Chapter 52: Going to Apologize

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Chapter 52: Going to Apologize

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"Alright, alright! I will go, okay?! I will definitely apologize properly to that fellow and ask that great man to not harbor grievance for my past wrongdoing. Alright?" Feng Zhirou did not have any choice, so she could only agree.

"That's much better! Oh right. Why did you suddenly come to look for me?" This niece had always avoided her in the academy. She definitely came to find her today because of some matter.

"Aiya. If you didn't mention, I would have forgotten about it already. It's all because you interrupted me!" Feng Zhirou looked like she was suddenly enlightened.

". . . . . ."

"Actually, I came to say goodbye to you. I'm going back to the capital in five days to partic.i.p.ate in the Alchemy Master test. After I pa.s.sed the test, I will be the same as you, an Alchemy Master!" Feng Zhirou exclaimed proudly.

"With the way you are, you still want to be an Alchemy Master? Talk again after you pa.s.s." Feng Ruoqing took her down a peg without hesitation.

Advancing as an alchemist was entirely different from the martial path. To advance to Alchemy Master, the first requirement was to cultivate and reach the Spirit Condensation Realm. But that did not mean that one could become an Alchemy Master just by advancing to the Spirit Condensation Realm!

Feng Zhirou already reached Spirit Condensation Realm long ago, but she never pa.s.sed the Alchemy Master test, even though she was top three on the Alchemy Roll of Honor. From this, it was clear just how rare and respected the position of Alchemy Master was.

Feng Zhirou pouted and said, "What kind of aunt are you? You actually cursed your own niece to fail the test!"

Feng Ruoqing ignored her and muttered to herself, " Oh. Is it a group test again? I wonder how far Ye Yuan can go. With his standard, becoming high-rank Alchemy Apprentice shouldn't be an issue, I think. Zhirou, I will go along with you tomorrow to visit Ye Yuan. I want him to go take the alchemist test together with you."

"Hehe. Aunt, you still said that nothing was going on between you two. Every time you open your mouth, it's all Ye Yuan." Feng Zhirou laughed at her.

"d.a.m.n la.s.s. It looks like you are really asking for a beating!" Feng Ruoqing was totally embarra.s.sed. The aunt and niece pair started wrestling each other.

After messing around for a while, Feng Zhirou suddenly thought of something and asked, "Ye Yuan . . . I suddenly find this name really familiar. Oh right! Is it the Ye Yuan who fought in the deathmatch?"

"You only realize this now? He is the hottest topic of discussion in the academy recently. I'm sure you aren't aware of it yet. Just this morning, he took on three tests consecutively and joined the ranks of the Earth Rank students with his Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm cultivation. Zhirou, he might become a powerful rival to you in the not too distant future!" Feng Ruoqing said solemnly.

Feng Zhirou opened her mouth wide and exclaimed in amazement, "He's that amazing? It looks like our State of Qin's Dan Wu Academy has been quiet for far too long. Looks like things are finally going to become interesting."

Feng Zhirou left, and Feng Ruoqing unexpectedly picked up two brushes, and she started diligently drawing squares and circles on the paper over and over again.

. . . . . .

The next day, Feng Ruoqing and her niece went together to Ye Yuan's residence but was turned away at the door by Lu-er.

"My apologies to the two of you. My young master is recovering from his wounds, and he said that he won't meet with anyone," Lu-er said emotionlessly.

Feng Zhirou immediately lost her temper. "Hey! Didn't he just suffer from some light injuries?! My aunt and I already came here to apologize. What else does he want?"

Lu-er was lovable and adorable, but when it came to Young Master, she was completely stern.

Yesterday, when Young Master came home with injuries, her heart ached for a long time. Now that Feng Zhirou was totally insincere with her apology and even swaggered around, she obviously did not need to be polite.

"Light injuries? I don't understand. You clearly injured someone, but you are still so stuck up in front of other people's house. Who taught you such manner? An apology like that is too precious, so save it for yourself. Our family's Young Master dare not accept it. I only pray that you stay further away from our family's Young Master. I'm not going to see you out!" Lu-er directly chased them away.

Feng Zhirou was about to retort when Feng Ruoqing quickly clamped her mouth shut. This la.s.s is only good at ruining things!

"Miss Lu-er, it's all our fault. Please don't be mad. Actually, Zhirou this la.s.s didn't have any ill-intentions. She is just straightforward and outspoken, and she is always rash when doing things and ended up injuring your young master. In reality, she feels really guilty in her heart. It's just that her mouth is unforgiving. You mustn't try to gain back face with her. One of the reasons we came to look for your young master was to apologize. The other is that we have some important matters to look for him. Just let us go in," Feng Ruoqing said amicably but was much more sincere.

Right then, Ye Yuan's voice sounded from within the house. "Lu-er, tell them that I'm not in!"

". . . . . ."

". . . . . ."

". . . . . ."

The three people outside the house were collectively speechless.

Feng Zhirou was infuriated by Ye Yuan's att.i.tude and was about to rush into to dice Ye Yuan into pieces, but she was pulled back by Feng Ruoqing.

"If you cause trouble again, just wait to be grounded when you get back!" Feng Ruoqing warned coldly. It was clear that she was exasperated by this niece.

Feng Zhirou could not muster up her temper anymore. Only then, did Feng Ruoqing called out towards the house, "Ye Yuan, it was Zhirou's fault yesterday. I apologize to you on her behalf. And also I apologize for my att.i.tude yesterday. I won't force you to be my a.s.sistant in the future, alright?"


The door opened, and Ye Yuan appeared.

"You're the one who said it! A good woman is as good as her word. You can't go back on it!" Ye Yuan was currently in high spirits. Where were there even any signs of injuries?

"Ye Yuan, you!" Feng Zhirou took a look at Ye Yuan and wished that she could raise her sword to kill him again. But she was completely blocked by Feng Ruoqing.

"You, what you? Don't think that I'm scared of you just because you are some Martial Roll's expert! Wait until I break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm. I can kill you with one hand!"

Ye Yuan was very displeased with this woman!

The Feng Zhirou in the legends was extremely cold and proud and would not spare a glance for anyone. Who knew that when he met her yesterday, she would actually be a complete lunatic!

Ye Yuan had walked around the gates of h.e.l.l once again. It would be weird if he were pleased to see her!

"Aunt, let me go! I'm going to kill him! I'll see what he has to break through to the Spirit Condensation Realm!" Feng Zhirou struggled desperately but did not manage to break free.

"Enough of this! Just try moving again if you dare!" Feng Ruoqing really released Feng Zhirou, but her words made Feng Zhirou stop.

"Ye Yuan, if you don't want me to force you to be my a.s.sistant, fine. But you have to promise me one thing! If you can do it, I will let you off," Feng Ruoqing said calmly.

Hearing her words, Ye Yuan raised his guard instinctively.

This woman might look good-natured, but in reality, she was as unreasonable as Feng Zhirou deep down in her bones. Previously, she had already set a trap for him. Now, who could guarantee that it was not another trap!

"Say what it is first! Better not force me. At most, I will just go back to the capital to continue being a silkpants!" Ye Yuan answered like a hoodlum.

However, Feng Ruoqing did not seem to care. Instead, she gave a sweet smile. "In four days' time, the academy will organize students to go to the capital's Alchemist a.s.sociation to take part in a group test. I want you and Zhirou to take the test together!"

"Alchemist test?" Ye Yuan was stunned. He did not expect Feng Ruoqing to actually raise such a request.

Taking the test was not much. But he instinctively held some resistance towards the Alchemist a.s.sociation.

In his past life, he, and his father had poor relations with the Alchemist a.s.sociation. The two were ostracized by all the other alchemists as deviants.

Now that Ye Yuan was asked to take the test, he felt kind of weird.

"That's right. I want you to partic.i.p.ate in the Alchemist a.s.sociation's Alchemy Apprentice test. And you must go all out! Don't tell me that you can't even pa.s.s an Alchemy Apprentice test?"

Feng Ruoqing knew now that Ye Yuan's level was definitely much higher than an Alchemy Apprentice. It was just that he was limited by his strength so he could not refine high-tier medicinal pills.

But with Ye Yuan's Alchemy Dao prowess, would becoming an Alchemy Apprentice not be just like playing around?

Ye Yuan did not immediately reply to Feng Ruoqing, but he paced around to ponder about it for a moment. Finally, he nodded his head and then answered, "Fine. I will join."

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