Chapter 244 - : Why Isn't The Curator Here Yet?

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Chapter 244: Why Isn’t The Curator Here Yet?

Lin Jin was considering it from a supernatural point of view. His a.s.sumption wasn’t completely farfetched but first, he had to research this barrier thoroughly.

Now, he wasn’t capable of thinking too much. He had exhausted too much energy and his body was still stiff from the old dragon’s blizzard. He needed time to recover. Not only him, but the white ape was also heavily injured, lying on the ground, heaving huge breaths.

Xiao Huo was a little better off and he remained by Lin Jin’s side, protecting him.

Under such circ.u.mstances, Lin Jin couldn’t head to the Visitation Hall. He had to wait for his physical body to recover. He began administering acupuncture on himself to energize his blood flow so as to dispel the cold from his body.

Simultaneously, all six visitors had already arrived at the Visitation Hall. Unlike her usually cheerful demeanor, He Qing was staring anxiously at the second floor’s metal door, waiting for the curator.

This got the other visitors curious.

“Little la.s.s, what’s wrong? Did something happen? You can talk to me.” Madam Ghost Child went over with a smile. Thanks to the Curator’s treatment method, her condition had gotten much better. She no longer looked as harrowing as she first did and no matter how one saw her, Ghost Child now looked like a gentle young woman, a ripe and juicy peach.

There were only two girls in the Visitation Hall. Although their ages were quite a few years apart, they were very close to each other.

He Qing’s fingers were clenching onto the hems of her robes and she seemed worn-out. “Sister Ghost Child, I’ve run into some trouble but I don’t think you’ll be able to help me.”

Had someone else said this, Ghost Child might have gotten angry. But she knew He Qing’s personality so Ghost Child wasn’t annoyed at all. Instead, she went over and asked her about it quietly.

Since the girls were having a private conversation, the others felt it inappropriate to eavesdrop.

Smiling cheekily, Black Crow pulled Ye Yuzhou and Jiang Ziqi away.

“Old Jiang, the berries you brought over last time were delicious and packed with spirit energy. Did you bring more this time?” While he loved killing, Black Crow loved eating even more. Since the curator wasn’t here yet, he couldn’t resist asking for a bite to eat.

As he spoke, he handed Jiang Ziqi a pot of aged wine.

Jiang Ziqi grinned and pointed to the sack beside him. Black Crow understood and immediately picked it up. Sure enough, the sack was filled with different kinds of berries.

Old Tian braced himself and came over to join them and the four men began chatting.

They could basically talk about anything and everything.

As a man of profound cultivation and a Friar a.s.sociation’s number one expert, Ye Yuzhou was naturally knowledgeable; Black Crow’s intel abilities were obvious enough; Jiang Ziqi had been a skillful thief many years ago so one could hardly imagine the things he had seen; the weakest one here would be Old Tian. But ever since he turned over a new leaf, the man’s att.i.tude was much more proper. If there was something he didn’t understand, he would speak less and listen more. Being able to put in a word from time to time was good enough for him as it counted as him being a part of the group. It was a good thing for him.

As the conversation went on, they came back to the topic of Snake Country’s incident. Black Crow asked quietly, “Old Ye, last time, you mentioned that Curator has a disciple in Jade Dragon Kingdom.”

Ye Yuzhou nodded. “This is true. I’ve even met Master Curator outside.”

“Is this true?”

In an instant, not only Black Crow but even Jiang Ziqi glanced over curiously, waiting for Ye Yuzhou’s explanation.

Ye Yuzhou chuckled. “Back then, Curator was wearing a strange tree bark mask and standing on top of a hill. By just extending an arm, he could subdue so many beasts and this intimidation ability was truly something only he could do.”

“Yeah. With the Curator’s cultivation, he’s already invincible without having to rely on pet beasts,” Jiang Ziqi suddenly added.

Then, Black Crow turned to look at the second floor, subconsciously saying, “Curator’s not here yet, huh.”

Everyone was stunned.

Yeah. Something was odd this time. The Visitation Hall had been open for more than an hour now and normally, the curator would have already shown up.

“Did… something happen?” Old Tian suddenly spoke up.

However, no one took his a.s.sumption seriously.

“Curator’s invincible, just what could happen to him?” Black Crow replied.

He recalled the first time entering this Visitation Hall. Back then, Black Crow wanted to attack the curator only to have his pet beast beaten down in the blink of an eye.

He would never forget that overwhelming intimidation.

“That’s alright. We still have time so let’s wait a little longer.” Ye Yuzhou seemed to have thought of something.

He knew about Lin Jin following Lu Bin to the royal capital but didn’t know for what purpose. However, since this Lin Jin had gone to the imperial city, as his master, the curator might have tagged along as well.

As Ye Yuzhou pondered, He Qing suddenly came over.

“Senior Old Ye!” He Qing bowed, seemingly hesitant to continue. Ye Yuzhou could tell that something was bothering her so he went into a corner to speak to He Qing in private.

“You’re Senior Ye Yuzhou of Maple City’s Friar a.s.sociation, aren’t you?” He Qing asked directly.

Ye Yuzhou was shocked.

But he too already had an inkling of He Qing’s ident.i.ty.

He nodded before replying, “I’ve heard you mention that your surname is ‘He’. This surname belongs to our Jade Dragon Kingdom’s royal family. You must be a member of royalty, aren’t you?”

He Qing nodded. “My name is He Qing.”

“Ah, Seventh Princess.” Ye Yuzhou held his hands up in salutation.

This was quite a coincidence. To think there was a member of Jade Dragon Kingdom’s royal family here in the Visitation Hall, and she was even the first to come here.

He Qing said, “I’ve already met Curator’s disciple.”

Ye Yuzhou jolted inwardly, aware that He Qing was talking about Lin Jin.

He Qing told him what happened after Lin Jin entered the royal capital. Ghost Child came over as well and stood beside them but said nothing.

“That day, after meeting with Appraiser Lin, I was locked inside my own yard the moment I got back. There were many people standing guard outside too so I know something must have happened. But they don’t know that I can enter the Visitation Hall. When Curator shows up later, I have to tell him to pa.s.s on the word to Appraiser Lin to be careful. I suspect that someone is trying to harm him,” He Qing explained anxiously.

Ye Yuzhou had heard a bit about Jade Dragon Kingdom’s royal curse as well but he never expected that Lin Jin’s mission would be to deal with something like this.

Ye Yuzhou knew that there was more than meets the eye. Previously, several female members of the royal family had died prematurely due to this curse. If it was an easy problem to solve, with Jade Dragon Kingdom’s abilities, how could they have dragged it out until now?

It was either their enemies were too strong or a complicated trade was involved. At least, this was probably against their will, so no matter which reason, the royal curse wasn’t something easily broken.

Could this perhaps be the reason why the curator was late?

Ye Yuzhou guessed.

If that were the case, this would be troublesome. If the curator asked of him, should Ye Yuzhou get involved?

And so, Ye Yuzhou fell into deep thought.

At that moment, the door on the second floor opened.

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