Chapter 520

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Chapter 520

Senju Tobirama looked at the black-robed man with a solemn expression. Just now, he used Shadow Clone Jutsu to attract the attention of the black-robed man and approached the black-robed man with Flying thunder G.o.d, hoping to kill him with one blow.

This series of attacks was almost completed in an instant, but the black-robed man actually avoided it. With such adaptability, Tobirama thought he could not do it without Flying thunder G.o.d.

Tobirama didn't continue. Instead, he asked, "Who the h.e.l.l are you?"

"You should probably ask your Konoha people about this. They have already guessed who I am."

After saying that, the red aperture behind the black-robed man slowly floated to him, and then a strange wave emanated from it.

This fluctuation made Senju Tobirama feel that his body of Edo Tensei began to be decomposed a little bit. His complexion greatly changed, and he quickly used Flying thunder G.o.d to distance himself from the black-robed man.

"Time and s.p.a.ce Ninjutsu is really troublesome, but I won't make the same mistake twice." As soon as the black robe man's voice fell, his figure disappeared from sight.

Within the next second, Tobirama felt the weird fluctuations from the red aperture again, but there were no black-robed people around. This kind of fluctuation slowly decomposed the chakra of the Edo Tensei's caster. He knew very well that sooner or later, his body will turn into dust… And Edo Tensei will be lifted along with it.

Helpless, Tobirama had no choice but to retreat and escaped with Flying thunder G.o.d imprint, which remained in the distance.

After Tobirama went, the silhouette of the black-robed man appeared. He looked at where Tobirama was just now and muttered, "How come he still has the power to escape! Senju Tobirama, such a thin bloodline, can have such a powerful strength. It can be regarded as a genius! "


On the other side, on the battlefield where Namikaze Minato was, Yamanaka Ryo brought Kushina by teleport.

As soon as he came to the battlefield, Yamanaka Ryo saw Minato. He immediately established a Spiritual link with Minato, "Minato nii-san, I brought Kushina nee-san with me."

The sudden voice of Yamanaka Ryo surprised Namikaze Minato. He looked around and found Yamanaka Ryo and Kushina outside the battlefield. He looked puzzled, "Ryo, why are you here with Kushina? Isn't she helping Naruto training?"

"Training is over. I sent both Naruto and Sasuke to solve the caster of Edo Tensei, and I thought I can't let Kushina nee-san stay in Kaguya's s.p.a.ce, so I brought her here."

"I get it. Ryo, you ask Kushina to come. I can't get away for now."

Yamanaka Ryo laughed and told Kushina what Minato said. After hearing what Yamanaka Ryo said, Kushina wrapped Kyuubi Chakra around and rushed into the crowd.

After watching Kushina successfully reached Minato, Yamanaka Ryo returned to the Alliance Headquarters.


Just right after Yamanaka Ryo left, the black-robed man arrived. He floated in the sky to get a brief understanding of the battle situation and then set his sights on Namikaze Minato and Kushina.

He and Namikaze Minato still have some accounts. Also, he still had ambitions about Kushina's Kyuubi. So the black-robed man immediately controlled the red aperture to float in front of him and then swooped down towards Minato and Kushina.

Minato, who had been fighting with the Edo Tensei army, suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis. After beheading Edo Tensei Ninja's head again, he looked around and found a red light falling from the sky. His face changed drastically, and shouted, "Not good! Everyone runs!"

After saying that, he quickly took all the Ninjas, he could bring with him and teleport to the edge of the battlefield together.

When others heard Minato's order, without hesitation, they forced back to the enemy in front of them and then dodged immediately in the distance.

Not long after, the black-robed man fell from the sky to where Minato stood just now, and a huge explosion swept from the black-robed man when it landed.

The Ninja and White Zetsu that did not have time to escape from the explosion range, the chakra inside their body was destroyed. Even the weaker Edo Tensei army was all dissipated into dust.

"What a terrifying power!" Kakashi sucked in a cold breath.

Minato was also taken aback by the appearance of the black-robed man. He seemed indifferent to the enemy's attack, but it actually caused a big blow. It can be said that in a split second, the battle situation has been reversed, and the Ninja Alliance has fallen to a disadvantage.

Minato's face turned a bit ugly. Kushina didn't see the battle situation as thoroughly as Minato, but she also knew that the black-robed man's attack had caused a large number of Ninja Alliance forces to lose their fighting strength.

Kushina walked slowly to Namikaze Minato and took his hand firmly, saying, "Let's face it together!"

Minato froze, then smiled: "Okay, let's face it together!"

In response to Minato, a golden chakra similar to Naruto emerged from Kushina's body.

Minato smiled, and another golden silhouette cut through s.p.a.ce and came to the black-robed man.

This time, it was the long-lost couple, fighting together side-by-side.


On the other side, in the medical brigade, Suzune created dozens of Shadow Clone Jutsu, watching every move in the camp while medical ninjas were doing their jobs. —If White Setsu sneaked in, Suzune would kill them instantly.

The atmosphere in the camp was relaxed for a while… But they didn't expect that White Zetsu would sneak into the camp again. This time, he didn't hide his ident.i.ty and attacked the medical Ninja or the injured ordinary Ninja.

Suzune coldly snorted. The Shadow Clone Jutsu dispatched collectively and solved these White Zetsu in an instant.

"Suzune-sama, are you all right?" Sakura asked.

Suzune shook her head: "Maybe White Zetsu is still lurking, so be careful."

"I get it. I'll keep them vigilant."

Sakura's tone barely fell, and suddenly, a cannon fodder by Edo Tensei came to the door of the medical brigade. He sealed his hand and summoned a coffin. —From the coffin came a middle-aged person with black hair and red armor.

The middle-aged person moved slowly towards the camp of Medical Brigade, and his presence immediately caused panic in the camp.

The medical ninjas immediately ran to Suzune's tent and reported the situation to Suzune: "Suzune-sama, it's bad! Outside the camp … Sh… Shodaime-sama was taken by Edo Tensei!"

"What did you say?"

Suzune's expression greatly changed and rushed out of the tent.

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