Chapter 285: You’re the Executioner

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You’re the Executioner

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After leaving the hospital, Yang Chen walked back to his car and locked the door. Dropping the window down, he silently smoked a cigarette alone.

White smoke spread out into the air from the car window. At the deserted parking area, it was exceptionally quiet and peaceful.

Yang Chen tried his best to forget Li Jingjing’s words and her painful expression. Sorting his mind out, he thought through what had happened, the current situation, and what would take place in the future.

Although it was Zeng Xinlin’s retaliation, it was his mistake for letting it happen after all.

It couldn’t be said that Yang Chen hated Zeng Xinlin. He would be looking up to him this way. Of course, he didn’t like him either. However, in both the worlds of business and love, conspiring against each other was the most common thing. It wasn't too surprising that he got backstabbed this time.

Yang Chen also noticed that although Zeng Xinlin’s company left Zhonghai, the problems related to him weren’t necessarily cut off yet. It seemed like Yang Chen had to take some actions.

Of course, the most simple and direct method to solve the issue was to kill him. But Zeng Xinlin wasn’t the only one in Beijing’s Zeng family. While he could secretly kill him, based on Zeng family's ability, investigating the matter and discovering Yang Chen wasn't considered a difficult task.

Even if they didn't dare to face Yang Chen himself, they could totally take actions on the people around him.

A dog would jump the wall when it was nervous, even a rabbit would bite when it got anxious.

Since he returned to the country, he hoped to live a peaceful life comfortably. His past lifestyle of killing whoever he disliked couldn't be continued anymore.

Leaving other matters aside, although his brain was currently stable, once he held the intention to kill, he wasn't confident to keep himself in control.

If he lost consciousness, in addition to being with no one who knew him well, it was totally possible for him to do something terrifying which couldn't be undone.

Having thought the matter through, asking someone else to deal with Zeng Xinlin for him seemed most appropriate. Regarding who specifically was suited for the job, it was still a question that had to be thought through.

When Yang Chen was pondering, his phone vibrated.

Yang Chen looked at his phone, and saw it was the leader of Sea Eagles, Molin's call.

"Your Majesty Pluto, an unusual situation took place at your house," Molin said solemnly.

Frowning, Yang Chen replied, "Tell me in detail."

"Through our surveillance equipment and report from the members on s.h.i.+ft, ten minutes ago, more than twenty people who seemed to have received professional training, should be some type of foreign mercenaries, have lurked in a place near your house. Also, a Lincoln sedan has stopped behind the place you stay. I can't determine the situation within their members, but they seem to be waiting for your return."

Yang Chen's facial expression turned cold. It seems like someone is getting anxious before I even take action. Is this the so-called taking action beforehand to gain advantage?

"Watch over them for me. You can't allow them to do anything dangerous."

"Yes, Your Majesty Pluto. As soon as you give us an order, our two members on s.h.i.+ft will settle those mercenaries within five minutes. Their ability can only be considered second-cla.s.s on the international level at most," Molin said with high antic.i.p.ation.

Yang Chen smiled faintly. "No need, I know that your hands are itchy, but I want to take action myself this time."

"But they aren't qualified for you to get involved." Molin got rather surprised.

"Molin, sometimes the reason of taking action is far more important than the objective," Yang Chen said softly.

Molin stopped talking, he seemed to be able to tell that Yang Chen was feeling down.

After around ten minutes, Yang Chen returned to the bungalow in Dragon Garden. He acted like he didn't know there was ambush in his surroundings. He only walked into the house with an unhappy expression.

When w.a.n.g Ma who had noticed something wrong earlier saw Yang Chen's return, she asked out of concern, "Young Master, what happened just now? Why did Miss suddenly lock herself in the room?"

Yang Chen smiled gently. “Don’t worry, the problem is quite complicated but I’ll take care of it.”

w.a.n.g Ma noticed that Yang Chen wasn’t willing to explain, so she didn’t ask more questions. But she was still extremely worried. Evidently, she couldn’t put the matter down from her heart.

At this moment, the doorbell of the bungalow rang.

w.a.n.g Ma got slightly shocked and wanted to open the door, but was stopped by Yang Chen.

“w.a.n.g Ma, I’ll open the door,” Yang Chen said.

Yang Chen walked to the door before opening it., revealing two familiar faces. However, when he saw them currently, Yang Chen felt rather surprised.

One of them was naturally Zeng Xinlin, whom Yang Chen expected to come. Looking elegant as ever, he gazed at Yang Chen with a wicked smile.

Unexpectedly, the other person was Xu Zhihong who had hidden himself abroad so well that he wasn't caught after Dongxing got destroyed!

Xu Zhihong looked like he got a few years older. Being only around twenty years old, there were signs of aging on his face. His beard wasn't well-shaved, and his hair was much longer than before. He wore a western suit and wasn't tidily dressed. When he stared upon Yang Chen, he looked like a venomous snake which would go berzerk at any moment.

"Long time no see, Yang Chen," Xu Zhihong said as he sneered.

Holding a faint smile on his face, Yang Chen stepped aside in a neither happy nor sad manner. He made a hand gesture to invite the guests in. "Indeed, we haven't seen each other in a while. You look like you haven't been eating well. Aren't you going to come in?"

Zeng Xinlin said in a mocking manner, "It seems like you don't like the present I gave you very much. Or do you actually like it, but act like you don't?"

"What do you think?"

"I really don't know this time. Oh yeah, Ruoxi should be in the house now. Why isn't she out to welcome her senior?"

When he finished speaking, Lin Ruoxi's cold voice echoed from within the house.

"I just came down, I hope I'm on time to welcome Senior."

Lin Ruoxi could be seen slowly walking down the stairs while w.a.n.g Ma followed beside her. Evidently, w.a.n.g Ma must've called her upstairs when she saw the visitors.

Lin Ruoxi's eyes were rather red, but her emotion was finally stabilized. However, the cold look on her face seemed to have gone back to the time where Yang Chen initially knew her, just like an unmeltable ice.

Seeing Xu Zhihong, Lin Ruoxi wasn't very surprised. She asked in a dull manner, "You're still a wanted criminal. Aren't you afraid of getting caught?"

When Xu Zhihong saw the woman he used to go for, his eyes turned cold and fierce. "With Master Zeng here, I won't get caught that easily."

"You guys seem to have made some kind of deal," Lin Ruoxi said as she stared at Zeng Xinlin. "Senior, although I've done something merciless towards your company, on the personal level, I've always respect you. However, I want to ask you a question. Are you the one behind Jingjing's incident?"

Splendor flowed through Zeng Xinlin's eyes. He glanced at Yang Chen before looking back at Lin Ruoxi, saying, "Since I came today, I didn't plan on keeping it a secret. However, I still admire your keen senses for noticing this quickly that it was my scheme. But so what if that's the case? Although it was me who guided Li Jingjing, this plan wouldn't have worked out if Yang Chen didn't feel guilty for his unclear relations.h.i.+p with Miss Li. When there's a first, there will be a second one. I believe you understand this point as well. So, you should be thanking me for showing you what kind of a person your husband is."

"His behavior is none of your business. Zeng Xinlin, you're very hypocritical," Lin Ruoxi said without hesitation after gaining confirmation.

"Haha..." Zeng Xinlin acted like he heard a joke. "Hypocritical? Lin Ruoxi, I brought an opportunity for your Yu Lei International to develop, but you single handedly took down my Changlin Media and backstabbed Brother Xu beside me, annihilating the ten-year business of Xu family. Do you think you're qualified to call someone hypocritical?"

"In the business world, the strong feeds on the weak. Since you guys partic.i.p.ated in the game, you should follow the game rules and silently accept your defeat. Applying hatred from the business world onto personal relations.h.i.+ps is disdainful, not to mention your act of bewitching others without consideration. I'm very disgusted," Lin Ruoxi said mercilessly.

Zeng Xinlin and Xu Zhihong looked rather gloomy while Yang Chen lamented slightly. He seemed to have underestimated Lin Ruoxi’s endurance psychologically. He didn’t expect her to so quickly realize that Li Jingjing’s incident wasn’t as simple as it looked. However, even if that was the case, it was still difficult for him to forgive himself.

“You’ve always been this way. Haven’t you yourself realized your arrogance and cruelness? Don’t rationalize destroying people’s family like they deserve it. Don’t you know that you’re the executioner in all of these? I hate Yang Chen, but he's merely your partner-in-crime. He's only a sacrifice dragged down by you!

"Lin Ruoxi, don't think that just because you're beautiful, good in doing business, and capable to defeat others in the business world, then people should silently endure everything. Let me tell you, you'll realize today just how ridiculously wrong you are!

Xu Zhihong couldn't control his emotions. After angrily complaining, he reached out to the pocket inside his coat before withdrawing a black automatic pistol and aiming at Lin Ruoxi's forehead!

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