Chapter 1044 - Gu Qing Shan's Stratagem

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Chapter 1044: Gu Qing Shan’s Stratagem

From the clear blue sky, a streak of light descended and silently fell on the edge of the horizon.

The world turned silent in that split second.

All of a sudden.

Countless birds took flight in fright, hurriedly fleeing from the horizon.

Wild beasts were similarly doing everything they could to escape from the direction of the horizon.

They were panicking and were desperately trying to escape, forming a torrential wave made of moving creatures that swept across the surface of the world.

Quite a few Demis were heading against the flow, trying to reach the horizon to observe what was happening.

———what exactly happened?

An indescribable sensation began to envelop the world.

Numerous miniature booms resounded from far below the earth.

The sounds were getting more rapid, more resounding, and more pressing.

The ground was trembling.

From afar, the rumbling of the earth finally reached where they were.

———it was the end of the world for Calming Soul Country.

Boss glanced afar and asked:

“You want to destroy this world?”

Gu Qing Shan replied: “Only this level of destruction—— just enough so that the Demis can’t resolve it with their powers. Having thought about it, only that monster who had manifested itself as the essence of this world would have the ability to stop this situation”

Zhang Ying Hao understood and continued: “Since that monster had fused with a part of this world’s Laws, it would definitely not sit still and allow this world to collapse”

Laura also realized: “Once this world is destroyed, that monster would be severely injured, or possibly even die, so it would surely try to save this world”

Ye Fei Li concluded: “In that case, as soon as it notices the situation, it would surely leave the royal palace”

Everyone went quiet.

Zhang Ying Hao sighed and said: “So that’s what you were after. To lure the monster away from the palace, that would be our only chance”

Rumble rumble!

The immense sound of the earth collapsing in on itself practically exploded from deep underground.

The world began to break apart.

The entire world was trembling, shaking, and it was becoming increasingly worse.

At this point, a streak of light hurriedly returned from the horizon and hovered in front of Gu Qing Shan.

The Earth sword.

It spoke with its mountainous heavy voice: 「 As you told me to, I’ve placed ‘that’ underground 」

Gu Qing Shan replied: “Very good, Laura, now we can conceal ourselves”

Laura opened her flower umbrella.

The group vanished.

It was now that Gu Qing Shan carefully explained his arrangements.

Laura was surprised: “What? You feel that the Soul Shrieker couldn’t locate us, but would still remain outside in the void to wait for us to appear?”

Gu Qing Shan nodded without hesitation.

Zhang Ying Hao scowled: “If the Soul Shrieker truly is outside, that would be very troublesome… are you sure?”

Gu Qing Shan replied: “I can guarantee it”

“Why are you so sure about that?” Boss questioned.

Gu Qing Shan explained: “The Soul Shrieker once spent an untold amount of efforts and made numerous preparations, just to force the Age of Old humanity to forge the twin swords Heaven and Earth for it”

“It hid itself within G.o.d Inst.i.tute in the 900 million World Layers, faking its death to obscure its movements and silently arranged everything from the shadows”

“It perfectly grasped the opportunity of when the parallel world invaded to have the Era of [Chaos] descend upon the 900 million World Layers”

“From the Soul Shrieker’s actions up to now, it could clearly be seen as a fellow who wouldn’t give up until it achieved its goals”

“And since I carry the [Demon King Order], it would definitely pursue and kill me”

“There is no room for wishful thinking”

Boss silently listened to him, then sighed: “We currently can’t win against it”

“Yes” Gu Qing Shan agreed, “We can’t win against the monster with the soul of G.o.d of Life either——– over a hundred million years ago, not even the seven Deities combined managed to kill it”

“But we’re about to kill the four servants of the G.o.d of Life” Zhang Ying Hao muttered.

Ye Fei Li continued: “Which means, we’re now caught between two Deities, both of which are after our lives”

The group fell silent.

This was truly a despair-inducing situation.

“That’s why——”

Gu Qing Shan shrugged: “Why don’t we just introduce them to each other?”

At that exact moment.

The vast expanse of ground broke apart.

Black flames and magma that were hidden below the surface erupted all the way to the sky.

The mountains of forests of this world had already begun to collapse.

The world’s destruction was rapidly spreading!


A furious roar resounded from far below the earth.

Countless black tentacles shot into the sky.

At the place where all the tentacles originated from, an upper half humanoid figure was visible.

It was a dried-up husk of an old lady.

『 Who was it, who dared to try and destroy Calming Soul Country!? 』

She spoke in a high-pitched female voice filled with rage as she scanned across the entire world.

But no one responded to her query.

The world was still undergoing its destruction.

The old lady had no choice but to head back into the ground, releasing all of her tentacles.

The black tentacles went through every bit and piece of the world, acting like threads that connected the broken fragments of this world, and attempted to once again ‘sew’ this world back in one piece.

This was a grand feat, even as the G.o.dmother of the four fake G.o.ds and the true ruler of this world, she still couldn’t complete it all at once.


Several tentacles discovered something in the ground.

The black tentacles coiled around the item and brought it in front of the old lady.

It was a small black box made of some unknown material, it was extremely st.u.r.dy, as not even the destructive earthquake just now managed to damage it in the slightest.

The old lady pointed a finger at it.

The box silently crumbled into nothingness, leaving not even a speck of dust behind.

A single glittering, transparent piece of jade remained in front of her, completely intact.

As soon as the box was destroyed, this piece of jade immediately started to glow.

And it activated on its own.

The glow of the jade piece expanded, forming into a life-like image in the void of s.p.a.ce using one of the most common holographic images technique from the cultivation world.

——one half was a man’s face, the other half was a woman’s face, both displaying a malicious grin.

A voice came from inside the jade piece:

[The legendary Deity of Chaos, the great Soul Shrieker hereby declare: Following this great one’s will, this world shall be destroyed]

[Surrender, kneel before the Deity of Chaos and swear to be this G.o.d’s slave]

[Only then, would you have a single chance at survival]

The old lady glared at the jade piece and gritted her teeth: 『 Deity of Chaos? What the h.e.l.l is that? 』

The voice from the jade piece continued: [As the master of Chaos, this great one had achieved apotheosis three days ago, now the only True Deity within the 900 million World Layers, you must now——-]

The jade piece was abruptly destroyed.

The old lady’s bright emerald eyes started to display a look of insanity.

So, it was only a young’un who had only just become a Deity.

So, the current 900 million World Layers doesn’t even have an ent.i.ty that can be considered a Deity.

If I hadn’t been fearful of this body attracting even more terrifying monsters…

『 A greenhorn new Deity dares to try and show me up? When I find you, your only outcome will be to become my food 』she muttered in a low voice.


During that short pause, the collapse of the world had continued, in fact, it even accelerated!

The old lady gritted her teeth and couldn’t help but become occupied with filling in the world’s injuries.

At another location.

As time pa.s.sed, the ground no longer shook as intensely as it did before.

If you paid attention, they would notice that the collapse of the world was slowing down.

“We succeeded, the G.o.d of Life is currently trying to save this world——- Xuan Ya, take us to the royal palace” Gu Qing Shan said.


Xuan Ya replied and began activating her [Fearless Transmission]

“Gu Qing Shan” Laura suddenly thought of a certain loophole and couldn’t help but ask, “What happens if we couldn’t kill those four fake G.o.ds before the G.o.d of Life finished repairing the world?”

Stars began to manifest around them.

[Fearless Transmission] had been activated.

Everyone would soon be taken to the royal palace.

Gu Qing Shan replied: “If that happens, I’ll just hit this world with the Earth sword again”

Bright light erupted.

With a curt ‘pop’, everyone vanished.

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