Chapter 741 - Causing Trouble (1)

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Chapter 741 Causing Trouble (1)

This person was Li Jingwen, and he was the eldest disciple of Blue Cloud Peak’s Peak Master. Among all the Blue Cloud Peak disciples, he was the most skilled.

Li Jingwen’s eyes swept across those junior brothers. When he saw the bruises on their faces, a sharp look flashed across his eyes.

“Really a useless bunch. You all actually got beaten up by a fellow who just entered the valley and still have the face to come and complain.”

Those disciples trembled after being shouted at by Li Jingwen.

Li Jingwen narrowed his eyes and spoke slowly. “Since Admirable Sky Peak has such an ill-behaved person, Blue Cloud Peak will not be that easygoing either. You all will go to Admirable Sky Peak with me.”

Those Blue Cloud Peak disciples’ eyes brightened immediately, and they followed Li Jingwen.

Blue Cloud Peak and Admirable Sky Peak had not been on good terms for a long time. Moreover, the Blue Cloud Peak’s Peak Master fully supported Full Moon Peak’s Peak Master as the acting Valley Master when the old Valley Master was recuperating back then. Unexpectedly, the position ultimately landed to Admirable Sky Peak’s Peak Master, Perfected Xuanchen.

Ever since Perfected Xuanchen became the Valley Master, Blue Cloud Peak’s Peak Master instructed his disciples to draw a clear line between them and Admirable Sky Peak. Although Perfected Xuanchen was the current Peak Master, both Blue Cloud Peak and Water Cut Peak, with Full Moon Peak as their leader, completely ignored Perfected Xuanchen’s plans and even turned a deaf ear to Perfected Xuanchen’s orders.

In Admirable Sky Peak, Yin Qingluo, Yan Shu, and others were watching the other disciples in the peak cultivate.

Ever since their Master became the Valley Master, he had much less time to discipline his disciples, and disciples who became apprenticed to him earlier began to be responsible for the other disciples’ cultivation.

“Junior Brother Sheng, do you feel better over the past two days?” Yin Qingluo looked at Sheng Qianyu and asked.

“Thanks for your concern, Senior Sister Yin. I’m much better already.” Sheng Qianyu’s face flushed a little as he nodded.

Yin Qingluo chuckled and turned to look at Yan Shu. “Senior Brother Yan, Eldest Senior Brother is not in the valley today. Senior Brother Qian and the rest left the valley to laze around too, and they pushed these things on us instead.”

Yan Shu sighed helplessly. He was about to say something but saw a disciple rus.h.i.+ng over anxiously.

“Senior Brother Yan, Li Jingwen of Blue Cloud Peak suddenly came to our Admirable Sky Peak.”

Yan Shu was slightly stunned.

“Li Jingwen?”

Yan Shu and Yin Qingluo exchanged a look immediately, seeing a trace of confusion in each other’s eyes.

Li Jingwen was the top disciple of Blue Cloud Peak’s Peak Master and had never looked at Admirable Sky Peak’s disciples in the eye, much less step into the Admirable Sky Peak. Why did he suddenly run over to Admirable Sky Peak today then?

“What is Li Jingwen here for?” Yin Qingluo asked with a frown.

Yan Shu shook his head. “Blue Cloud Peak and our Admirable Sky Peak have been on bad terms for a long time. Li Jingwen’s skills improved greatly over the two years. Now that Eldest Senior Brother is not here, we must be more careful.”

Li Jingwen’s skills were not to be trifled with. Among all the Admirable Sky Peak disciples, Gu Yihan was the only one who could contend with him.

Yin Qingluo nodded.

As they conversed, Li Jingwen had already walked over with some people behind him.

When Yin Qingluo and Yan Shu saw the Blue Cloud Peak disciples following behind Li Jingwen, their brows furrowed automatically.

“Aren’t those disciples the fellows who wanted to snag Junior Brother Sheng’s item? Why are they here as well?” Yin Qingluo frowned as an inauspicious feeling rose within her.

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