Chapter 148 - The Consequence of Offending the Princess II

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Chapter 148: The Consequence of Offending the Princess II

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Qin Chen looked at Liu Yuchen. Then, he turned and looked at Feng Ruqing.

“Qingqing, who do you think is more handsome? Me or Liu Yuchen?”

Feng Ruqing smiled and touched Qin Chen’s handsome face. “Is my taste that bad? How could he… be compared to you?”

Qin Chen was all smiles. “Qingqing’s taste is always good. Although I don’t know anything, I’m smarter than him. My cultivation is better than his. I’m even better looking than him. Moreover, I’ll do anything for you. Qingqing will never fall for someone useless.”

“No. He has one advantage. He is… vain. He’s so full of himself that n.o.body can compete with that.”

Liu Yuchen’s face darkened. He got up from the floor by supporting himself. He sneered and said, “Princess, isn’t he the man you knocked down the other day and brought back to your princess’s manor?”

Although Liu Yuchen had met Qin Chen, Liu Yuchen did not know about the rumor because he was just able to leave the Liu family that day. He would not keep quiet about it now that he knew of it.

‘He’s just a gigolo who was brought back by the princess. He could stay in the princess’s manor because of his beauty. How could he be compared to me?’

‘At least, I would not stoop to so low a standard just for the sake of power and status.’

“If she needs me, she doesn’t have to knock me down. Everything that belongs to me will be hers if she just says the word.” Qin Chen walked toward Liu Yuchen.

A strong aura came upon Liu Yuchen at that moment, and it made it difficult to breathe for him.

Liu Yuchen raised his head in shock. He fixed his eyes at Qin Chen’s handsome face. His heart was in a knot as he clenched his fists tightly.

‘How can this be?

‘The pressure emitted by this person is even stronger than my father’s.

‘Who is he?’

Only Liu Yuchen could feel a strong aura. Feng Ruqing could only feel the soft breeze next to Qin Chen. No one else present could feel it.

The others only saw that Liu Yuchen had changed. Liu Yuchen was arrogant at first, but now he was filled with shock and fear. His face had paled.

“Yuchen.” Lady Liu looked at Liu Yuchen worriedly.

“I’m fine.”

Liu Yuchen shook his head.

He could feel that his breath was calmer after the pressure of the strong aura subsided. He could not help but take a few more deep breaths. Now, he was not so daring to make any move.

“You pushed Qingqing with your right hand just now, didn’t you?” Qin Chen stood in front of Liu Yuchen expressionlessly. Qin Chen used a little of the power in his hand.

A clear cracking sound was heard.

Liu Yuchen’s right hand was bent. His bone was broken. It was so painful that his sweat started pouring.

“Yuchen!” Lady Liu looked at Liu Yuchen in shock. Then, she turned and looked angrily at Feng Ruqing. “Princess, you cannot let the others commit a crime like this, even though you’re a princess.”

Feng Ruqing raised her eyes. She looked at Lady Liu fearlessly. “According to the imperial laws of our kingdom, what’s his consequence if he offended the princess?”

Lady Liu was stunned.

‘It’s true that Liu Yuchen was the one who started it. But…’

“It’s because you’re the one who has insulted Shuangshuang first. Yuchen only wanted to protect her.”

Feng Ruqing nearly burst out in laughter.

“When have I insulted her? Isn’t it true that she always goes in and out of Liu Manor? She always claims that she’s only visiting Lady Liu. But, who can prove that? Besides, I only see her with Liu Yuchen no matter where they are.”

Tan Shuangshuang was nervous. ‘Sure enough, Feng Ruqing still has feelings toward Liu Yuchen. If not, why does she treat me like an enemy?’

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