Seoul’s Taekwondo schools and left. Now, he doesn’t even accept his challenge.

How can this guy be considered a martial arts expert?

Dong Xuebing doesn’t even behave like one, but… he is as strong as Park Yongxi. He can be considered the ‘worse’ martial arts expert Park Yongxi had ever met. No wonder those Taekwondo instructors said this guy did not look at a martial arts expert at all. Even Park Yongxi had belittled Dong Xuebing this afternoon.

In the end, Park Yongxi was about to give up. He valued his status and reputation and had never thought of waiting at Dong Xuebing’s hotel room to force him to accept his challenge. He suddenly had an idea. He smiles. “Alright. I heard you are a government staff with the Investment Promotion Agency. If you accept my challenge and win me, I will bring my integrated sports arena project over to your county.”



Dong Xuebing was still thinking of s.n.a.t.c.h an investment from Da Feng County, and Park Yongxi made this offer. “Master Park, are you serious?”

Park Yongxi is good with Mandarin. “I will not go back on my words.”

Dong Xuebing got excited. “You better don’t trick me. How much is your project worth?”

“I am still considering, but it should be around 60 million to 100 million RMB.”

d.a.m.n! This is a large investment!

No wonder Li Feng is so concern about Park Yongxi so much! This investment is worth almost half of all the contracts signed at this investment fair!

Dong Xuebing jumps up excitedly. “Alright! I accept your challenge. I am leaving tomorrow morning. Let’s have the friendly match in the morning before I leave?”


“That’s settled then!”

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