Chapter 583 You Got One Hot Woman...

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Chapter 583 You Got One Hot Woman...

Hearing the sound of dish breaking, Jiang Yang came out of the kitchen. "What happened?"

As he asked, he noticed the couple standing in the living room and exclaimed, "Mom-Dad!"

The couple was looking at Nix.x.xie, who was standing near the dining room and s.h.i.+fted behind one chair to hide her naked lower half body.

Nix.x.xi was wearing Jiang Yang's white s.h.i.+rt over her undergarments, but there was no bottom. His s.h.i.+rt was covering her b.u.t.t, leaving her legs entirely exposed and she didn't know where to hide.

Hearing their son, the couple averted their sight from her as they were in a shock too.

"Seems like our son was having fun when we were not around," Mo Ruolan commented.

"Can't I mom? Don't forget your son is an adult and one healthy man."

Saying Jiang Yang went to his parents to greet them. Though his parent's sudden arrival shocked him too, it didn't worry him as for him, he did nothing wrong to feel embarra.s.sed or to hide it from his parents.

"My bad, I forgot." Smiling, Mo Ruolan moved to hug her son while Jiang Peizhi was in an awkward situation.

Jiang Yang hugged his mother and asked, "How come both of you are here suddenly?"

"We thought to surprise you but we didn't know it would be the other way round," Jiang Peizhi spoke.

Moving to his dad, Jiang Yang asked, "Dad, aren't you happy for your son?"

Jiang Peizhi hugged his son back and spoke, "I am, but it would be good to not give us such surprises again."

"Why? Does it remind you of your and mom's old days?" Jiang Yang asked shamelessly and Jiang Peizhi gave him a furrowed look.

Mo Ruolan slapped her son on his arm, "Don't embarra.s.s us in front of your woman."

As Mo Ruolan said it, Jiang Yang looked at the direction where Nix.x.xie was standing, but she was not there. He looked around, "where is she?"

Mo Ruolan signaled him to look at the staircase where Nix.x.xie was going upstairs holding the bottom of the s.h.i.+rt tight with her hands to cover her b.u.t.t completely while Jiang Peizhi didn't look at the girl and went to his room.

When these three were busy greeting each other, Nix.x.xie found it as a good opportunity to take leave from there and slowly stepped towards the staircase, feeling like she had to bury herself somewhere.

"Stop staring at her, mom," said Jiang Yang, noticing his mother was still looking at his woman.

Ignoring him, Mo Ruolan commented, "You got one hot woman. I am happy for you"

"I can't always envy my father for having one," Jiang Yang commented back and his mother laughed, "You sweet talker!"

"Learned from you, Mother."

"Okay, enough now. Go to her as she must be shocked the way we all encountered. Help her relax and tell her it's not a big deal." Mo Ruolan instructed her son, knowing what the girl must be feeling at the moment.

"Hmm!" Nodding, Jiang Yang left to go to Nix.x.xie while Mo Ruolan followed her husband in their bedroom.

In Jiang Yuyan's room…

Nix.x.xie rushed to go to the bathroom to get freshen up and change her clothes, with the thought of leaving this home as soon as possible.

Jiang Yang went to his sister's room as Nix.x.xie's whole stuff was still there. Realizing she was in the bathroom, he waited for her to come out, knowing what she must think at the moment.

When Nix.x.xie came out of the bathroom, she was expecting Jiang Yang to be there but didn't know what to say. She wanted to ask him if she can go back home but knowing Jiang Yang won't permit her as her parents were still not back; she kept quiet.

"If you are thinking of running away from here, then you should drop the idea as…."

"I know you won't allow it," Nix.x.xie said, completing Jiang Yang's line.

"Because there is no need. My parents are chill people and once you will get to know them, you will think the same," Jiang Yang explained.

"I will try."

"Let's go and have breakfast together," Jiang Yang offered and she asked, "Together, with them?"

Jiang Yang nodded, "Hmm! One day you have to do it, so let that day be this one."

Nix.x.xie didn't say no and once Jiang Yang was freshened up, both went downstairs. The Jiang couple came out too and Nix.x.xie greeted them hesitantly, "Morning, Uncle-Aunty!"

"Morning dear," Mo Ruolan said while Jiang Peizhi gave her a light smile with a nod as a gesture of accepting her greeting.

As they started to have breakfast, Jiang Yang asked again as previously his parents didn't tell him the exact reason. "How come both of you thought to come here suddenly."

"We missed our kids," Jiang Peizhi said and Mo Ruolan added, "It's been three months since your sister's wedding and we wanted to see how she is doing after her wedding."

Jiang Yang hummed. "Yuyan would be happy to see you both here."

"Don't tell Yuyan about our arrival. Though we couldn't surprise you, let us at least surprise her," Mo Ruolan warned.

Putting the fork in his hand back in the dish, Jiang Yang looked at his mother, "How come you didn't surprise me? Your sudden appearance shocked my woman to her bones, so how can you say it? Thank G.o.d we were not doing anything in the living room,"

With Jiang Yang's last line, Nix.x.xie almost choked with the food.

"Cough-Cough!" Her face turned red and Jiang Yang pa.s.sed her water while patting her back, "Look up, you will feel better," he instructed."

As she was okay, Mo Ruolan smiled and said, "I am sorry that you have to deal with my shameless son but you will get used to it."

Nix.x.xie didn't know what to say. She never experienced such an atmosphere in her home and she wondered how frank these people were with each other.

'Was it good news for her or she will keep choking up all the time?' she thought.


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