Chapter 746 - Deal with Li Xing'er 3

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Chapter 746: Deal with Li Xing’er 3

Under Wei Ziting’s arrangement, Li Xing’er received her visitation rights and met Zhou Meiqin again.

Zhou Meiqin was also curious about her arrival.

“Didn’t you come here yesterday? What are you doing here today?”

Li Xing’er was in a hurry to finish the deal with Mu Weiwei, so she did not beat around the bush.

“Mom, I want to know who introduced you to Kerry?”

Startled, Zhou Meiqin sized up her daughter.

“Why are you asking this?”

“Tell me, this man is very important to me now,” Li Xing’er said straightforwardly.

If she had the information about this man, Mu Weiwei might still send her to jail, but if she did not get the information, she would definitely send her to jail.

Although she had lost her career and her parents were in jail, at least Wei Ziting was married to her.

Also, she was going to live a carefree life and she did not want to go to jail for this matter and give birth to this child inside a prison cell.

Zhou Meiqin looked at her and thought that she was trying to find someone else through that man.

“If you don’t succeed the first time, you won’t get a second chance.”

“Mom, that is not what I mean. I just need to know who that person is,” Li Xing’er said.

She admitted that she was no match against Mu Weiwei.

She had never won against her before and now, even after hiring a killer, she still had never won. Instead, she had forced herself into a corner.

Zhou Meiqin said, “I promised not to reveal anything about him, otherwise… I will be in trouble.”

He was not someone to be trifled with.

“Mom, tell me, this is very important to me.” Li Xing’er got a bit anxious.

“No.” Zhou Meiqin shook her head.

“Mom!” Li Xing’er bit her lips. She knew that the visit would be monitored, so she mouthed the words – ‘if I don’t know who he is, I will go to jail too.’

Zhou Meiqin had always been smart, so she soon understood what she meant.

But she still thought for a while before saying the name.

“Someone called He Linna. She was bailed out a few days ago.”

“Mom, did you come to her or did she come to you first?” Li Xing’er asked.

Zhou Meiqin said, “She came to me.”

She had been a bit hesitant at first, but after being incited by that woman and truly hating Mu Weiwei, she agreed.

Li Xing’er sighed helplessly. “I think we are being used.”

She was finally sure why Mu Weiwei asked her about this man.

The real killer was the person who had set her up, or the person related to He Linna. Her mother and herself were just used as the knives.

Someone was trying to get rid of Mu Weiwei through someone else, but they did not want any of them to find out about who they are.

When they found out about the grudge between the Li Family and Mu Weiwei, they arranged for someone to instigate their mother to hire someone to kill her. They were blinded by their hatred, so they did what the other party suggested, without any suspicion.

If Mu Weiwei had not approached her, she would never have known that they had been used.

Zhou Meiqin turned pale and stayed silent for a long time.

She did not think too much about it at that time, but now that she had said that, she felt that she had been led by the nose by He Linna.

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