Chapter 473 - A Direct Battle

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Chapter 473: A Direct Battle

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“Old Master Yu seems to have a point.”

Yu Quan was about to heave a sigh of relief in joy when Luo Yikun said, “However, I was still young back then. You told me a lot of things. How do I know if you’re lying to me?”

“Since Master and Eldest Aunt are good friends, with Master’s ability, can’t you save Eldest Aunt from Zhang Mei? And Old Master Yu, why didn’t you protect Eldest Aunt when Eldest Aunt gave birth to Qiu back then?”

Without waiting for Yu Quan to reply, Luo Yikun said, “Even if you didn’t pay attention back then and let Eldest Aunt to be schemed against by Zhang Mei, what happened after that? Have you never thought of helping Eldest Aunt take revenge? Have you never thought of telling Qiu the truth? You let her acknowledge her mother’s murderer as her mother?”

“Alright, even if you’re doing this for Qiu’s sake and hope that Qiu can have a carefree childhood, what about me? Why did you hide the cause of Eldest Aunt’s death from me? Perhaps, you’re afraid that I’ll investigate and find out something?”

That’s right. Luo Yikun indeed didn’t know the cause of Yu Yao’s death. He only thought that she was really in poor health and couldn’t hold on when she gave birth to Luo Qiu.

Yu Quan only told him that Eldest Aunt had saved him before and Eldest Aunt asked his master to bring him back when she was about to die.

He didn’t think too much about it in the past and neglected many things.

Now that he thought about it, since Eldest Aunt and Master were good friends and Master had picked him up when Eldest Aunt was still alive, with Master’s ability, how could he not realize that Eldest Aunt was being schemed against?

Even if his master was careless and did not understand the schemes between women, what about the Yu Family?

If he remembered correctly, Yu Quan had told him that the Yu Family had arranged for Eldest Aunt to recuperate overseas back then.

Did the Yu Family let Zhang Mei scheme against Eldest Aunt at the place which they had arranged?

It would be fine if Eldest Aunt and Zhang Mei had some relations.h.i.+p. Zhang Mei could easily get close to Eldest Aunt, but according to his investigation, Zhang Mei and Eldest Aunt had never gotten along.

This way, it was unreasonable for Zhang Mei to scheme against Eldest Aunt in the place where the Yu Family had arranged for her.

Zhang Mei didn’t come from a high family background. At least, she was far inferior to Eldest Aunt.

In that case, how could Zhang Mei easily get close to the place that the Yu Family had arranged for Eldest Aunt to recuperate?

He planned to investigate what happened to Eldest Aunt back then, but after investigating for so long, he only found the secrets that Yan Jinyu had found and exposed. There was nothing more.

However, he could still find many problems as he investigated.

“Don’t say that you don’t know that Eldest Aunt was harmed back then. Qiu and I came to the Yu Family to visit you last year. You don’t seem to be surprised by the cause of Eldest Aunt’s death.”

“Don’t say that it’s because you’ve long seen the news about the Luo Family in North City and have long known the truth back then. This doesn’t make sense. Even if you saw the news, you should be shocked too. You should have asked Eldest Uncle, Qiu or me about the situation.”

“Unfortunately, you don’t.”

Every time Yu Quan wanted to explain, he was interrupted by Luo Yikun’s words.

In the end, he was speechless.

Luo Yikun looked at Liu Guang again. “And Master, I heard Eldest Miss Yan mention Ghost Slaughter Island?”

“I don’t know what your relations.h.i.+p with Ghost Slaughter Island is, but you’re from Ghost Slaughter Island and you’re good friends with my Eldest Aunt. It’s impossible for you not to know the cause of my Eldest Aunt’s death after so many years. I was taught by you. Even I could easily find out that Eldest Aunt was killed by Zhang Mei.”

“Of course, it’s also possible that you didn’t think so much and didn’t investigate, so you didn’t know. That’s understandable, but Ghost Slaughter Island…”

“I more or less know what kind of existence Ghost Slaughter Island was back then. If you’re really from Ghost Slaughter Island, then I have reason to suspect that you have ulterior motives for nurturing me for so many years.”

If he hadn’t met Yan Jinyu, he wouldn’t have suspected his master and the Yu Family at all.

He cherished his life, but he would not let others control him. He would do his best to repay the favor he owed his master and the Yu Family.

This favor should indeed be returned if they didn’t lie to him, but what if they had deceived him?

He, who had no doubts about them, would definitely do something for them.

It would be fine if the Yu Family had some big trouble for him to settle, but if he had to help Ghost Slaughter without knowing…

Ghost Slaughter had a famous reputation, but it was not a good one.

He was not a good person, but he did not want to be tainted by an existence like Ghost Slaughter.

Sitting on the wall, Huo Siyu swung her legs and jumped down. “Is he from Ghost Slaughter Island? This person in front of you was the head of Ghost Slaughter Island back then. If Ghost Slaughter Island was still around, he would be a big shot that many people are afraid of now.”

This was actually being tactful.

For people like Qin Hao, their main job was to destroy an organization like Ghost Slaughter.

“Perhaps those so-called human traffickers were sent by Ghost Slaughter Island back then. Perhaps they liked you and realized that you might be difficult to control, so they used a roundabout method to make use of you.”

“To tell you the truth, the few of us here were abducted by Ghost Slaughter Island back then. Otherwise, why do you think it was so coincidental that everyone went missing for many years before coming back?”

“As for your Eldest Aunt…”

Huo Siyu didn’t continue. She looked at Yan Jinyu, letting her continue.

She knew that Yan Jinyu had investigated the Luo Family.

Yan Jinyu received her hint and smiled before saying to Luo Yikun, “According to the information I found, Yu Yao and Liu Guang weren’t involved at all back then.”

She turned to Liu Guang. “Friend? Ha.”

“Liu Guang, I don’t think that a person like you will have a good friend.”

“Second Young Master Luo, do you think someone like him, who doesn’t even care about the life and death of his biological daughter, would take care of you, a stranger, for the sake of a so-called good friend? It’s fine if he takes care of you, but to even teach you a lot of skills?”

“Liu Guang isn’t that free.”

After saying that, without caring about their reaction, Yan Jinyu’s smile faded. “Alright, that’s enough nonsense.”

The gun in her hand was pointed at Liu Guang’s head.

After saying that, she pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

Everyone in the Yu Family panicked when they saw her actions.

As she pulled the trigger, Yan Jinyu said to the other three, “Attack!”

The three of them attacked after receiving the order.

Yan Jinyu’s bullet didn’t hurt Liu Guang. However, because she suddenly attacked and the distance was close, Liu Guang was still shaken and took a few steps back even though he had waved his dagger and quickly blocked the bullet.

He raised his gun and confronted Yan Jinyu.

He wanted to kill Yan Jinyu, so Yan Jinyu naturally didn’t show him any mercy either.

Instantly, there was a rain of bullets.

The masked man pushed Lind Jones’s wheelchair to a corner where they would not be easily injured and easy to defend.

Both Lind Jones and the masked man didn’t idle around.

They kept firing their guns.

It seemed like they were attacking Yan Jinyu and the others, but in reality, they would always help Yan Jinyu and the others unintentionally.

Yan Jinyu and the other three naturally realized it too.

Liu Guang was busy dealing with Yan Jinyu and didn’t notice anything.

Even Liu Guang had a hard time facing Yan Jinyu.

Fortunately, it wasn’t close combat. If it was close combat, he wouldn’t have been Yan Jinyu’s match.

Back on Ghost Slaughter Island, he and so many of his subordinates couldn’t do anything to Yan Jinyu when they faced her alone.

Luo Yikun didn’t move and retreated to the side.

Feng Yun didn’t move either and retreated without a trace.

However, Hei Yao attacked.

Min Rufeng and Xi Fengling faced him together at the same time.

Logically speaking, Xi Fengling and Min Rufeng should have the upper hand when they faced Hei Yao together. However, the truth was that they were equally matched and neither of them was injured.

They continued to be in close combat.

Neither of them said anything.

After the few of them fought and moved further away, Min Rufeng said, “Why did you betray Little Yu back then?” It wasn’t betraying them, but Yan Jinyu.

They all knew that Hei Yao’s relations.h.i.+p with them was ordinary. He only had a deeper relations.h.i.+p with Yan Jinyu.

They specially asked after they have gotten far away. It wasn’t that they were afraid that Liu Guang would hear her, but they were afraid that Yan Jinyu would hear her.

They understood each other. They knew very well that Yan Jinyu had always been very concerned about Hei Yao’s betrayal and didn’t want her to be annoyed when she heard it.

“Do you know how much your betrayal hurt Beauty Yu?” Xi Fengling was even more ruthless. Hei Yao happened to be stunned when he heard her words and his arm was cut.

“Beauty Yu doesn’t trust anyone easily, but she trusts you completely and tells you everything. You know how much she hates Liu Guang, but you still chose to betray her at the last moment and almost ruined Beauty Yu’s plan that she had planned for many years!”

“Fortunately, Beauty Yu has some ability. Otherwise, she would have been the one to be destroyed together with Ghost Slaughter Island back then!”

Hei Yao was expressionless.

However, his slightly slow actions showed that he was in a daze.

He was stabbed by Xi Fengling again.

“Fortunately, Beauty Yu is lucky. She’s fine. Not only is she fine, but she also saved us. However, you saved Beauty Yu’s greatest enemy.”

“Back then, it wasn’t Beauty Yu who attacked Ghost Slaughter Island first. It was Ghost Slaughter Island that couldn’t tolerate Beauty Yu and wanted to kill her first. We all know that. I don’t believe you don’t know it.”

“Liu Guang wanted to kill Beauty Yu, but you saved Liu Guang and let Beauty Yu down!”

“I don’t deny it,” Hei Yao, who had been silent, suddenly said.

Xi Fengling paused and stopped attacking.

As for Min Rufeng, he moved aside to deal with the small frys when Xi Fengling fought Hei Yao.

The Yu Family’s bodyguards tried to attack them, but they all died under his gun.

Looking at the Yu Family again, they were still injured by accident even when no one targeted them.

Yu Quan, Yu Kuan, and Yu Ming still had some skills. They knew that if they didn’t resist, they would definitely die, so they also took out their guns.

However, their hands were trembling.

They were basically resolved by Huo Siyu.

She didn’t kill them, but she disarmed them.

“What do you mean? Do you admit that you’ve let Beauty Yu down?”

However, Hei Yao did not say anything else. He only glanced at her and threw out a smoke bomb.

It blocked Xi Fengling’s gaze.

Xi Fengling was about to cover her mouth and nose when she realized that the smoke was not poisonous.

She had already discovered it, so naturally, Min Rufeng, who was skilled in pharmacology, had also discovered it.

The two of them looked at each other.

Neither of them said anything.

After the smoke dissipated, Hei Yao had already arrived beside Liu Guang.

At that moment, Yan Jinyu was fighting Liu Guang fiercely.

Liu Guang was already injured, but Yan Jinyu was still unscathed.

Liu Guang was obviously at a disadvantage.

However, Liu Guang wasn’t an ordinary small fry after all. Even if he gradually fell into a disadvantage, he wasn’t so easy to deal with. Yan Jinyu didn’t dare to be careless.

Hei Yao’s sudden approach made Yan Jinyu pause.

Not only did she stop pulling the trigger, but she also stopped waving the golden thread in her left hand to block the bullet.

Hence, for the first time, she was at a disadvantage.

A dense number of bullets came at her. In the half second that she paused, she missed one bullet.

It flew straight for her heart.

Hei Yao’s pupils were constricted.

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