Chapter 863 - Who dares to bully my brother?

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Chapter 863: Who dares to bully my brother?

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Despite the increasing agony from his abused hand, the boy refused to utter a sound, let alone beg for mercy.

“D*mn! Your lips are tight, little fella!”

The man gave him another slap, which flipped his face to one side.

The wallet hidden close to his breast fell out at the same time.

Startled, the boy was about to pick it up, but the man s.n.a.t.c.hed it away one step ahead of him.

The bald man snorted and, with an evil laugh, flipped open the wallet, revealing the stacks of cold, hard cash and a row of exquisite credit cards.

“Yo… a rich man’s kiddo, aye?!” He was astonished, his lips quickly curling into a sneaky grin. “Didn’t expect you to be filthy rich, kid! I guess your family’s rolling in the dough for you to be carrying plenty yourself!”

Youyou locked his brows deeply and said in a cold and indignant fas.h.i.+on, “Return the wallet to me!”

“Is this yours?”

He laughed. “Did you say that this belongs to you? He he! Well, ’tis mine now!”

Fury burned in the boy’s eyes. His brother’s wallet, to him, was now dirtied by this man’s hand!


“This is my wallet; please don’t touch it!”

His fingertip shouldn’t even touch it!

He found it dirty and disgusting.

“Little fella, I think you’ve got it all wrong! You messed with my business earlier, and I have yet to teach you a lesson for it; how dare you talk back to me now?!”

The man could not contain his anger and slapped his other cheek.

The boy’s cheeks were now red and hot from these two painful slaps.

His eyes rimmed angrily, but he refused to let this sloth witness his vulnerable side, so he stubbornly pushed back his welling tears. He raised his head stoutly and glared icy daggers at the man, as if he wanted to kill him with his eyes alone!

The man snorted with condescension.

“You’re one proud little sh*t, ain’t you? Guess I hafta educate you!”

With a loud spit, he grabbed his collar and was about to kick him when a tender voice came from behind him.

“Get lost! Don’t you dare touch my brother!”

The bald man jumped with a start, but before he could grasp the situation, a palpably lethal aura a.s.saulted him from behind!

He turned around at once, only to see a child standing at the end of the alley; the boy’s shadow elongated diagonally across the alley under the moonlight.

Under the dim moonlight, he faintly saw that this menacing child had the same look as the boy in his hand now.

Feeling stunned and incredulous, the bald man turned to look at the child he was holding. It was as if he had seen a ghost!

These two kids looked identical!

“Who are you?! D*mn it!”

Little Yichen followed the GPS indicator and tracked them here. As he pa.s.sed by the alley, he heard the man’s loud curses and rushed over!

He was enraged when he saw how the man was maltreating his brother. He rushed up and, using the back wall to propel his somersault, sent a flying kick into the man’s face!

Before the adult could grasp what was happening, he was jerked sideways by the kick and flew a good distance away, his back hitting the wall as a corollary!

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