Chapter 1725 – Ling Long Jade’s Fluid

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Ling Long Jade’s Fluid

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“I’m sure Brother s.h.i.+san will be able to stand again.”

Lan Lingji looked at Dragon s.h.i.+san, her eyes were full of affection. It was a piece of great news to her when she heard that Dragon s.h.i.+san wasn’t dead yet. She believed that Dragon s.h.i.+san would return to his usual form, being overbearing.

Yang Yu placed his fingers on Dragon s.h.i.+san’s wrist. After sensing Dragon s.h.i.+san’s condition, he couldn’t help but shake his head. “His condition may not be as optimistic as you think. He has suffered injuries in his origin. This kind of injury is the most severe and hardest to recover. Although it isn’t difficult for his viscera and meridians to recover, the recovery of his origin will entirely depend on him. Even if he didn’t die, he will be in a vegetative state. It won’t be an easy task to make him stand again.”

“Leave it to me. I’ll bring him back to Exquisite Paradise.” Ling Long spoke.

“By the way, there’s a divine jade rock in Exquisite Paradise that’s made of ancient Ling Long Jade. It’s said to have the effect of resurrecting the dead. Perhaps, it can provide a great help to him.” Yang Yu recalled the existence of the divine rock while looking at Ling Long.

“Thank you, master.”

Grat.i.tude was plastered on Lan Lingji’s face. No one knew better than her how important the Ling Long Jade Rock to Exquisite Paradise. She had thought of the rock from the beginning, but didn’t dare to bring it up as there had never been a male disciple in Exquisite Paradise before, and only the saintess was qualified to lie on the jade rock once. She once had the privilege to lie on the jade rock which improved her cultivation base by leaps and bounds.

One should know that only a few of the geniuses and n.o.ble elders of Exquisite Paradise could lie on the jade rock. Therefore, the fact that Ling Long was willing to use it to save Dragon s.h.i.+san touched Lan Lingji’s heart.

“Alright. In that case, I’ll follow Venerable Linglong back to Exquisite Paradise as well.”

Jiang Chen nodded, feeling slightly concerned as soon as Dragon s.h.i.+san was taken away from him. After all, he had never seen the Ling Long Jade Rock before. He must personally confirm it before leaving Dragon s.h.i.+san in their care.

This wasn’t because Jiang Chen couldn’t get a.s.surance from Ling Long. On the contrary, he was most a.s.sured in handing Dragon s.h.i.+san in the care of Ling Long. Dragon s.h.i.+san had offered his kind help to Exquisite Paradise, and certainly Ling Long isn’t a person that would forget people’s kindness, or else she wouldn’t be standing here today.

It wasn’t because Jiang Chen was worried, he just wanted to feel at ease.

“In that case, let’s go.”

Ling Long bade goodbye to Yang Yu and vanished along with Lan Lingji, heading towards the direction of Exquisite Paradise.

Jiang Chen followed closely with Dragon s.h.i.+san in his hands. Apart from the profundity of the Great Void Technique, its speed alone allowed him to travel as fast as Ling Long.

Exquisite Paradise was a true fairyland. Its ground contained unique spiritual veins. Mist was drifting tens of thousands of miles in the sky. Countless buildings were suspended in the mist. There were also Immortal Cranes flying and angels dancing in the sky, looking exactly like a utopia.

Even Jiang Chen couldn’t help being surprised when he saw the paradise. Such cultivation environment could even turn a pig to a genius.

Under the lead of Ling Long, Jiang Chen arrived at the central region of the sect. There was a spatial zone hidden at the peak of a suspending Exquisite PaG.o.da. It was personally created by Ling Long. It was solid and was protected by a strong grand formation. No one was allowed to enter without Ling Long’s permission.

There was a palace as white as jade in the spatial zone. It was entirely made out of a rare jade rock. The fortune required to build this was astronomical, which was incomparable to those average major powers.

*Hua La……*

Ling Long waved her hand. The doors of the jade rock palace opened. A dense and pure qi exited from the inside. With a casual breath, Jiang Chen felt refreshed and an unusual comfort.

To his surprise, there was nothing else inside the palace except for the bed, however the bed seemed a little too big. It was nine meters long and 3 meters wide.

Its body was sparkling and crystal-clear. There seemed to be a green fluid moving back and forth on the surface. There was white fog drifting above the bed. Even an ordinary man could tell that this was an extraordinary bed.

“This is the Ling Long Jade Rock, obtained by an ancestor by chance. And it had been placed here ever since. This is a natural divine rock. Just by lying on it, one can enter the empty state and one’s physique will be improved and cleansed,” said Ling Long.

“It’s indeed a divine rock. Such a large piece of rock surely cannot be measured with value.” Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled as he praised.

“Jiang Chen, do you know what made this jade rock so precious?” Ling Long asked with a smile.

“The green fluid.”

Jiang Chen saw those moving green fluid at first glance. According to his estimation, the value and effect of this fluid were not much different than the Great Earth Immortal Milk.

“Yes. You really have a good eyesight. This is the fluid of Ling Long Jade. It has the effect of resurrecting the dead, but this effect can only take place on the divine rock. Once one leaves the divine rock, the effect will fade immediately, but when one stays on the divine rock, its effect will be even greater than the Great Earth Immortal Milk. However, it won’t be easy for one to absorb the nourishment from the fluid as it depends entirely on luck. Back when Lingji laid on this divine rock, she only managed to absorb a shred of it,” said Ling Long.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen felt disappointed. Such a treasure was good, but it also had its shortcomings. The fluid couldn’t be extracted out of the divine rock. The only way to absorb the fluid was to lie on the divine rock and rely on one’s luck to see if one could really absorb it.

It would be a pity if one could only watch the divine fluid, but couldn’t absorb it.

“Jiang Chen, place Dragon s.h.i.+san on top of the rock,” Ling Long instructed.


Without delay, Jiang Chen carried Dragon s.h.i.+san’s body and placed him on the divine rock. As soon as Dragon s.h.i.+san’s body neared the divine rock, countless white jade qi enshrouded Dragon s.h.i.+san, forming a huge white coc.o.o.n.

“Venerable, I will leave Dragon s.h.i.+san in your care. As junior still has other things to attend to, I’ll make a move first.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists at Ling Long and was ready to leave after knowing that Dragon s.h.i.+san was already in good hands.

“En, you have to be careful. Although Senior Xiao has already settled your biggest troubles, the Immortal World won’t be peaceful anymore. Your life in the days to come won’t be easy.”

Ling Long reminded Jiang Chen as she knew Jiang Chen’s current situation pretty well.

“I’m grateful for Venerable’s reminder.” After he finished speaking, Jiang Chen vanished in a flash.

“What a powerful Great Void Technique! He can move without leaving a trace, and even enter and leave my spatial zone at his will. He will be a great expert in the future.” Staring at the spot where Jiang Chen had vanished, Ling Long couldn’t help but sigh.

Given her eyesight as a Venerable, she normally wouldn’t put ordinary geniuses in her eyes, however Jiang Chen was different as she couldn’t really discern him.

“Master, when will Brother s.h.i.+san wake up?” asked Lan Lingji. This was her biggest concern.

“It will depend on his luck,” replied Ling Long.

Deep in the night, Jiang Chen was sitting on top of the highest paG.o.da, looking at the starry sky, a myriad of thoughts crowding into his mind. He had experienced so much along the way, especially the incident in the Golden Horizon, which made him understand a lot of things.

Looking at the distant stars, he felt a sudden pang of homesickness. Although quite a few of his brothers had already ascended to the Immortal World, he still missed his old home and many familiar faces – Jiang Zhenhai, Wu Jiu, Nangong Wentian and Yuzi Han.

I wonder how Father is doing right now. A day in the Immortal World is equivalent to one year below. I wonder if big changes have taken place in Saint Origin World.

Jiang Chen muttered. He really wanted to return to his home to meet his friends and family again, but unfortunately, it was impossible.

When one had reached the peak of cultivation, one would be able to ascend to the world of higher law, but to do the opposite, there was no way as it was against the Heavenly Dao. Take Jiang Chen’s current cultivation base for example, the law of Saint Origin World wouldn’t be able to accommodate such enormous energy.

Let me calculate it.

Jiang Chen said, he then closed his eyes and began circulating the Great Divination Art with little hope, as the cultivation realm of the Great Divination Art had only reached the Heavenly Vision realm, which was only the second realm. There were loads of things that he couldn’t divine in this world, let alone the things that were outside of this world. If he was able to advance to the Heavenly Will realm, perhaps, he could divine out some clues.

He plunged into an empty state. As such state was extremely rare, it made people jealous that Jiang Chen could enter such a state every time.

The Great Divination Art was circulated to the extreme, vaguely touching a layer of barrier, making him delighted. He was crystal clear that it was the barrier of the Heavenly Will realm. Now that he has already reached the peak of the Heavenly Vision realm, he was only a step away from the Heavenly Will realm.

However he understood even more clearly that this step was a long journey, making it more difficult to break through to the next realm in an instant.

However, he would never give up. To him, touching the barrier of the Heavenly Will realm was a rare opportunity, just like an enlightenment. One must always seize the chance every time one entered it or else, one would lose it forever because no one knew if one can enter it again.

Therefore, he must use all his might to advance to the Heavenly Will realm.

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