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The Strongest Below Spirit Severing Realm!

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The sword was just one chi* long and was green like jade. Its cutting edge was blunt and unsharpened with a few cracks here and there on its archaic surface.

Rather than calling it a sword, it would be more appropriate to treat it as a dagger.

Even so, as it was unsheathed, it gave an immense feeling of threat to Ning Fan.

There were traces of heavenly spiritual energy emitting from the sword. When Bei He wielded it, the energy condensed into a fine green light that looked like a thread. As he slashed it at the air, a small cut formed on the empty atmosphere, vaguely exposing the dark Void Realm beneath it…

Spiritual Magical Treasure!

Only Spiritual Magical Treasures were able to cut through the air, revealing the Void Realm using heavenly spiritual energy!

If this sword were to slash Ning Fan's body, his strong physical body would still suffer injuries!

Furthermore, the Lightning Whip must not be used to strike this dagger. Otherwise, the whip would definitely be destroyed!

However, Ning Fan noticed something weird about Bei He's sword.

His sword might be encircled by heavenly spiritual energy, but it was slightly weaker than a genuine Spiritual Magical Treasure.

Spiritual Magical Treasures were also known as Profound Heaven Spiritual Treasure. When cultivators attain the Spirit Severing Realm, they could congeal their own Divine Intent. Similarly, when magical treasures achieves the Spiritual Grade, they could fuse within them heavenly spiritual power. The spiritual power of the five elements would become the primordial energy of heaven and earth after condensing. As the primordial energy reaches its peak, it would become pure heavenly spiritual power.

For instance, this green faint light radiated by the sword should be the heavenly spiritual power of the wood element. It was sufficient enough to kill any cultivator whose body refining realm was below Jade Life Realm.

It is a little weak to be a Spiritual Magical Treasure…

With a turn of thoughts, Ning Fan saw through that this sword might once be a magical treasure of that grade. Now, because of its current worn out condition, it could only be considered as a Half-Step Spiritual Magical Treasure, which was much stronger than Supreme Grade Magical Treasures but weaker than genuine Spiritual Magical Treasures.

No. It isn't a Profound Heaven Spiritual Treasure, but a… Profound Heaven Defective Treasure!

Yes. That must be it. Even an Early Spirit Severing Realm expert who has ten thousand units of magic power would find it hard to wield a true Spiritual Magical Treasure. It would be more logical that Bei He was only able to wield this sword since it wasn't actually a magical treasure of that grade.

"Zhou Ming! I know you have exceptional body refining realm. I also know that you own a whip that is specialized in killing a cultivator's Nascent Soul by striking on the cultivator's magical treasures! Xiang Liao was unaware of your true abilities and it was why he failed to defeat you! I am different and I am not going to commit the same mistakes as him! With this sword in hand, no matter how strong your body refining realm might be, you are dead!"

Bei He sneered. However, his pale face showed that it was not easy to control the sword.

Confidence surged within his heart. With this weapon, he could even hurt experts at the Spirit Severing Realm!

"Third Brother. Use this treasure to block his route of retreat. Don't let him run away… I have to sacrifice my cultivation realm in order to display the might of this sword. Besides, our Second Brother has already sacrificed himself in this battle. If we gained nothing out of this, it would be too shameful!"


Dong Qing dashed to the back of Ning Fan like a light and held a long lock in his hand. He was on alert. If Ning Fan were to show any signs of retreating, he must act!

After sealing off Ning Fan's escape route, Bei He held the hilt of the sword with both of his hands and swung downwards from overhead, making a slash at Ning Fan's direction!

Bei He could feel that his entire body was being devoured by the Profound Heaven Soul Slas.h.i.+ng Sword when he made that slash. His face turned even more pale and his body slimmed down rapidly. The next second, there were only skin and bones left on his body. All his blood qi had been infused into the sword.

A green ray of light fell upon the sky, connecting to the surface of the sea. The atmosphere became calm and the sea became tranquil.

All of a sudden, the entire heaven and the skies were divided into two by the heavenly spiritual power of the ray of light, exposing the dark Void Realm!

Ning Fan was shocked momentarily and immediately teleported to avoid the power of the heavenly spiritual power. However, the threadlike spiritual power obstinately trailed his movements, no matter where he went. Cuts could be seen everywhere in the atmosphere and he was left with no room to retreat!

His eyes flashed in ferocity. He knew that the only way to deal with this attack was to resist it head on!

Among all the magical treasures in his pouch, not even one of them was Profound Heaven Defective Treasure, let alone a treasure that achieved the Spiritual Grade.

Perhaps, I really have to withstand this attack with my body!

This was absolutely the strongest attack that Ning Fan had ever witnessed from an expert below the Spirit Severing Realm. Besides, it was much more terrifying than some Early Spirit Severing Realm expert's attacks!

The Earth Controlling Devil Star twinkled within his right eye. The spiritual power of the earth element formed into a dark yellow barrier like a gigantic s.h.i.+eld in front of him. After that, Ning Fan hurriedly activated the Sense Defense Art, surrounding himself in a dark coc.o.o.n made up of his Peak Nascent Soul Realm spirit sense. Within the coc.o.o.n, he turned his body into silver and held at least ten Supreme Grade magical treasures in his hand!

When the green light ray met the gigantic s.h.i.+eld which could block a Peak Nascent Soul Realm attack, a 'swish' sound was heard. The s.h.i.+eld which was tens of zhang thick was cut into half and the edge was as smooth as a mirror!

The first line of defense was broken. But it only managed to weaken one fifth of the total power of the green light!

Ning Fan's eyes turned cold.

This green light sure is swift and fierce…

Before he could blink his eyes, the green ray of light met the dark coc.o.o.n.

The sound of cracking egg echoed into Ning Fan's ears. The dark coc.o.o.n which could block an attack of Peak Nascent Soul Realm expert broke apart!

Not just that, the green light also left an hard-to-see thin scar on his spirit sense, dealing a sharp pain to his Sea of Consciousness. A mouthful of blood gushed out from his mouth.

The Sense Defense Art was broken!

It was an exceedingly terrific attack!

The total power of the sword was now reduced to three-fifths of the original. It was still not the right time to take on the damage with his body!

Madness shone in Ning Fan's eyes. Each and every Supreme Grade magical treasure he had was hurled towards the approaching green light and were detonated!

The first treasure exploded!

The tenth treasure exploded!

The one hundredth treasure exploded!

He almost used up all the magical treasures he obtained from killing Nascent Soul Realm experts. Every detonation of the treasures emitted power equivalent to a Nascent Soul Realm technique. The ma.s.sive shockwave from the explosions sent Ning Fan a thousand zhang away from his original spot. Under such explosion, the green light began to turn illusory.

He managed to reduce the power of the attack to twenty percent. In a flash, the green light emerged in front of Ning Fan and slashed down from over his head!

It all happened too fast! Ning Fan tried to catch the light with his bare hands!

One of his hands balled into a fist and struck on the green light!

However, just as he came into contact with the green light, the bones of his fist crumbled. The green light entered into his body and violently shredded his insides!

Before the green light could inflict severe damage on his body, Ning Fan's eyes turned indifferent and his jet-black hair grew longer. His body became surrounded by a thick black mist.


His physical body vanished!

The green light disappeared!

Dong Qing was completely astonished! Ning Fan managed to exhaust the might of his sword attack, though he still could not survive it!

"So this is Zhou Ming's power… Although the Profound Heaven Soul Slas.h.i.+ng Sword is just a defective one, its power is not much weaker than ordinary Spiritual Magical Treasure! Even Spirit Severing Realm experts would be hurt by that attack… But this person was able to wear out the full power of the green light. His combat power is nearly that of a Spirit Severing Realm expert!"

Deep inside, Bei He was astonished by Ning Fan's capability but he could not resist the urge to sneer and laugh.

This attack almost depleted all the Blood Essence in his body. To fully recuperate from his current condition, he would need at least a hundred years or even more unless he has access to excellent locations, treasures and pills. Furthermore, if he manages to gain full recovery, his cultivation realm would drop a little. Perhaps he would only have 5000 units of magic power and maybe even lower…

This attack really took a toll on him!

He, Bei He, could be considered to be an outstanding individual for being able to wield this sword. It was enough for him to be proud of himself.

Despite the heavy price he had to pay, he did not regret it as he had killed Ning Fan in the end.

Revered Flame would certainly commend us and even reward us handsomely as we obtained two types of Earth Vein Demonic Flames for him…

If Revered Flame gave each of them a "Separation and Reunion Pill", they would have hopes of attaining Spirit Severing Realm in their lives!

"Haha! Third Brother, quickly search the place where he died to find the Earth Vein Demonic Flames! I want to rest for a moment to suppress my injuries…"

"But… There isn't any flame here!"

Note :

Measurements :

a. li(里) = 500 m

b. zhang(丈) = 3.13 m

c. chi(尺) = 30.7 cm

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