Chapter 2469 - The Situation is Becoming More Complex (9)

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2469 The Situation is Becoming More Complex (9)

“Sure, what’s his name?”

“Liu Ze.”

“Do you know where he lives?” Jiang Xiaowei turned on the computer and went inside the city bureau’s system to pull out the data.

“I don’t know. He probably moved a long time ago. I heard that his parents are both out of the country.”

“How should I look for him? Many people are also named Liu Ze.”

“He used to attend Second High. His father used to be a senior official of the Education Bureau,” Huo Mian provided a few important key points.

“Sure, wait a moment.”

Jiang Xiaowei sent the gathered information to Huo Mian’s cell phone after one minute.

Huo Mian was slightly disappointed after reading the information because it was simple and didn’t contain anything suspicious.

At the same time, Jiang Xiaowei sent a WeChat message, “How is it, Mian? Does it help you?”

“No, the information is too plain and I couldn’t tell anything from it.”

“What’s wrong with this guy? Did he offend you?” Jiang Xiaowei asked.

“No. I just find this person very suspicious and want to investigate him to see if I can deduce his motives.”

“Oh, I see… why don’t you talk to Qin Chu and ask him to look from other means? Maybe you will find something,” Jiang Xiaowei suggested.

Yeah, I’ll talk to Mr. Qin about it later.”

Huo Mian pondered after putting down her cell phone. Mr. Qin had many things to deal with lately, and Liu Ze didn’t seem to be any threat to her.

She also didn’t want to overthink and a.s.sume that he was after her for something. Therefore, she didn’t intend to tell Mr. Qin for the time being, lest he worry.

The cell phone rang again. Huo Mian lowered her head to look at the caller ID. It was Su Yu.

Huo Mian picked up right away because Su Yu rarely called her.

“Mian… where are you?”

I’m at South Side.”

“Did you go out just now? Have you been to Anqing Road?” Su Yu asked.

“No. I haven’t gone out since I came to South Side in the morning. I just finished the meeting. What’s wrong?”

“I see…” Su Yu seemed to be thinking.

“What’s going on?” Huo Mian asked nervously.

“I’ve probably mistaken someone else as you…” after murmuring to himself, Su Yu hung up the phone.

Huo Mian frowned slightly. Did Su Yu also see a person who looked like her? What’s happening?

-At the entrance of a bank on Anqing Road –

Su Yu and An drove to the bank to run some errands. After they got out, they saw a girl who looked like Huo Mian from the side, especially in terms of her temperament, apparel, and hairstyle.

“This is freaking me out. I thought she was Mian, but Mian’s still at South Side.” Su Yu was perplexed.

“President Su, I thought they look alike too. Could it be that President Huo has a younger twin sister?” An wondered.

“It’s impossible. Huo Mian should know her own ident.i.ty clearly, and she shouldn’t have a younger sister. Could it be a coincidence? It’s so weird… It’s good that I didn’t go up and say hi, or else it’d be super awkward…” Su Yu got in his Lamborghini after he spoke.

Su Yu was the second person after Qin Chu who saw Huo Mian’s doppelganger. It was fortunate that he was calm enough and made a phone call to ask first.

-At the entrance of a kindergarten –

Huo Yanyan drove a white Porsche sports car to pick up her daughter from kindergarten. She was startled when she was told that her kid was picked up by someone already.

She felt something was wrong. If Shen Mingxi picked up her daughter, he would definitely tell her and wouldn’t do it behind her back.

__How do you guys take care of kids? How could you let a random person pick up my daughter?” Huo Yanyan got angry.

“Ms. Huo, he wasn’t a random person. It was your older brother who picked up Tiantian. He’s the uncle of your kid and also a well-respected person, that’s why we…”

“My older brother?” Huo Yanyan was instantly dumbfounded when she heard the sentence.

“Was it… Huo Siqian?” she asked in a trembling tone.

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