Chapter 205

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Some Renovation

I decided to leave the mysterious sisters alone until they get their instructions.

I thought about getting trying to get some information from Haku-san and Ontentoo, but unlike the time with Rin, this wasn’t really so much of an emergency. It’s better for me to collect information myself rather than owe them a debt. Let’s set aside the conditions of someone’s DP income being 0, there’s a good chance that this [Toy] thing has nothing to do with dungeons.

And so I decided to mess around with the dungeon for the first time in a while.

Let’s check out how it’s doing.

Starting from the entrance is the entrance area, labyrinth area, the empty former riddle area, the spiral staircase that heads down to the warehouse area, which the warehouse area then divides into three branches.

The new riddle area leads to the arena and the boss room, the meadow area that’s the dead-end campgrounds, and Feni’s miniature garden area that heads towards the fire cavern that Rokuko made.

By the way, there’s a hidden ceiling in the boss room for the core room. Nerune’s laboratory is there too, but that’s another story.

Now then, let’s renovate two spots this time.

First is the warehouse.

I’ve been using it as a subst.i.tute for storage s.p.a.ce so far, but there’ll be adventurers making their way into it here soon, so that won’t do anymore. With that being the case, I’ll make a proper warehouse in a spot that no one will come to. [Warehouse Area (Real)]. It’ll be a warehouse completely isolated from the outside, just like the thug human farm I left to Rei… Honestly, we don’t even need that anymore. We have a pretty huge income just from the village. Besides, wouldn’t it be increasingly unneeded with the next thing I’m thinking about?

With that, there’s another thing I have my eye on. The riddle area. I’m going to renovate it.

The old riddle area turned into this after it was destroyed by Rin.

There’s no one there right now, so it’s a good chance to do the renovations. I think I’ll go with setting up the gimmick I thought up earlier.

However, I’m not going to be building something that will obstruct people. I’ll be making a small room on the side of the pa.s.sage and make it look like they found a secret pa.s.sage. The reason it can’t be too big of a room is because it was inadvertently positioned just next to [Fire Cavern]. Well, there are several ways I could describe the small room.

It’s a DP collection room.

That is, even if I’m calling it a DP collection room, it’s not as though I’m going to be killing people in it. It’s basically a [Jail]. There will be several cells about the size of a toilet stall that could fit one or two people set up. By confining people there, their DP per day would increase to six times the normal due to the locked up and jail effects.

So what will this jail be doing, you ask? I’ll get adventurers to walk into it.

There obviously wouldn’t be people who’d just walk into such a small and suspicious room, so I’ll give them a reward.

I’ll repay their DP income with with items and money. Just a small portion of it, though.

If a person that’s normally worth 50 DP is confined in the jail, they’d be worth 300 DP per day. If they do that, I’d still make a profit by spending around 100 DP of that for a silver coin. That’d be like 10,000 Yen a day for doing nothing. Maybe it’d be alright to just give them fifty copper, they’ll just be sitting there doing nothing after all…? Actually, it might be better to give more as some kind of opening event.


With the renovations over, I brought Meat along as I went to give it a trial run.

It wouldn’t be a lie even if I reported it to the guild if I actually used it, so I have to go there myself.

If no one knew how to use it, no one could use it. That disaster from back with Uzoh and Muzoh in the magic sword test room was plenty enough for me. Besides, this time, it’ll be even harder to understand how to use than the test room. I’ll need to report it.

Destroying the wall that lead to the hidden room, I made my way to the DP collection room.

The rooms were lined up like private toilet stalls. They were all jail cells, but I disguised them as ordinary doors to protect people’s privacy.

Moreover, although all of the rooms are vacant right now, a red symbol will appear on the doors of cells that are in use. Just like a toilet stall.

“Shall we head in?”


I entered a cell with Meat. The only things that were there were two hourgla.s.s-type timers next to each other and the doors that would lock themselves through a mechanism. I also included a red b.u.t.ton for emergencies as a measure of kindness.

The items and money I set up behind the scenes will fall into the payment hole once the timer hits zero after enough time

Concerning their payment, something like a ‘daily DP sensor’ doesn’t exist, so Rei and the others will have to do their best at manually doing it all behind the scenes. I say that, but since they won’t be rewarding anything to those who stay less than twelve hours, they just need to check twice a day. The payment calculation itself will also be easy enough since they can use the calculator golem whenever they aren’t needing to help someone at reception. It’ll normally reward money with a few items sprinkled in occasionally.

We have too much money at this point because of the inn. We’re depositing the money in the guild, but we’re never really going to use it.

I turned the two hourgla.s.s timers upside down. They were small, but there’s a golem mechanism in place so that they would take twelve hours to finish. Only one of the allow for sand to drop at a time, so it ends up being twenty-four hours by the end. If they want to stay longer, they can just flip the completed over to go again.

Everything I’ve seen tells me that adventurers are horrible at remembering things if I make it too complicated, so I made it as simple as possible.

Right now I’m planning on spending the next twenty-four hours in leisure as a test.

I laid my futon out inside the private room. I designed it so that it would just barely fit. Then, I laid down with Meat as my hug pillow as usual.

I’ll eat some of the food that’s in my [Storage] if I get hungry. Haaah…


c.r.a.p, there’s no toilet… this is a serious flaw.

As expected, even I got woken up by Meat.

I got Rokuko to collect it this time, but humans can’t go without using the toilet for a full day…

Should I put some sort of pot with a jelly in it to deal with that stuff in the room? Ah, c.r.a.p. Jellies are monsters, so I can’t put them in safety zones. What should I do about the restroom?

… Should I remove the safety zone? Toilets are indispensable.

For now, we took a toilet break and let twenty-four hours pa.s.s. Three silver coins dropped down into the payment hole located under the with a clinking noise at the same time that the door unlocked.

Looks like the device is working properly… By the way, this isn’t taking me being here into account. My daily DP is worth 0 after all.

Let’s get an adventurer’s point of view on it now.

“That’s why I made that kind of facility. Ichika-sensei, what do you think about it?”

“What’s with the ‘-sensei’… Eh whatever, first off the money’s bad. Wouldn’t it better better for ’em to just earn money like normal instead of going in there?”

I got an immediate fail.

Now that she mentions it, if they have the ability to make it past the labyrinth area, they’d earn a lot more money by hunting iron golems.

“It’d just be pocket money and gettin’ locked up in such a small room would be horrible, let alone being alone for half a day…”

“… They could just sleep though?”

“Goshujin-sama’s the only person who could sleep that much. Twelve hours is way too long. Ya can’t get rid of the safety zone either, people wouldn’t be able to be at ease in a dungeon without it.”

… Now that she mentions it, I’m fine with it since the place is like my home, but for anyone else it’d just be spending twelve hours in a dungeon, not knowing what or when something might happen.

So they can’t rest without the safety zone huh.

“I’m stumped on the toilet part though.”

“For a toilet ya can just have a pot and use [Cleanup] on it.”

“Eh, that works? [Cleanup] is convenient.”

[Cleanup] is seriously all-purpose. For it to even work for a toilet…

“Well, the earning’s bad but if there’s a jackpot kinda thing, it might work out. Goshujin-sama should know yeah? Like that time with the Uzoh Muzoh bros.”

“Should I use a blade golem as bait?”

“Yeah! Like bein’ able to get a magic sword just by waitin’ for half a day. That’d make for a great story.—In fact, how ’bout we trade for the magic sword with gold coins?”

“Kukuku, Ichika. Are you some evil overlord?”

“Not as much as Goshujin-sama, kukuku~”

Ichika and I laughed evily together.

It’d be a problem if we distributed too many magic swords and caused their value to drop, but that much wouldn’t be a problem if we kept the demand high.

Moreover, since the blade golem is pretty close to an ordinary sword, it’s pretty much a consumable item. It’ll recover somewhat if magical power is poured into the magic stone in its core, but it’s alright since it’ll break sooner or later after doing it two or three times. From what I hear, there’s a lot of other magic swords like that so it won’t be a problem.

And so I went to go report the new facility to the guild.

That it would lock you up when you turn the over, but would let you out immediately if you pressed the red b.u.t.ton.

That you would obtain silver coins by waiting until the sand in the hourgla.s.s finished falling.

And that the two each took twelve hours to finish.

With the above information, I earned ten silver.

There was an investigation commission sent out from the guild the following day. Several adventurers headed to the DP collection room along with various items meant for killing time.

As a result of the several-day-long investigation, it was recognized as a “place that would give money and items if you waited twelve or twenty-four hours”. It looks like one of them was even lucky enough to get a magic sword. It also looks like that guy went to buy food and immediately returned for a second go at it.

The result of his second time? Twenty copper.

After various things, the small room was dubbed the [Avarice Lodge]. There were a lot of people that slept through the whole twelve hours.

Since there was a chance at getting a hold of a magic sword without even having to do anything, there were a lot of people who went there.

It ended up turning into a facility that generated a decent amount of DP.

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