Chapter 727 - The Battle for This World

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Chapter 727: The Battle for This World

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An Lin had depleted his body over and over again to charge this Thousand Possibility Box.

But when he needed it most, it presented a slap of love?

An Lin was rooted to the spot in shock.

The demonic baby was also astonished. No one had ever given it such a convincing slap.

The slap had not only landed on his face, but it had also landed on his soul. It was like a benevolent mother trying to slap some sense into her child, who had gone down the path of delinquency.

“Wah, wah, wah…”

Tears of blood flowed from the black holes that the demonic baby had for eyes.

Its body trembled slightly as it knelt heavily onto the ground.

“Mommy… I was wrong! Don’t leave me, mommy…”

A voice as clear as a flowing creek sounded. It was as if a little angel were crying in repentance.

The demonic baby’s voice suddenly became adorable again.

Three seconds, two seconds, one second…


The scorching green lava poured forth from the rainbow halo above the demonic baby’s head before flowing into the depression in the ground from which it had once come.

The demonic baby’s body gradually shrank as its green hair fell out, leaving it bald again.

When the green lava was completely out of its body, the demonic baby reverted back to its original size.

No, it was even smaller than before. The fleshy wings on its back retracted before disappearing, and its fleshy, white body curled up as if it was sleeping. A white halo enshrouded its entire body, giving it a sense of purity and serenity. Its features were delicate and porcelain-like, and there was not even a single hint of malice left on its face.

“It’s finally over!” An Lin’s legs gave out from under him as he collapsed to the ground while panting heavily.

He had unleashed everything he was capable of during that battle. He had used almost all his trump cards, including those six extremely valuable spirit swords…

F*ck, how heartwrenching! A few million spirit stones was gone, just like that!

With this in mind, An Lin’s heart spasmed, and he almost threw up another mouthful of blood.

“Big Brother An, should I land the killing blow? Woof!” Da Bai resumed his giant dog form before running toward the demonic baby in a gallant manner.

When the demonic baby was on its frenzied rampage, Da Bai hid himself away and barely dared to breathe.

However, now that the demonic baby had adopted a harmless form, his power was surging through his body again! After all, bullying a kindergartener was not outside of his abilities.

As per the saying, “a fallen tiger can fall victim to dogs”. A dog that didn’t know the importance of striking when an enemy was weak was not a good dog!

An Lin hesitated momentarily before nodding. “Kill it! Don’t be fooled by its angelic appearance. If it wakes up again, then we’re all screwed!”

“Right, woof!” Da Bai chuckled before pouncing toward the demonic baby.

“Wait!” Bai Ling’s voice suddenly sounded at this moment. She added, “The demonic baby has expended all its energy and has entered a dormant state, so it won’t hurt anyone for the time being. But if you attack it, you’ll activate its self-defense mechanism, causing it to wake up again…”

An Lin and Da Bai’s features both turned pale with fright upon hearing this.

Afraid that his killing intent might wake the baby up again, Da Bai carefully inched backward away from it.

Holy f*ck! They had come this close to bringing about their own destruction!

A faint smile appeared on Bai Ling’s face as she consoled in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry. Once I regain control of this place, I can try to control the demonic baby.”

Her condition seemed to have improved significantly, and her speech seemed a lot less labored as well.

An Lin completely collapsed to the ground. Only now did he realize just how bad his condition was. He had been severely wounded, his organs had almost been shattered, and his energy had been severely depleted.

It would probably take at least half a month to regenerate from something like this.

He thought to himself for a moment before pulling out a crimson pill with a pained expression on his face.

There was a good chance that he was going to have to fight again in this mystic realm, so he had to recover from his injuries as quickly as possible.

Screw it! It’s just an immortal pill anyway!

He had unleashed so many tyc.o.o.n attacks, so one immortal pill wasn’t much!

The immortal pill in his hand was an eighth-grade immortal pill, the Blood Rakshasa Pill, which he had plundered from his Blood Tribe underlings. This was also the last Blood Rakshasa Pill he had. It was able to help its user to regain energy as well as to recover from injuries at an extremely quick rate, so it was an extremely practical and useful pill to be used in a battle!

An Lin swallowed this immortal pill before putting the pile of sc.r.a.p metal that was Gundam Three into his storage ring.

The silver Gundam could absorb the energy from spirit stones to repair itself, but he no longer had any spirit stones left in his storage ring; all of it had been taken by Lin Junjun.

Ah… so poor!

An Lin wasn’t exactly anywhere near broke. He was still a tyc.o.o.n in the cultivating world. However, all of his valuable belongings consisted of items, and he no longer had any money. This was like some of the tyc.o.o.ns on Earth who owned a few dozen mansions, a few hectares of land, a yacht, but they didn’t even have any cash to buy food…

How miserable!

An Lin lamented for a while before walking toward Dong Guo.

“Get out,” An Lin commanded.

Dong Guo was completely dumbstruck as he lay inside the Blood Soul Jade Coffin. “???”

An Lin pointed to the two ghastly holes on his body. “My injuries are more severe, so I need to recover first. Furthermore, I’m much more powerful than you are, so I’m far more important to the team, and I should be held at the highest level of priority!”

Dong Guo’s heart spasmed as it was pierced by another sword.

He silently got out of the coffin with an indignant expression before swallowing a spirit pill and meditating to continue his recovery.

He really wanted to refute An Lin’s words, but he couldn’t find the points to argue with him!

In this world, where power was everything, everyone was so cruel and apathetic. He couldn’t even detect a single hint of warmth from this cold, cold world…

An Lin lay down in the Blood Soul Jade Coffin to find that it was able to absorb the life-force energy of the entire mountain to replenish his energy. After swallowing the Blood Rakshasa Pill, his injuries were recovering at an extremely fast rate as the coffin glowed with a brilliant crimson light.

A faint smile appeared on Bai Ling’s face upon seeing this. “An Lin, I didn’t think you would become so powerful during the short time since I last saw you. To think that even a killing machine like that demonic baby is unable to strike you down now…”

An Lin waved his hand with a tranquil expression. “It was no big deal. Don’t make a big fuss.”

Bai Ling’s lips twitched upon hearing this, but she quickly regained her composure. After all, she was quite familiar with his tendency to flex. “Seriously though, your rate of progression in terms of combat prowess is the fastest among all the people I’ve seen, and it really is quite shocking to me. Do you have some sort of secret?”

This was a question that was a bit difficult to answer.

“Perhaps it’s because I have the protagonist halo?” An Lin sighed.

That’s right, he had the G.o.d of War System.

Which was the equivalent to a protagonist halo, so there was nothing wrong with that reply!

Bai Ling: “…”

Bai Ling didn’t know what to say anymore. She had never seen someone so blatantly confident.

“Oh, right, are you here to fight for control over this world? Is Black Spirit Snake your opponent?” An Lin suddenly asked.

From what he had just seen, he was able to formulate a rough idea of what was going on.

Bai Ling nodded. “This is the sixth Purple Star Research Inst.i.tute, also known as the Phoenix Research Inst.i.tute. This place once belonged to the Purple Star, but Nuwa gained control over this research inst.i.tute following the fall of the Purple Star civilization.”

An Lin’s interest was immediately piqued upon hearing this. Anyone would be interested to hear about things concerning a legendary mighty figure like Nuwa. And from what Bai Ling was saying, it appeared that Black Spirit Snake was a member of Nuwa’s camp!

With excitement on his face, he inquired about it, “Nuwa was unwilling to give up on this Purple Star Research Inst.i.tute even though a member of the Purple Star civilization had arrived?”

A nonchalant smile appeared on Bai Ling’s face. “I don’t know what Nuwa thinks, but at the very least, Black Spirit Snake is unwilling to yield. It makes sense. After all, she had been looking after this place for countless years, and my arrival was essentially forcing her to give up the research inst.i.tute. As such, all her previous efforts would go down the drain. Therefore, her reaction is quite reasonable.”

“So you guys started fighting because of that?” An Lin continued.

“Heh…” Bai Ling replied with a slight smile, “I made a bet with her. She had to relinquish control over this place, and after that, we would have a race to see who would gain control over this place first in order to decide owners.h.i.+p!”

An Lin’s eyes lit up with elation. “You’re the mastermind of the Purple Star Research Inst.i.tute! You’re like a living hack, so you must have this in the bag!”

“No. Based on the current situation, my loss has been sealed.

“Otherwise, why would I have the spare time to be chatting with you like this?”

Bai Ling heaved a forlorn sigh.

An Lin: “…”

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