Chapter 1644 - Feng Tianlan Found out the Truth 9

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Chapter 1644: Feng Tianlan Found out the Truth 9

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They were clearly in love, but now they had to make such changes. It wasn’t a fight, but it felt even worse as they hadn’t done anything wrong.

Feng Tianlan looked up at Si Mobai. His hand was placed on her shoulder, causing her body to shrink. She wanted to break free and didn’t want him to touch her. “Mobai…”

Was He in pain? Was He in pain?

“I’m really in pain to see my wife like this. I’m so heartbroken that I can’t breathe.”Si Mobai leaned closer to her and lowered his head to press against her forehead with his pleading voice, “It’s only three days. Don’t reject me, okay?”

Feng Tianlan felt extremely uncomfortable when she saw Si Mobai’s pleading eyes. In fact, she was also in pain. However, as long as she thought about how Mo Bai had to endure that kind of pain, her heart would ache even more. She wished that she was the one in pain.

“Lan’er, if I will be like this forever, you will have to be separated from me forever. These three days are equivalent to the last of our time. Can’t you be aggreable to me?” Si Mobai said with a even more pleading voice.

If he could not find a way, and the poison acted quickly, then he would have no other way around, and this was very likely the last time they would be together.

Facing Si Mobai’s pleas, Feng Tianlan could not bear it, but she could not make a decision at the moment. Not to mention three days, she did not want to see him hurt for even a quarter of an hour.

Seeing that she still did not speak, Si Mobai felt very bad in his heart, but he could understand her.

“My wife does not speak, I will take it as a yes.”As he spoke, Si Mobai carried Feng Tianlan up in his arms and walked towards Bai Meng.

Seeing that the atmosphere between the two of them had eased up, Bai Meng immediately lay down. After Si Mobai sat down, she hurriedly stood up and shook her big furry tail and walked out.

“Mobai, put me down. I’ll just sit in front.”Towards his request, Feng Tianlan could not bear to reject it. Furthermore, he was so overbearing at this moment that she could not say no.

Si Mobai was afraid that she would be tired. Seeing that she had agreed, he hugged her and sat her down. His hands quickly circled around her waist from behind and held her tightly in his embrace, “Wifey, I want to hear you call me hubby”

“Hubby.”Feng Tianlan narrowed her eyes and called out softly.

Si Mobai leaned close to her ear and let out a soft uh-huh. Then, he gently held her small and cute earlobe.

The warm breath and the wet and soft touch made Feng Tianlan’s body stiffen. Then, she raised her hand and pushed Si Mobai away with an anger in her voice, “Mobai!”

He knew that the closer they were, the more painful it would be for him. Now, not only did he hug her, he even dared to kiss her like that. What made her even more angry was that she still could not see him going through any pain. He was enduring it. Even if she already knew, he still did not want her to see that.

“My wife is not cute anymore. In the past, she would blush at this time.” Si Mobai lowered his eyes and looked at her chest that was rising and falling due to her anger. Just by looking at the side of her face, one could tell that she was very angry at this moment.

“Can you take care of your own body?”Feng Tian Lan asked angrily. She stretched out her hand and wanted to pry his hand away from her waist, but he held her back and hugged her even tighter.

“I’m Lan’er’s man. It’s good that Lan’er takes care of her for me, but I should just love Lan’er’s body.”Si Mobai rested his chin on her shoulder and tilted his head slightly, breathing heavily on her neck..

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