Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Absolute Intent To Kill

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Ye Feng willed as a surge of flames appeared on the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword in his hand, causing the temperature in the room to instantly double!

Just as Ye Feng wanted to put down the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword to continue his forging, a daring idea emerged in his mind.

Ye Feng immediately put it into action as he brought the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword to the courtyard.

With a thought, fire element was released rapidly through the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword, a wave of flames shot out while containing traces of sword energy.

The fusion of magic and strength?

Seeing this, Ye Feng fell into exhilaration.

After the amplification of the Heavy Sword, not only did the magical element increase in power, it could even fuse with his physical strength.

After a long while, Ye Feng finally calmed down internally as he kept away the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword, continuing his forging.

Arriving at the furnace, Ye Feng took out the wild bull skin and the stage three ice demon core, he wanted to make a defensive equipment for Avril so that her safety could be more secured.

“Ding! Detecting stage three ice demon core and stage two wild bull skin, reward will be the forging blueprint of [Extreme Cold Leather Armor].”

[Extreme Cold Leather Armor]

Grade: Stage Three Inferior-grade

A defensive equipment forging blueprint!

This was out of Ye Feng’s expectations.

But this was even better, because it was a stage three defensive equipment, if he forged it, the defensive power would be very impressive!

There was no need to wait, Ye Feng turned up the temperature of the furnace to the highest and took out the defensive equipment mold that Nyzo had barely used and placed it above the flame.

When the mold was burned red by the flame, Ye Feng followed the instructions of the blueprint and put the wild bull skin on top of the mold to melt into a liquid state, and then used the iron steaming method to reduce the release of the flame and reshape the liquid leather with the heat of the flame!

Meanwhile, the stage three ice demon core was in Ye Feng’s hand, he used the furnace to reshape the wild bull skin while using fire magic to burn the stage three ice demon core.

This ice attribute was the opposite of fire attribute, if both attributes were of the same level, then the flames would be helpless against the ice, but Ye Feng was a Three Star Magician now, his most formidable aspect was fire magic.

Under the burning of the magic flame, the stage three ice demon core started to turn into a lump of energy gas inside the flame, desperately trying to escape by charging out of the flame.

Seeing the ice energy with such liveliness, Ye Feng laughed happily: “Want to escape? Be obedient and stay here!”

At the same time, the wild bull skin inside the defensive equipment mold was slowly taking shape, Ye Feng used the Lightning Formation on the defensive equipment, he wanted to fix the ice energy into the wild bull skin at one go!

Under the effect of the iron steaming method in the furnace, the wild bull skin started to close up while the ice energy was forced to enter the defensive equipment by the magic flame!

As they were about to fuse together, Ye Feng could feel that this defensive equipment’s grade would definitely be no less than stage three middle-grade!

But right at this time, his hair stood on ends as he subconsciously twisted his body, a wave of white sword energy landed on the iron furnace while brushing past his scalp.


The flames of the furnace was extinguished, the wild bull skin and ice energy that had yet to fuse together became still and lifeless immediately!

“d.a.m.n it, again!”

After a momentary daze, Ye Feng felt intense anger rising in his heart. Once! Twice! Thrice! These people always had to interrupt him when he was doing important things!

Killing intent rose in Ye Feng’s heart, his pupils turned blood red.

Ye Feng turned around and saw a man wearing a mask covering his face, he held a Knight’s Heavy Sword and looked at Ye Feng provokingly.

“What a pity, you managed to dodge my fatal attack, but you are not going to be so lucky now!”

Ye Feng did not speak, the killing intent in his eyes was enough to prove his intention!

That person did not pay him any attention, his gaze was attracted to the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword at the side, a trace of greed appeared on his face: “What a good weapon, I didn’t waste my time after all, not only am I earning a sum, I can even take such a good heavy sword, I have no choice but to accept it!”

Saying so, the person raised the heavy sword and slashed down at Ye Feng’s head from an imposing angle.

Seeing this, Ye Feng quickly dodged the heavy sword in the enemy’s hand while landing his fist directly on the enemy’s body with great force.


Right now, Ye Feng was an Advanced Knight.

The person was not his match at all, he was sent flying out of the forging room with one punch.

Before he landed, he could feel a heated sensation as his chest started to hurt, he spit out a mouthful of blood and landed on the street outside of the Blacksmith Shop!

Ye Feng did not give him a chance to rest, he willed as a fireball appeared out of nowhere, flying towards the a.s.sailant rapidly while emitting loud whooshing sounds of the wind!

It was a complete domination!

But Ye Feng did not deal the killing blow, he left the person alive.

Arriving before him, Ye Feng had a cold expression, a fireball floated above his right hand, it could land on him at any time.

Seeing this, the person was filled with terror, he subconsciously crawled backwards.

“Don’t move, otherwise I will kill you now. Answer my question, if you can satisfy me, I may spare your life!”

“You… just what level are you… ahh!” That person looked at Ye Feng in terror, he could not help but ask.

But before he finished his question, Ye Feng used fire magic to directly pierce and burn his leg.

Ye Feng said expressionlessly in a calm tone: “My questions, your answer! If you spout any more nonsense, my fireball will land on your head next!”

Saying so, the fireball in Ye Feng’s hand grew slightly, it emitted a threatening aura.

“Who sent you here?”

“I can’t say it, I took their money, I will be breaking the rules of… ah!”

His arm was burned as well.

“Who sent you here? Next time, I will aim at your skull!”

“I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! Donald spent thirty thousand gold coins to send me to take your life! Please spare… ugh!”

Ye Feng breathed in deeply, the killing intent got even denser in his eyes: “I am very dissatisfied with your answer, so you have lost your chance to live.”

Saying so, the fireball descended and devoured the person entirely as he burst into flames.

“Donald, since you want to die so badly, I will grant you that wish!” Next, Ye Feng looked towards the City Lord Manor, making up his mind.

Ye Feng was not someone who would endure this endlessly.

So be it if it were normal times, but both attacks happened when he was forging.

And this time, Ye Feng was making a defensive equipment for Avril, how could he possibly suppress his rage now!

This time, even if the City Lord Manor was incredibly dangerous, Ye Feng had to make a trip tonight!

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