Chapter 845 - Please Show Some Mercy

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Chapter 845: Please Show Some Mercy

At first, she hoped that Yang Heng would speak up for her daughter, in the end… He called Jingjing despicable!

Mother Yao’s expression was as if her face had been torn apart. Ice blades shot out of her eyes as she glared at Yang Heng. Her voice was filled with anger as she said word by word, “Hengheng, you disappoint me!”

“Shuhe, this is my son.” Mother Yang wouldn’t allow other people to bully her son. She glanced at her old neighbor who was feeling anxious for their own daughter but didn’t care about other people’s children. The disappointment in her heart caused her expression to become distant.

As for Yao Jing, the moment Yang Heng finished speaking, she felt as if she got struck by lightning.

Yang Heng said that she was… despicable! He actually hurt her to protect Ye Jian!!

Her face turned pale and she was in a trance. She stared at Yang Heng blankly. She didn’t hear. She didn’t hear anything. Yang Heng wouldn’t say such things to her. He wouldn’t talk to her like this for an outsider.

Why would he reprimand her because of an outsider? Who is Ye Jian? She only met Yang Heng for less than two months while she grew up with him and have known him for more than ten years!

Yao Jing stood beside her mother with her fist clenched tightly. Her mind was empty. The more she wanted to force herself to calm down, the more she couldn’t control her emotions and wanted to cry.

She didn’t understand. She really didn’t understand why Yang Heng would help Ye Jian!

“Why, Yang Heng, why, why are you doing this…” Tears fell from her eyes. She never showed her weakness in front of other people but this time, she was crying for the man she loved. What’s more, she was crying in front of Ye Jian!

Ye Jian, what did Ye Jian say about her in front of Yang Heng? Why does Yang Heng hate her so much now?

Because she secretly warned those students that attempted to get close to Yang Heng? Because she once pleaded with her parents to chase the girl that practiced her script with Yang Heng every day, the girl that kept smiling and chasing after Yang Heng out of school?

Why didn’t he say anything? Why didn’t he tell her that he hated it when she did all these?

“If you don’t like it, why didn’t you tell me? Since you don’t like it, why didn’t you tell me personally?” At this moment, Yao Jing had many questions for Yang Heng. As for Ye Jian, she was pushed to one side.

Everything she did was for Yang Heng. Yet, now, she got reprimanded by him. She couldn’t accept it! She couldn’t!

Mother Yao saw that her daughter’s heart was all on Yang Heng but Yang Heng was helping Ye Jian to bully her daughter instead. She was agitated and furious. She glared at Ye Jian and said, “Ye Jian, what bad things did you tell Yang Heng about my daughter? You’re a girl but you’re so evil. You abandoned your morals and framed Yao Jing so that you can achieve your selfish desires!”

“Jingjing’s father and I are both listening. You can say what’s your motive now. What on earth do you want? Say it out. If we can satisfy you, we will definitely do it!”

“I just hope that you can show some mercy and let go of my Jingjing! I will be grateful to you for life!”

Mother Yao was asking for trouble with her words. She wanted to push all the blame on Ye Jian but she knew Ye Jian was good at sparring with words. Thus, she spoke hurriedly and quickly. She hoped that after Commissioner Yang and Mother Yang heard what she said, they could prevent Yang Heng from reprimanding Yao Jing.

She just wanted someone to pull Yang Heng back so that he wouldn’t say things her daughter couldn’t accept anymore.

Her daughter had already suffered in the hands of Ye Jian. How could she bear Yang Heng’s scolding?

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