Chapter 269

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Chapter 269

"Yes, choose some ingredients that are over there, and naturally don't forget that you have to pay for it . " Elder Theren uttered as he pointed in a direction .

Davis nodded and picked some ingredients that were placed at a corner and returned to stand in front of the cauldron . They were all of Sky Grade and cost more than a thousand spirit stones .

Naturally, to make this Mid-Level Sky Grade Pill, he had to give his all since he could only make a crude-tier with his Soul Force .

Without holding back, he completely revealed his Soul Forging Cultivation and started the process of concocting the pill .

When the others felt his soul force, they were stunned before gradually shaking their heads .

"High-Level Adult Soul Stage, although good but not enough to concoct Mid-Level Sky Grade Pills . . . " Elder Garner shook his head .

"I remember this person take the Peak-Level Earth Grade Alchemy Exam just a year ago . He must be here to try his hands on the exam and his goal must be to test himself . " Elder Theren uttered as he a.n.a.lyzed . He was an impartial individual, even to his own students . He treated everyone equally and judged them through his eyes .

If Davis's soul wasn't 3 times stronger, then his a.n.a.lysis would be on point .

As the two of them shared their opinions, Elder Seylas had his eyes narrowed .

Although he could clearly tell that this soul force was only of High-Level Adult Soul Stage, he could feel that its intensity was a few notches stronger as well .

With his cultivation at the Low-Level Mature Soul Stage, he could clearly see the difference between an ordinary High-Level Adult Soul Stage Cultivator and the High-Level Adult Soul Stage Cultivator in front of him .

Just at that time, Tina Roxley arrived beside the place where Elder Seylas sat and sent a soul transmission to him .

Elder Seylas's face turned serious as he sent back a soul transmission, "What!? You want me to see through his guise!?"

"Mhm, do this and I'll ask my teacher to give Elder Seylas a pill capable of aiding one to break through to the Gold Stage without much pain, a rare High-Level Sky Grade Pill . "

Elder Seylas's eyes flashed! That was a pill that he was bent on concocting but couldn't due to his inability even though he could make those kinds of pills .

If he could break through to the Gold Stage, then his fires of life will rekindle, restoring his looks to be once again of middle-aged .

Elder Seylas was at Mid-Level Law Manifestation Stage, making his life-span reach up to 3,000 years .

He had started to become old when he was around 1,500 years old and right now, he was around 1,800 years old .

If he could somehow break through to Gold Stage, then that will enable him to look like a middle-aged man naturally until he was 2,500 years old .

After all, Gold Stage not only granted a lifespan of 1,000 years but it also gave immense vitality to the cultivator .

In the case of a mortal, let's say that a person gets to live till 100 years . That person gets to live the remaining 50% of their lives as an old aged figure .

This also applies to the world of cultivators! When they reach the starting point of their remaining 50% of their lifespan, they will gradually turn old unless of course if they trained in a body cultivation system that is capable of igniting the fires of life in their lifespan .

But even so, Elder Seylas's morals and values were getting in the way, so he hesitantly asked, "Are you sure? Inspecting a person's ident.i.ty when they are masked can be considered incredibly rude . This could even end up as a battlefield . . . "

"Don't worry, since his Soul Cultivation is only of High-Level Adult Soul Stage, you can probe his ident.i.ty even without alerting him . After all, aren't you a Low-Level Mature Soul Stage Cultivator . . . "

"This . . . " Elder Seylas was still hesitant . He and the other elders treated this la.s.s as their own daughter and it was difficult for him to turn down her request .

"You still owe me one . . . I'll consider it over if Elder Seylas can do this for me . " Tina suddenly said, causing his heart to waver .

"Alright, I'll do it!" Elder Seylas decisively nodded but asked a moment later, "Why do you want to know his ident.i.ty? And why do you want me to keep it a secret? Did he offend you by any chance?"

"It's not anything like that . I am just curious . . . "

Tina's brows furrowed but she still answered as she was familiar with this elder and even the other elders mainly because she frequently paid respects to her master .

But if one were to pry open her thoughts, one could see how deep her gaze was when glancing at Davis .

Elder Seylas shook his head, not believing her reason but he still decided to do what he had been told .

Waiting for the opportunity, he glanced at Davis .

Soon, when Davis was focused on the extraction of the essence from the melted ingredients, Elder Seylas finally took action .

A minute strand of Soul Sense instantly traveled and probed Davis's mask . Instantly, he was frozen stiff!

Davis didn't notice a single thing and gradually formed a batch of pills . He had beads of sweat forming on his forehead which told him that he was purely involved in the process of concocting the pills .

As he heated the flames and controlled the intensity of the soul fire, he was able to melt the ingredients and collect the essence above the cauldron with his soul force .

The final process gave him a headache but he was still able to pull through it with ease .

He had no idea that he had been probed because the difference in their soul force was not at all small to be detected, they could not be even compared .

Davis with his High-Level Adult Soul Stage Cultivation, could only contend with Low-Level Elder Soul Stage Cultivators and elude the senses of Mid-Level Elder Soul Stage Cultivators .

High-Level Elder Soul Stage Cultivator's senses alone were enough for him to not notice, much less the senses of Elder Seylas, who was at the Low-Level Mature Soul Stage; the Sixth Stage in Soul Forging Cultivation .

"How is this possible!?" Elder Seylas came back to his senses and shouted inadvertently, his voice echoing throughout the hall .

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