Chapter 615 - Qinghu's Return

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Chapter 615 Qinghu’s Return

After finishing doing all the preparations, Long Tianyu asked the others to leave and walked up to Lin Mengya alone.

Two clear tear stains could be seen on her snow-white face.

Long Tianyu frowned slightly, and his heart ached for her.

“Who did it?”

He held her in his arms and only left his tenderness to her. However, there was a trace of hostility in his eyes.

Anyone who dared to make her cry would be unforgivable.

“No one bullied me. It’s just… I’m just happy.”

She spoke in a low voice, which was not like that of a happy person.

Since she said so, he would naturally not force her to do anything.

He just silently held her in his arms, feeling sorry for her.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t control myself just now. I met Qinghu a moment ago. I don’t know why I’m like this.”

After venting her emotions for a while, Lin Mengya looked up in embarra.s.sment from his arms.

To her surprise, she saw Long Tianyu’s distinct alert look.

She turned around and saw Qinghu, who was dressed in black and had a red beast mask on his face. He was standing quietly at the entrance of the tent.

“d.a.m.n fox, why are you still wearing this mask? Who are you trying to scare?”

She cursed in a low voice, only to see a pair of fair and slender hands taking off the mask as their owner was told.

Lin Mengya finally smiled through tears when she saw his face, which was thin but still charming.

“Little girl, stop crying. Tsk, tsk. You look so ugly.”

Qinghu stood at the entrance with a leisurely look on his face.

Even his frivolous tone was as annoying as it was in the past.

However, his delicate face turned even paler. Nonetheless, he hid all of this with his smile, showing that he didn’t care about it at all.

He didn’t want to scare his little girl.

“d.a.m.n you! I thought you wouldn’t come back!”

In the end, Lin Mengya did not have the heart to blame Qinghu. She ran over and pinched his face with her small hands, fiercely warning the guy who had suddenly disappeared.

“Ouch! My face hurts. I knew you were jealous of my looks.”

Despite that, Qinghu, who had a sad look on his face, bent down slightly and allowed her, who seemed to be pet.i.te, to happily pinch his face.

“Bah! I’m not jealous of your looks. I’m pretty enough as it is. I don’t want to be thick-skinned like you!”

Lin Mengya was happier than anyone else when Qinghu returned.

A year ago, she had just arrived here. Qinghu was the first person to treat her like a father as well as a brother.

He doted on her so much that he placed her first in everything. He was even willing to go back to h.e.l.l for her sake.

The relationship between them had long surpa.s.sed the affection between a man and a woman.

“Why are you back?”

Long Tianyu pulled Lin Mengya into his arms silently.

Since they fell in love with each other, he found it more and more intolerable to see her in intimate contact with any man.

Of course, Lin Moyan was an exception.

Although he did not know Qinghu’s feelings for Lin Mengya, the latter trusted the former as if he were her elder brother.

Therefore, although he was unhappy, for the sake of Lin Mengya’s feelings, he could only endure it silently and try his best to comfort himself psychologically.

That said, after seeing the two as intimate as ever, the jealous Prince Yu firmly declared his ownership.

“Of course I have to come back to see my sister when everything is done. Long Tianyu, as Prince Yu, how can you be so stingy? Look at my little girl. She’s so thin. I don’t believe that the affluent Prince Yu’s Mansion can’t fatten a little girl up!”

Qinghu put on a fake smile and teased Long Tianyu. In some ways, Qinghu and Lin Mengya were sharp-tongued.

He had long known that Long Tianyu loved Lin Mengya deeply. He also knew that in order to take care of her feelings, Long Tianyu would definitely tolerate him.

Thus, in order to vent the anger inside him, of course, he had to verbally insult this arrogant Prince Yu.

“What did you say?”

A murderous look flashed across Long Tianyu’s eyes. “How dare this effeminate guy suggest that I ill-treated Lin Mengya!”

“Ha! You’ve already done this. Why are you afraid of someone else talking about it? Look, my little girl’s face is not as big as my palm. If you can’t raise her, just say it. I can afford to raise her.”

Qinghu was dedicated while making sarcastic comments. He covered Lin Mengya’s palm-sized face with his palm.

When the two were ready to fight, Lin Mengya, who was being ignored in the middle, put one hand on each other’s chest and easily pushed them away.

“Alright! I can’t gain weight because of my physique. Long Tianyu didn’t treat me badly! Also, if you two keep arguing, I will never talk to you!”

Lin Mengya really had a headache. These two guys would never be quiet.

Unquestionably, Lin Mengya’s words were more effective than golden rules to them.

Although they still didn’t want to give up, in front of her, they immediately became obedient and didn’t make any noise.

“Long Tianyu, go out and take a walk. Qinghu, sit down. I’ll check your body!”

She forcefully arranged their next range of activities. Long Tianyu took a cold look at Qinghu before he turned around and strode out of the tent.

Anyway, Lin Mengya was going to sleep with him at night.

At that time, he could ask her for more.

Qinghu, however, felt a little uneasy when he heard that Lin Mengya was going to check his body.

Nevertheless, because of the threatening look in Lin Mengya’s eyes, he sat on the chair obediently. The smile on his face was a little awkward.

“Take off your clothes. I know your habit. You must be wearing other clothes inside.”

Lin Mengya folded her hands across her chest and studied Qinghu.

This guy hated wearing black clothes the most. Every time he had to wear black clothes, he would put on a gorgeous garment in the innermost part.

This way, he could take off his black clothes as soon as possible.

Qinghu let out a hollow laugh and realized that there was nothing he could do.

With a helpless look on his face, he shook his head and took off his black clothes.

The dull, black clothes gradually detached from his lean body, but Lin Mengya gasped in shock.

She had thought that Qinghu would at least wear a garment inside.

To her surprise, under the black clothes, there was a skinny body covered with scars.

He had lost a lot of weight, and his skin looked unhealthily pale.

The scars, which were either bright red or green-purple, looked more ferocious against the pale skin.


Lin Mengya stretched out her hand and caressed the wounds on his body.

She seemed to have suddenly thought of something. She immediately took out the ointment she had carefully prepared for Long Tianyu from a corner of the wall.

“It doesn’t hurt. I’m fine.”

Qinghu finally stopped smiling, but there was a touch of sickly tenderness in his eyes.

The most embarra.s.sing side of him would always be exposed in front of her.

Fortunately, he knew that in this world, she was the only one who would not look at him with disgust.

Otherwise, there would be no reason for him to continue the dirty life that he hated.

“Qinghu, stay here, okay? I don’t need you to sacrifice so much in the Candle Dragon Cult. If it goes on like this, I’m afraid you’ll die there.”

Lin Mengya wanted to hold on tightly to Qinghu’s shoulder, but she was afraid of touching his wounds.

Her eyes were full of tears. “Why is this fool always putting himself in the most dangerous situation possible?”

“I… I can’t go back even if I want to. Don’t worry, I’ll be by your side before I die.”

There was something hidden in Qinghu’s words, but Lin Mengya did not want to figure it out.

She was afraid that if she asked too many questions and knew too much, she would want to do more. In the end, Qinghu had to bear all the suffering silently.

“That’s good. If you don’t keep your word, I’ll break your legs.”

Lin Mengya gently applied ointment to Qinghu’s wounds. Although the wounds on his back were horrible, Lin Mengya discovered that his skin was so tender that his wounds were hard to heal.

Qinghu turned around, but there was an evasive look in his eyes.

After letting out a sigh, he finally let go of his clothes.

Lin Mengya looked at him in confusion. She could not help but become furious when she saw his festering and swollen nipples.

“I’m sorry, I… I…”

“Why? Why does Qinghu have to suffer such inhuman torture?

“Must they humiliate him and bring him down to an endless inferno!”

Lin Mengya wondered how Qinghu, who was so proud, had managed to climb up to her step by step.

She didn’t dare to imagine it, because once she thought of it, she would have the urge to kill those beasts who had humiliated him!

“Silly girl, it’s not your fault. A person like me is born with a humble life. But don’t worry, those people cannot live well.”

Her endless care for him was the only thing that kept him going when he was in trouble.

Sometimes, those who had someone to worry about were more able to endure the pain than the walking dead.

“Yes, they must pay the price.”

It was not that Lin Mengya disliked Qinghu, but that she knew the pain inside him. That was why she gave him the greatest respect.

She turned around and silently pa.s.sed everything he needed to him.

After calming down, she said softly, “I… I’ll go out to look for clothes for you. Wait for me. No one will come in. You can rest a.s.sured.”

She had to make sure that Qinghu’s shameful history stayed away from him for the rest of his life, even if it was just a piece of clothing that had been put on him forcibly by those people.

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