Chapter 486

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Chapter 486: War Meant Destruction, But Resurrection Too

She opened the notebook and smiled. She wrote two words sincerely: Thank you.

She pa.s.sed the notebook back. Qin Xiu opened it. ‘What good handwriting.’ It was strong and elegant, manly but ladylike. Every stroke showed her mature and humble att.i.tude.

No wonder Uncle always complimented her.

Qin Xiu looked at the two words and replied to them with two more words. He pa.s.sed the notebook to Ye Jian.

‘You’re welcome.’

Ye Jian smiled at the reply. She didn’t write any more words. Instead, she drew a smiley face.

How could someone so smart and knew eight languages have such a bad sense of direction? This didn’t make sense.

She read a book in the medical inst.i.tute talking about children who had a bad sense of direction. It said that such children might be careless and unorganized in their daily lives.

However, none of these could be seen on Qin Xiu. He looked like a mature and logical person who was able to go about his daily life properly.

He didn’t look like a person who had a bad sense of direction.

Their conversation on the notebook ended with Ye Jian’s smile. Six hours later, at the private airplane airport.

This wasn’t a public visit. Even Pakistan arranged everything in secret. There was no huge welcome ceremony but when the leader walked out of their private planes, they received a warm welcome by the chief executive officer, the minister of Foreign Affairs, and the other regimental commanders and officers.

The five-day visit officially started. While the country was happily celebrating their national day, the leaders of the country were meeting the leaders of Pakistan in secret. No one expected the leaders to do such a thing during the national day holiday.

As a religious state, the life and culture in Pakistan were very simple. While the leaders were talking to the president of Pakistan, Ye Jian chatted with the daughter of the president. She understood why this young lady, who was the same age as her, had such a huge pa.s.sion for Chinese culture.

They talked about the local culture and the history of the country. Then, they started talking about the interesting events they had in school. Within two days, Miss Betty and Ye Jian became best friends.

“I like traveling. However, it’s not suitable for me to travel now. What a pity. I can’t show you the beautiful sceneries in my country. Miss Betty had a pair of big and beautiful eyes. They were filled with sorrow. She looked like a swallow that was hurt and was waiting to fly back into the sky.

Ye Jian smiled. “It’s fine. We’ll have time one day. War brings destruction but it brings resurrection too. Miss Betty, that moment is not far away.”

Compared to Pakistan, China was heaven. There was no war or al-Qaeda group. There were no terrorists too.

Hence, it was understandable why this well-educated Miss Betty was so fascinated with the Chinese culture. She wanted to go higher and further. However, the reality was telling her she couldn’t.

The translator beside her quickly reported to Qin Xiu that Ye Jian didn’t need his help. She could converse smoothly with Miss Betty. Her language ability was as good as a translator.

Qin Xiu didn’t send any more translators over. She didn’t expect a little girl to be so talented in languages.

The clock rang. It was 2.30 pm. It was time for Miss Betty’s English lesson.

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