Chapter 398 - Ugh!

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Chapter 398: Ugh!

Ren Youran looked at Ling Chuxi with some disdain in his heart. He even felt that winning her over was definitely a guarantee. After all, she was merely a young lady who had not yet waded deep enough into this world. She had been so excited just upon hearing the name Wu Feng Hall.

However, Xiao Tianying who was standing to the side swept a glance at Ling Chuxi from the corner of his eye. He did not feel that Ling Chuxi was such a superficial person. ‘Yup, there is a problem. There is definitely a problem,’ he thought to himself.

“Then, I will be direct. I’ve invited both of you here after seeing your outstanding talent because I would like to ask the two of you to join Wu Feng Hall,” said Ren Youran.

“Oh, but I am a citizen of Nan Xia Country. Can I still join Wu Feng Hall in that case?” asked Ling Chuxi on purpose even though she already knew the answer. She first looked overjoyed and very hopeful, then she frowned in distress.

“If you join Wu Feng Hall, then naturally you will no longer be a citizen of Nan Xia Country, but a citizen of Ding Lin Country,” answered Ren Youran. Ren Youran felt there was not much suspense in this matter as he looked at Ling Chuxi’s earnest expression.

But as Xiao Tianying looked at Ling Chuxi’s brilliant smile, he felt waves of s.h.i.+vers in his heart. Why did he feel that the more brilliantly Ling Chuxi smiled, the more serious the problem would be? As expected, the next answer from Ling Chuxi confirmed his suspicions.

“So, what you mean is that you want me to be a traitor? This… this, this isn’t too good a thing, right?” uttered Ling Chuxi in distress as she opened her mouth wide in shock.

Ren Youran choked violently. Hearing the word traitor was unusually piercing to his ears. But the shocked look on Ling Chuxi’s face was so genuine and she looked so tangled up in her evident distress that he could not find it in himself to get angry at her.

“Miss Ling, I’m afraid that you do not know how great the benefits would be if you were to join Wu Feng Hall. Miraculous pills and medicines, secret cultivation methods, divine weapons and more. Wu Feng Hall can be said to have everything. If you join Wu Feng Hall, it will definitely allow your cultivation to soar to higher heights. We will help you achieve a breakthrough within the realm of Great Fulfilment to reach a realm you wouldn’t even dare imagine.” Ren Youran knew that given the level of Ling Chuxi’s and Xiao Tianying’s cultivation abilities and their ages, the lure of high positions, handsome salaries, gold, silver and jewelry could not move them anymore. It was only possible to entice them with the possibility of improving their cultivation.

It should be known that once a person enters the realm of Great Fulfilment, it was even more difficult for them to improve. If one wished to achieve a breakthrough at that level, it was as difficult as trying to climb the skies without a guide. Ren Youran believed that the two individuals before his eyes would not be able to resist such a temptation, just like himself back then.

It was a shame that he was wrong this time.

“What you said doesn’t sound too bad, so it’s a pity. But I’m not interested in becoming a traitor!” The look of shock and distress on Ling Chuxi’s face was completely swept away in a second and replaced by one of deep contempt.

The corner of Xiao Tianying’s mouth twitched when he saw how rapidly Ling Chuxi transformed. Indeed, this was the real Ling Chuxi. He almost laughed out loud as he looked at Ren Youran wearing such an ugly expression on his face as if he just ate p.o.o.p.

“I have no interest in being a traitor too. I am a citizen of Dong Xing Country. If you guys are willing to move Wu Feng Hall to Dong Xing Country, then I may consider,” said Xiao Tianying seriously. He had regained his arrogance again but with a little more restraint.

“You!” barked Ren Youran in shock. What innocence, what hope, what distress? They were all nothing but pretense. Ling Chuxi was obviously cursing out the baldy but scolding the bald donkey in actuality. He could not help but fly into a huge rage.

“If there is nothing further to discuss, I will make a move first. The name Wu Feng Hall can make some people beg desperately like a dog wagging its tail for a treat. But I am not too interested,” said Ling Chuxi as she looked at Ren Youran with contempt. He was just some traitor, yet he had actually pretended to be some expert beyond the reach of this world. ‘Why, I should spit warm phlegm all over his entire face!’ thought Ling Chuxi to herself, then she was disgusted by the thought right after it had popped up in her head. Ugh!

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