Chapter 1249 - Facing the Enemy on Their Territory!

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Chapter 1249: Facing the Enemy on Their Territory!

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The two Saint Monarchs laughed madly and roared. “Jun Moxie, you d.a.m.nable hypocrite, die together with us!” From the continuous shouts earlier, they’d already managed to find out that this youngster’s name was Jun Moxie.

At that time, the two of them had snorted with disdain, thinking to themselves that those mainlanders really were terrible at naming themselves. That name was so bad, unlike their Divine Sun race, whose names were so meaningful! Take Chuangshang Beidao, Gaoqiao Tuiku, Meinei Kuzi, Xiachuan Erdan… those names were so pleasant to the ears…

Only now did they finally realize what that name symbolized.

This name had always represented ruin!

However, even if you’re more ferocious, the self detonation of two Saint Monarchs will definitely be enough to send you on your way! Even if it was just one of us using self detonation to attack, it was likely that even the boss, Chuangshang Beidao, would receive grave injuries. Your cultivation is only around the boss’s level. How can you escape?

Moreover, you’d already endured a full day of long battle…

Jun Moxie laughed aloud. “Good! This Young Master shall send you on your way then!” Without retreating, he actually opened his arms and rushed forward!

Both of them were filled with joy. Their muscles began to swell immediately. For Saint Monarchs, there was no need to channel anything to self detonate! They could directly explode if they so wished! But for the sake of avoiding any accidents and to achieve the best effect, the two still chose to wait and channel their energies. They were determined to consign this annoying hypocrite to death!

But in the next moment, just when their self detonation sequence had already been initiated, the both of them found to their extreme anger, that the hateful little fellow had actually disappeared completely…

The most aggravating thing was that because they had been so violently chased and attacked all the way by Jun Moxie, they were now situated right in the middle of the densest part of their army ranks…

Not only would their self detonation this time not reach their enemy, they were even going to implicate their own people!

The saddest thing was not even this…

Both of them were already unable to reverse the process of their self detonation…

Everything was too late!

A look of fear was imprinted in the stupefied eyes of the Outsiders warriors around those two Saint Monarchs as a piercing light burst out. In the next moment, a heaven shocking explosion surged outwards!

There was no need to say anything. The self detonations on the level of Saint Monarchs were undoubtedly extremely huge!

In the middle of such a large army, a five, six hundred zhang wide area was completely blasted clear!

The hole at the very center of that wide area, was incomparably deep, looking like two huge black holes…

Nearly 8,000 Outsiders soldiers had accompanied their respected lord Saint Monarchs to the Yellow Springs, ensuring that the whole bunch of them would not be lonely…

Most of them had died in complete confusion, not knowing how they had died. Never in their wildest dreams would they have thought that their own deaths would be caused by their own people… And it was their most respected leaders no less…

This was simply too saddening…

Right now, apart from Chuangshang Beidao, the other six Saint Monarchs had all fallen. Three had been slain by Gu Han, and the other three had all died because of Jun Moxie. Especially the last two who died by self detonation—their death was filled with endless fury!

Jun Moxie’s spiritual sense quickly spread through the entire area, ensuring that there were no more peak enemy experts.

This time, the a.s.sasination mission was relatively successful.

With his mood greatly improved, Jun Moxie roared loudly and shot down from the sky. Everywhere he pa.s.sed, a sea of fire would follow. Countless Outsiders soldiers were burned like candles as they ran around with their heads on fire. The fire burned through the soldiers as if it was burning through an ordinary bamboo forest, advancing over 300 zhang of area!

After that, it rose up again, this time appearing like nine fire dragons. Four on the left, four on the right, and one in the middle. If one looked at it from the top, it would look like a gigantic fire phoenix! Burning resplendently, it swept across the battlefield!

After Jun Moxie’s actions, Big Bear’s Bear Tribe and the reinforcements who arrived later, only had to fight the scattered survivors and were not met with much resistance…

Half the battlefield had actually been turned into a fiery refinement h.e.l.l!

With a whoos.h.i.+ng sound, Jun Moxie landed before Old Madam Dongfang. The old madam was wielding a gleaming sword and killing with great gusto, her entire body drenched mostly in the enemy’s blood. Seeing Jun Moxie, she actually had the leisure to smile and look at him, asking. “How’s your mother now?”

Jun Moxie slapped out with both his palms causing the tens of Outsiders soldiers before him to cry out miserably as they were sent flying backwards. As they flew, their bodies fell apart, and were quickly engulfed by two fire dragons. Smiling widely in return, he nodded. “Mother’s temperament had improved greatly in this period of time. And from the looks of it, she’s even gained a little weight.”

The old madam laughed gladly, but she still warned: “Your mother… is a person with very deep emotions. Although her emotions have improved, you still need to treat her well. Don’t let her… dwell too much on the matters of the past.” As she said that, the old woman sighed heavily as she stood in the middle of the battlefield.

“Moxie understands.” Jun Moxie’s expression also turned heavy. After killing his fill for a moment and seeing that Old Madam Dongfang’s troops had already joined up with Crane King’s warriors, he quickly clasped his hands. “I’ll take a look at the other side.” After saying that, he shot off like a comet stepping on the heads of the Outsiders soldiers, quickly opening up a large path of several zhang in the blink of an eye.

Perhaps Young Master Jun’s movement technique had retrograde, but with every step he took, the heads of the Outsiders soldiers under his feet would directly burst apart! He looked as if he was stepping on watermelons all along the way.

Of course, his speed was not hindered at all as he killed and hurried on!

Seeing the young grandson of hers hurrying off like a hurricane, she smiled happily. “This ability of Moxie is already unrivalled in this world now!”

Hearing her words, Dongfang Wenqing and the others also nodded deeply with thought.

Under the strict and decisive directing of Jun Wuyi, the entire battle situation had begun to turn. The Outsiders were being forced back continuously, and their soldiers were falling rapidly.

The results of this war had already become clear!

Jun Moxie was also finally able to relax. When he looked at the other groups fighting, their sides were all in the absolute advantage. After this battle, the next step would be to continue to press at the enemy’s base…

This was a matter that would need some proper preparation.

As he thought of this, his gaze travelled in another direction. But in that moment, he froze slightly and suddenly rushed over.

On the other side, the Guan Family’s family head, Guan Dongliu, was currently leading the Guan Family in a bitter fight. Although they were fighting with great will, their battle strength was still obviously weaker than the others.

By now, the Guan Family had already suffered many casualties. Because even the strongest among them, Guan Dongliu, only had a cultivation at the Earth Xuan level. Against the powerful strength of the Outsiders army, Guan Dongliu was mired in great dangers at every turn, not to mention having enough strength to spare to help others!

Guan Dongliu, his two sons Guan Qingpo, and Guan Qingyue, along with tens of Guan Family experts were hanging on desperately. Among them, there was a girl with her face covered in a black veil. Surrounded by hundreds of Outsiders warriors, they looked like the small group looked like they were about to be wiped out at any moment.

Jun Moxie charged in with great momentum, carrying a loud whoos.h.i.+ng sound. Before he reached, a large path was already cut through the forces that were surrounding the Guan Family! Closely following that, a gush of fire swept through the area.

The Outsiders who had been in the advantage, suddenly cried aloud as their battle strength dipped drastically!

Jun Moxie opened a path with his bare hands and quickly arrived before Guan Dongliu. But just as he wanted to say something, he found that the situation was somewhat awkward.

Guan Qinghan was now his woman and this old fellow before him could be said to be a legitimate father-in-law of his now ah…

“You’re here.” Guan Dongliu also sounded somewhat stiff.

Similarly, Lord Guan also didn’t know how to address this person before him.

Call him ‘Moxie’? That seems somewhat too casual. Son-in-law? It’s still not that time yet… Then, Third Young Master? What would that make me?

The entire world knew that his daughter was sleeping in the same bed as this fellow, but they just hadn’t gone through the formalities until now…

“En.” Jun Moxie nodded silently. With three slaps, the entire group of Outsiders soldiers were cleared out. Looking at Guan Dongliu, he was just about to speak when his eyes fell upon the girl in the middle with the black veil.

“It’s you!” Jun Moxie’s eyes instantly turned cold.

This was actually Yue’er, the top beauty of Spirit Fog Lake! It was also the same woman who’d once tried to Jun Moxie. This was the woman who was said to have the deepest hatred for Jun Moxie!

After such a long time, they’d finally met again!

Guan Qingyue, who was supported by two people, was covered in blood. She had clearly suffered quite a number of injuries.

Guan Qingyue seemed to have always had a lot of feelings for this woman, even to the point of disregarding everything for her. Jun Moxie naturally knew about this. But never would he have thought that this woman would actually appear here under such unique circ.u.mstances.

Back then, Jun Moxie had wanted to get rid of this woman after that a.s.sasination attempt, but who would have thought that in just a few short days, that woman would disappear completely from Tian Xiang City. From then on, he never received any more news about her.

“That’s right, it’s me.” Lady Yue’er tore off her veil, revealing that beautiful face. Her eyes were extremely complicated as she looked at Jun Moxie. “Jun Moxie! Evil Monarch! Are you very surprised that you would see me here?!”

Guan Qingyue walked up nervously and supported Yue’er’s body: “Yue’er, don’t be afraid, I’ll be here with you! We will never part!” A look of emotion flashed across Yue’er’s face and she smiled bitterly in her heart as she thought to herself. If the Evil Monarch wishes to kill me, what difference would it make that you’re here? However, she still felt quite touched by this idiot.

“So you’d been hiding in the Guan Family all this time.” Jun Moxie calmed down in an instant. Clasping his hands behind his back, he said in a low tone: “No wonder even I wasn’t able to find you. You should know, I’ve looked for you for an extremely long time. Perhaps, this is what it means when people say that the area under the lamp is the darkest!”

The calmness of his voice caused Guan Qingyue and Yue’er to both feel a s.h.i.+ver travel down their spines.

Jun Moxie was looking for her? Why? It was naturally not because he missed her; it was to put her to death!

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