Chapter 76 - Mr. Yi, Thank God You’re Here, Xu Luosang is Crazy

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Chapter 76: Mr. Yi, Thank G.o.d You’re Here, Xu Luosang is Crazy

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Luosang suddenly grabbed Zhong Yi’s arm and said, “Zhong Yi, since you prepare to keep me around and torture me, then you should know that even a rabbit will bite when it’s cornered. You and Yi Jingxi worked so hard to take everything from my family. You spend the money lavishly, fine. But, people need face, just like trees need bark. In my eyes, you have no shame, so in that case, I’ll just destroy that face of yours!”

Then, she dragged Zhongyi toward the kitchen.

Zhongyi was wearing slippers. Since she had been living like princess these years, she was much weaker than Luosang. As a result, the latter easily dragged her away.

Jian Fei was startled, and rushed over to help.

Luosang picked up a knife, held it against Zhongyi’s face. Her eyes were showing a soul-deep hatred as she said to Jian Fei, “Try to come closer.”

“Luosang, you’re out of your mind! Put the knife down!” Zhong Yi screamed, as she was truly frightened for the first time. Clearly, she didn’t expect Luosang to do something like that.

“Zhong Yi, you need to know that I’m not like you,” Luosang’s hands were shaking, as she really wanted to cut into Zhong Yi’s face. “You have everything you ever wanted, while I have nothing but myself. If you go too far, I’ll bring you all to h.e.l.l!”

Zhong Yi swallowed her saliva. She was terrified.

At that moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

“It’s Mr. Yi!” Jian Fei shouted while running to get the door.

Luosang’s hands trembled intensely. Soon, she heard Jian Fei saying, “Mr. Yi, thank G.o.d you’re here! Xu Luosang’s out of her mind! She forced Zhong Yi into the kitchen with a knife!”

Then, Luosang heard a familiar footstep sound. A familiar, tall figure came into her sight. The man was wearing a dark-grey suit, with well-brushed dark hair, and looked so handsome and elegant. She hadn’t seen him for a long time, and now, she found that the gentleness in his face was replaced by cold sharpness.

She made eye-contact with him. He fixed his dark eyes on her, then abruptly walked over in large steps. His cold eyes made the entire room cold.

Luosang stared straight at him. She felt her blood boiling and her mind went blank in his presence.

Before she came here, she knew that she might meet him soon, but she didn’t think that things would become like this.

But she didn’t care. Because he would only show up to hurt her, and to protect the woman he loved.

“Let her go,” said his voice, cold as ice, “If you do her any harm, your father will suffer a hundred times worse in prison.”

Luosang felt like the dusty wound in her heart suddenly tore open again, and he was spreading salt on it, giving her a suffocating pain.

He was even crueler than two years ago.

He was like a poisonous snake, who hurt and wounded her.

Feeling that Luosang paused, Zhong Yi immediately pushed her away and slapped her.

Her long nail left a b.l.o.o.d.y line on Luosang’s face.

Luosang gazed at the silent Yi Jingxi with frosty eyes, but he didn’t look back at her. Instead, he turned his body to embrace Zhong Yi who jumped into his arms.

Zhong Yi put her arms around his neck and said, “Jingxi, I was so scared.”

“It’s alright, I’m here,” Yi Jingxi dropped his eyes and patted her on the back.

After that, he turned to Luosang and said, “If what happened today happens again, your father will never get out of the prison.”

“Alright, you two have won,” Luosang sneered, and then threw the knife to the ground.

Zhong Yi tipped Jian Fei a wink. Jian Fei immediately rushed up to slap Luosang on the other side of her face.

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