Chapter 550 - With the Help of a Child

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Chapter 550: 550: With the Help of a Child

“This was because the daughter of the Xie family, which is Xie Qingyan, had been kidnapped when she was just a child. They only found her after she was married with four kids. When they found her, Xie Qingyan was already married to Di Jingxuan for years, which is why the Xie family thought of Di Jingxuan as the thief who stole their treasure. They have always been unhappy with Di Jingxuan.

Zhan Lichuan proceeded with his work, no longer wanting to talk to his grandfather.

However, Master Zhan still continued with his gossip and a.s.sumptions.

“Ah Chuan, think about it. Your father-in-law had four children, but his father-in-law still didn’t like him. You don’t even have a child with Qianqian, so how would you be able to gain support in the Di family in the future?”

Zhan Lichuan pursed his lips and his hand slowed down.

“My father-in-law has suffered all these years and would definitely understand what I am going through. He will be nice to me.”

Master Zhan stomped his cane and screamed, “You silly boy!”

“Ever since the olden days, every married woman has had bad days because of their mother-in-law. Some were even tortured, but when they became a mother-in-law themselves, would they be nicer to their son’s wife?!”

Zhan Lichuan did not know what to say to that.

“This is how humans are. He has finally gotten a smoother life after being tortured for years. He now has a beautiful daughter, but she’s married to you as a lucky mascot. Do you think that the Di family would be happy with this?”

Zhan Lichuan once again stopped what he was doing and looked at his grandfather.

Master Zhan felt uncomfortable after being stared at and demanded, “Why are you looking at me like that? You’re making me feel as if I have done something wrong!”

“Grandfather, you are the one who actually wants us to bear you a great grandchild. Am I right?”

Hearing how his grandson had actually figured out what he had in mind, Master Zhan panicked and tried to hide it with a serious tone, “That’s bulls.h.i.+t! Did you really think that I was someone like that?!”

Zhan Lichuan kept quiet and continued staring at his grandfather.

Master Zhan continued, “You are my grandson! Would I do anything to harm you? Think about it, the Di family isn’t the same as the Jing family. The upper hand that you previously had will not be useful with the Di family. What do you have left?”

“My sincerity.”

“Hahaha!” Master Zhan started laughing out loud.

“Oh my! My dear grandchild, you… You really made me laugh. Although you may be a virgin with no experience, could you please at least put some of the effort that you have for your work and research into your marriage as well? Could you please be up to date? Did you think that having the marriage certificate, money, and sincerity would be enough to pursue a girl these days?! There are tons of men out there who could do the things that you could. What do you have that they don’t?”

“I am richer than them, and I look better.”

Master Zhan shook his head, “I’m telling you. When you have that much money, you won’t be able to provide happiness. As for the looks… It’s true that you look good, but after spending so much time with Qianqian, I am sure that she isn’t a superficial woman who would only appreciate looks. How could you depend on your looks?”

Zhan Lichuan kept quiet instead.

He thought of how his wife was always amazed by his looks, and he was sure that his wife really liked his features.

“Ah Chuan, has grandfather ever done anything to harm you? You have to listen to what I am saying and get it going!”

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