Chapter 1566 The First Triple Nirvana Tribulation

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The divine flames of the ancient era naturally possessed tremendous power.

Even though the Thunder Flame Emperor had been in the Lightning Wasteland for a million years and had experienced hundreds of times, no one had ever been able to subdue this Thunder Flame Emperor's dragon fire.

But today, a small demon wolf had come to anger it!

However, when Mo Xiaolang revealed his real body, the Thunder Flame Emperor Dragon felt a fatal fear.

Beneath it was a black mist that frightened it. The black mist was so thick that it was impossible to see what was inside it clearly. It was like a terrifying whirlpool, and just a glance at it would immediately suck in its soul. There were only two dark black flames that burned quietly and mysteriously. This was the Nether Enlightenment Flame.

Behind the flames, the Thunder Flame Emperor saw Mo Xiaolang's eyes, as well as the eyes of a black demon wolf.

This Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf was a loophole in the rules, a loophole in the growth system of the entire Dragon Sacrifice Continent. He had unlimited possibilities to level up, her devouring ability has no limit, as long as he grows, his devouring ability will increase.

The Thunder Flame Emperor was furious from fear. It let out a world-shaking roar, and its circ.u.mference around them began to collapse. Countless purple flames engulfed the entire world, and the Thunder Flame Emperor began to grit his teeth and brandish his claws, pouncing towards Mo Xiaolang with a destructive posture!


That pitch-black demon wolf was still hidden in the darkness.


The ground beneath the demon wolf was completely burnt to ashes by the thunderous flames.

Just as the Thunder Flame Emperor's dragon fire was approaching, a black flame the size of a palm floated out of Mo Xiaolang's black welcome.

As soon as the black flame appeared, the surrounding area was instantly frozen. At the temperature of two poles, everything was destroyed. The entire world seemed to be in chaos!

That flame had coincidentally pounced onto the dragon kiss of the Thunder Flame Emperor.

At this critical juncture, the black color that was the thinnest at first, started to spread extremely quickly from the dragon head onwards. In just that short moment, the mighty Thunder Flame Emperor Dragon Flame was completely dyed black by Mo Xiaolang's Nine h.e.l.l Devil Ancestral Flame.

The Thunder Flame Emperor's dragon fire, which possessed an abnormal amount of heat, had actually turned into ice under the imprisonment of the Nether Demon Ancestral Flame. It was frozen in midair. It struggled with all its might, but to no avail.

Just at this moment, the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf let out an excited howl and rushed into the sky. It opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and swallowed the gigantic Thunder Flame Emperor's dragon fire whole.

The huge head of the lightning dragon was immediately bitten off by the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf, and what followed was the dragon body, dragon claws, and finally, even the tail was swallowed into Mo Xiaolang's stomach.

After the Thunder Flame Emperor and his dragon flames completely disappeared, there was no longer any trace of fire or lightning in the entire Lightning Wasteland.

Everything was falling apart.

The current Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf had an incomparably huge body, with a length of more than a thousand meters. Standing on top of the Lightning Wasteland, it seemed as though it could touch the sky, and black flames surged out from its entire body, enveloping it completely, like a black sun rising from the Lightning Wasteland.


After absorbing the Thunder Flame Emperor's dragon fire that had existed for a million years, Mo Xiaolang was able to digest the power of the flames inside it.

"As long as I absorb the energy of the Thunder Flame Emperor's dragon fire and transform it into Nirvana Power in my body, I would be able to survive through the third stage of Nirvana Tribulation with the expansion of my Nirvana Power. Hopefully, the third stage of Nirvana Tribulation will not be as terrifying as the first two times."

Those two Nirvana Tribulations had completely terrified Mo Xiaolang.

Although he had expected her Nirvana Tribulation to be stronger than others, he did not expect it to be this strong. Great Emperor of Desolation said that the heavens were jealous of the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf's talent, and were even afraid.

The third Nirvana Tribulation was also part of Great Emperor of Desolation's calculations.

According to the Great Emperor of Desolation's plan, he could immediately advance to the Triple Nirvana Tribulation at once. Only after reaching the Triple Nirvana Tribulation did he have to slow down so that she could properly comprehend the heavens and the flame dao.

Mo Xiaolang had already created two Dao Artifacts.

The first, without a doubt, was the path of fire.

The second was the Dao of Devour.

The way of devouring and the way of flame were both related to the innate talent of the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf.

Generally speaking, the Monster race possessed the physical body of a super human. They probably did not have the advantage in terms of the power of rebirth compared to the human race. However, in terms of the comprehension of the Heavenly Dao, they were not as good as the human race.

However, Mo Xiaolang was also a freak. Although he was not focused on the Heavenly Dao, his comprehension in this area was not weak, and was able to be on the same level as other second stage Nirvana Tribulation Realm warriors. Once he reached Triple Nirvana Tribulation, he would no longer be able to randomly absorb flames to increase his strength.

The reason why he was so anxious to increase his own strength was all because of Long Chen.

Especially after he received the invitation from the Sword Soul Imperial Palace, Mo Xiaolang swore that he would definitely pa.s.s through the third stage of the Nirvana Tribulation and gain the most terrifying power. Only then would he be able to help Long Chen and go to the Sword Soul Imperial Palace to help Long Chen.

This was Mo Xiaolang's last preparations before his departure!

In order to increase his strength, he personally begged the Great Emperor of Desolation to obtain the opportunity to devour this Thunder Flame Emperor's dragon fire.

He did not let himself down. He succeeded with ease.

Standing on this piece of barren land, Mo Xiaolang silently refined the energy of the Thunder Flame Emperor's dragon fire within his body. That vast amount of fire energy gathered into a ma.s.s and was swallowed into Mo Xiaolang's stomach.

's power of rebirth contained two types of attributes: fire and devouring. Fire was a relatively common attribute, but Mo Xiaolang's flames were of the Nine h.e.l.l Devil Ancestral Fire, and even within the power of rebirth, the attack of the Nine h.e.l.l Devil Ancestral Fire had been strengthened. The devouring attribute was the same as the time attribute, it was a relatively rare attribute, and the power it brought with it was not small either.

In reality, before coming to the Lightning Wasteland, Mo Xiaolang had already defeated the late stage Triple Nirvana Tribulation warriors of the demon race.

In the entire Three Regions Nine Realms, who could compare to Long Chen in terms of cultivation speed? Without question, it was only Mo Xiaolang himself.

It was because Mo Xiaolang had such a terrifying innate talent that the Great Emperor of Desolation wanted him to be a G.o.d's son.

The current Mo Xiaolang had long become the strongest genius amongst the young generation of the Desolate Imperial Domain. Being pursued by millions and millions of people, he had become the dream lover of tens of thousands of young girls.

The two brothers had obtained one of the Three Great Imperial Domains s, and the other two were at the pinnacle position of the Imperial Domain.

In the next moment, it was time for them to rush to Sword Soul Imperial Palace and fulfill their initial promise.

He had promised Long Chen several times. No matter what happened, on the day that he killed his way to Sword Soul Imperial Palace, Mo Xiaolang would definitely help him. This was also the long-cherished wish of the two of them coming to Three Great Imperial Domains!


Under the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf's digestion, the fireball gradually shrunk and turned into the extremely vast amount of Nirvana Power inside the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf's body. Even with his current body, it was almost impossible for him to bear such a huge power!

How could the primordial divine flame, which had absorbed a million years' worth of natural essence, be simple?

The purple colored lightning and flames swirled wildly within the Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf's fur, creating a violent whistling sound. Until the purple color was completely engulfed by the black, Mo Xiaolang finally digested all the power of the Thunder Flame Emperor's dragon fire.

In that moment, all the destructive power gathered onto his body.

The Sun Devouring Demonic Wolf's body was also revealed within the black fog and flames. It was a majestic and majestic Dark Demon Wolf, full of an awe-inspiring charm. Black flames burned fiercely in its eyes, as though it was a nightmare.

"I have finally succeeded. I am almost unable to control such a powerful force. Will I be able to trigger the third stage of Nirvana Tribulation?"

Just as Mo Xiaolang was thinking about this, at that moment, the heaven and earth suddenly stopped.

Mo Xiaolang suddenly heard the sound of his own breathing clearly.

This sound immediately suffocated him.

It was as if a million kilograms of strength was suddenly pressed down on top of his head, causing him to have no choice but to kneel. However, to Mo Xiaolang's pride, this was absolutely not allowed.

This kind of scene made Mo Xiaolang understand that the first Triple Nirvana Tribulation must have appeared in the midst of their expectations.

He was incredibly excited, but there was also a hint of fear.

The reason he was so excited was that he finally had the chance to attempt the third stage of the Nirvana Tribulation. The fact that the Triple Nirvana Tribulation had been completed within a year was unprecedented for the entire Three Great Imperial Domains. However, the fear was that the Nirvana Tribulation was simply too terrifying. The third stage of Nirvana Tribulation would definitely be the most difficult one for him.

Even Mo Xiaolang himself wasn't confident that he could pa.s.s through it.

The first time they met, they encountered a Nirvana Tribulation with a rare intensity. The second one was even stronger and almost killed Mo Xiaolang.

Mo Xiaolang made sufficient preparations and raised his head.

A blood-red vortex had appeared out of nowhere in the dark sky. As the vortex formed, a ma.s.sive amount of clouds began to gather. At the start, the cloud was only a hundred meters in diameter.

In the end, Mo Xiaolang raised his head and saw thick and heavy tribulation clouds everywhere he looked. He felt that he had already been completely submerged by them.

Such a huge tribulation cloud was actually three times bigger than what Mo Xiaolang had imagined!

Even an ordinary martial artist at the fourth stage of Nirvana Tribulation would not reach such a level!

Mo Xiaolang's heart turned cold.

As time pa.s.sed, the atmosphere grew increasingly tense and the pressure on their heads increased, causing the entire Lightning Wasteland to appear so uneasy. A small half of the people from the Desolate Imperial Domain were all shocked by this gigantic Nirvana Tribulation.

And at this time, thunder, fire, gale, and cold air.

The four types of power began to converge within the tribulation clouds.

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