Chapter 77

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Chapter 77

Chapter 77 - Late Night Ma.s.sage

"Knock, knock" Lin Zi Rui was looking at the medical record in his office when the door was knocked twice .

“Come in!”

The door was opened, but the people who came in did not speak . He just put things on the table . When Lin Zi Rui looked up, he saw the thermos in front of him . When he looked further up, he saw his elder brother . After being surprised for a while, he smiles and speaks, "Big brother, why did you come over?”

“I’m sending you soup . Just now I had to entertain people and suddenly thought about you . I don’t know whether you had your meal yet, so I take away the soup for you . I heard the soup they made is very good . So drink more because it is good for your health . ”

"En, thank you big brother . "

Lin Elder brother smile with bitterness . Xiao Rui always acted like this . He is very courteous and will keep some distance from him . It may be related to the incident when he was a child . Xiao Rui will still smile at him, will still say thank you to him, will still call him big brother . But, he rather Xiao Rui acted ‘frivolous’ than being the way he is right now .

In his heart, Lin Big Brother felt uncomfortable and unconsciously sighed out loud .

Lin Zi Rui looked at his elder brother and said, “You better go home quickly and have a rest . Your whole body reeks of alcohol . You should drink less in the future . And after you drink, don’t drive the car on your own . ” After everything comes out from his mouth, Lin Zi Rui suddenly felt awkward . He felt like he had lived for so many years and he never acted like a fussy old mother .

“En, understood! Then, I will go back to rest right away . ” Big brother Lin chuckles as he spoke . It’s so hard for his Zi Rui to care about him, so he must cherish it .

After his big brother went back, Lin Zi Rui opened the insulation pot and drank the soups . He really forgot to eat tonight . Mainly because the food in the hospital canteen was difficult to swallow and he was too lazy to run outside for a meal .

After drinking the soup and eating the meat inside, Lin Zi Rui was full .

After drinking a gla.s.s of water, he decided to see if Yang Shao Yu has awakened . At this time, the anesthetic should already over, and the wound should begin to hurt .

"How are you?" Lin Zi Rui walk into Yang Shao Yu's ward and saw he was frowning . "Is it painful?"

"You came! It hurts . ”

Lin Zi Rui took a chair and sat down . "Do you want to drink water?" The caretaker had fallen asleep on the sofa, so Lin Zi Rui asked him casually .

"Well, you feed me . "

Lin Zi Rui was stunned by his words but he proceeds to pick up the cup on the table . He felt that the water was a bit cold, so he poured some hot water and took a new straw from the drawer and put it together into the cup . After that, he directly holds the cup near to Yang Shao Yu’s mouth to feed .

Yang Shao Yu watched Lin Zi Rui's movements silently . It seems like his heart suddenly felt a little warmer .

After finished feeding Yang Shao Yu water, Lin Zi Rui looked at his leg and asked, “ Apart from the pain, is there any other discomfort?”

“No . ”

“O . ” Since there’s nothing more to say, Lin Zi Rui plan to go back . But before he walks away, Yang Shao Yu suddenly initiate a conversation with him . “It’s really uncomfortable living in this ward . ”

“Of course! The bed in uncomfortable, the surrounding is noisy and the food is bad . In short, it was not as comfortable as living at your own home . ”

"Do you really know that the bed is uncomfortable?" Yang Shao Yu asked with a funny smile .

"Of course I know . There are often patients complaining about this issue with me . " Lin Zi Rui grinned .

“My leg had been painful all the time . And it was so uncomfortable being tied so high . Now I can only feel pain and numbness on my leg . ” Yang Shao Yu is not really afraid of being in pain and normally he’s not someone who likes to complain . But, watching as Lin Zi Rui treated him with kindness, he couldn’t help but wanted to shed a little bit of grievances to him .

After he heard Yang Shao Yu’s grievances, Lin Zi Rui went over and helps to knead his leg . Looking at him being comfortable, the kneading slowly turns to ma.s.sage .

“If tomorrow you still feel uncomfortable, you can ask your caretaker to ma.s.sage your leg . It will make you feel much better . ”

Yang Shao Yu’s eyes looking straight at Lin Zi Rui’s hand on his leg . His skin very white, his fingers are so slender, so delicate… and felt so comfortable when ma.s.saging his leg .

"You have a good temper . Would you like me to introduce a girlfriend to you? If I am a girl, I will think of having you as a boyfriend is quite good . " Yang Shao Yu joked with him .

" . . . " Yang Shao Yu's words made Lin Zi Rui's heart beat faster, and his strength was slightly stronger .

But soon he came back from G.o.d, and the strength of his hands returned to normal .

There was no expression on his face, but his mood was chaotic .

After all, he is a h.o.m.os.e.xual . He doesn’t remember when he realized his s.e.xual orientation but he still remembers how he found it out . Because at that time he found that in his eyes boys are much cuter than girls . He also felt boys are better and girls were annoying . That time he was scared about his reaction and felt that he was not normal .

With a self-deprecating smile, he turned to look at Yang Shao Yu and saw him already slept . This guy really can sleep! After helping him to ma.s.sage his leg for a while, Lin Zi Rui finally left the ward .

The next day, Lin Zi Rui can finally go home . Before returning, Lin Zi Rui took a chocolate bar from his drawer to eat . Even if he dislikes eating sweets, there’s nothing he can do since he has hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) .

When Lin Zi Rui came home, Lin’s family was having breakfast . Lin second brother saw Lin Zi Rui returned and said, “Hurry up and come here to eat . Have you eaten? Did you eat your chocolate earlier? Otherwise, you’ll be uncomfortable . ” These few years, his second brother is more than his elder brother trying to mother him .

Lin Zi Rui washes his hands and sat down to drink milk .

"Third brother, your whole body reeked of hospital’s disinfection smell and it tastes bad . " Lin Le, that is, Lin family youngest daughter smothered her nose in disdain .

"Zi Rui, go to take a bath . You can eat your breakfast later . " Lin Mother immediately said .

Lin Zi Rui frowned but before he can speak, his second brother who sits across him open up his mouth first . "Xiao Rui has been hungry for a night, what kind of bath to take . Of course, he should eat first . Instead, Xiao Le you are not saying you wanted to lose weight . Don't eat anymore and go to your college . Your graduation is just around the corner . So you must learn seriously . Don't always go shopping to buy clothes . "

“Don’t talk to her like that!” Lin father suddenly scolded .

“The three of you are her brothers . Zi Rui, you should be accommodating to what your sister said . ” Lin mother also spoke to criticize Lin Zi Rui .

"Xiao Rui, you eat more . " Lin Elder brother turn a deaf ear and gave Lin Zi Rui another cup of milk .

Lin Le looked at them and stood up . Her elder brother and second brother only knew how to take care of her third brother and would no longer pampers her . This makes Lin Le, who has been favored by her parents since childhood, extremely unbalanced .

Looking at Lin Le no longer eating, Lin mother and Lin father's face turned ugly .

After Lin Zi Rui ate two more mouthfuls, he plans to take a bath and then go to sleep for the rest of the day .

Yang Shao Yu didn’t see Lin Zi Rui in the hospital all day . He guess it should be his resting day . Since he was bored, he can only watch TV and read the newspaper to ease the time . With nothing to do, he felt that he should turn into a mushroom soon if he keeps on lying here . It seems like he is still fond of being squeezed to death by Ke Yan than being here .

With nothing to do he had to continue watching TV . Just as he switched the TV channel, Yang Shao Yu saw they were cooking a soup in the program . It was mushroom soup and Yang Shao Yu was salivating as he watches . Suddenly he really wants to drink a bowl of soup . Yang Shao Yu pick up the phone and call Jiang Qi, "Jiang Qi, I suddenly wanted to drink soup . You asked Aunt Li to cook a mushroom chicken soup for me okay . "

"Well, I will send it to you at night . " Jiang Qi hangs up and thinks about going off work early today and cook the soup for Yang Shao Yu . After all, Aunt Li had taken a leave today .

Looks like today is Yang Shao Yu’s lucky day ah!

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