Chapter 1849 Godly Spirit Liquid

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In the blink of an eye, the voice announced the last divine object.

He said, "The last divine object is called: G.o.d's chosen one's spirit liquid. It was created by the G.o.ds themselves, and this was the first time it was ever seen. Every time he consumed the first G.o.d's spirit liquid, he would be able to safely pa.s.s through a stage of reincarnation tribulation. He would be able to make full use of the Power of Reincarnation during the reincarnation tribulation to build his body, which is the shortcut to the path of G.o.d. The wielder can escape from the tribulation of reincarnation, but the benefits will be three times greater than others. There are a total of nine drops of G.o.d's chosen one spirit liquid, and their effects are different. They respectively correspond to the Nine Palace Calamity of Yi Yuan to the final level, and a bottle of G.o.d's chosen one spirit liquid can create a nine palace tribulation of reincarnation expert, who is close to becoming a G.o.d. "

The clamor this time was the loudest!

Everyone was going crazy. They originally thought that the rewards were only ordinary rewards, but the gifts they gave out were all supreme treasures. They were enough to cause chaos and cause countless people to go mad with jealousy.

Although the three treasures were all about the same, the effect of the G.o.d's chosen one was the most maddening.

Among the three treasures, the Ancient G.o.d's Corpse only had the same combat power as the Ancient G.o.d's corpse. If the person's own potential was ordinary, the five clones could only let him dominate the same level. Whether or not the Ancient G.o.d's corpse could be used depended on the person.

There was no need to talk about Sector lord Divine Arts, although the content was vast, the killing power was terrifying and bizarre, and there were many mystical methods, but that also depended on the abilities and perception of the partic.i.p.ants, if one's own comprehension was not good enough and was not suitable for Sector lord Divine Arts, then even obtaining Sector lord Divine Arts would not have any effects.

The only thing that could be used was the G.o.d's Will.

Many people could cultivate for tens of thousands of years or even tens of thousands of years. However, with the Reincarnation Tribulation blocking the way for a thousand years, most people would die on the path to becoming a G.o.d.

Even if one's talent was low, they would be able to calmly sit and wait for the arrival of the thousand year time limit. At that time, as long as one consumed the G.o.d's spirit liquid, one could easily pa.s.s through the reincarnation tribulation and perfectly grasp the next stage of power, eventually becoming a super strong warrior who could pa.s.s through the nine stages of tribulation of reincarnation. And a strong warrior like that, even a level like Long Qinglan might not even exist in the Five Dragon Cities!

"Ancient G.o.d Corpse, Sector lord Divine Technique, G.o.d's Killer Liquid!"

Hundreds of people were crazily shouting out these names. They restlessly paced back and forth on the array formation, running around. Most of them had already been blinded.

Hundreds of people were in a state of chaos.

"Then, I will give you a quarter of an hour. After a quarter of an hour, the chaotic battle will begin, and only those who remain on the platform at the end will be able to obtain the supreme treasure. This time's time limit is: 1000 breaths!"

Originally, there were only nine people. This meant that the number of people had increased by 30 times. However, only 10 times the time had pa.s.sed. This meant that this battle would be incomparably difficult!

"If all of them are not completed within one thousand breaths of time, everyone will be eliminated. No one can even think of obtaining these three great treasures!"

With that last sentence, the voice finally disappeared.

Of the seventy-two diagrams, the ones left behind were the restless, restless people.

Long Chen could clearly feel that even Su Muchen's breathing had become hurried. When the choice of living to become a G.o.d and to die was placed in front of them, no matter who it was, they had to give up everything in order to live on.

After the voice ended, the surroundings suddenly became unusually calm. They looked at each other. At this time, no matter who it was, they were all their enemies.

A deadly enmity appeared in the middle of the crowd.

Su Muchen suddenly said, "Long Chen, how about we join forces? The three of us will fight for a chance to live on! "

His strength was already at the top, and the only person he could join hands with was Long Chen. If the two super divine dragons joined together, he might really have a chance …

It was just that to Long Chen, there was more than one woman by his side.

He was silent for a moment, shook his head and said, "It's a pity, you should know that my relations.h.i.+p with the Little Saint Lord is good, I want to protect her."

Adding Li Xuanji's words, Long Chen could only abandon him.

Su Muchen said in astonishment, "She is only a part of your heart and you can't give up on her. If that's the case, I won't say anything more.

There were only three chances for them to survive, and many experts were struggling for survival. Who would let Long Chen live with two weak girls? Therefore, Su Muchen said that it was impossible. If anyone were to know of Long Chen's true thoughts, they would probably mock and laugh.

But this was something that Long Chen had to accomplish even if it meant abandoning his life!

Pressure! A huge pressure!

This sort of pressure was almost impossible to alleviate.

Ling Xi was crying. She didn't know how to comfort this man, so she could only hug him tightly. The last fifteen minutes of peace was precious. This was an unprecedented test. Even when they had faced the City Lord's death, they hadn't lost so much hope.

Ling Xi knew that this was definitely the time when Long Chen would struggle the most in his heart. In the end, he would have to give up on one woman, or even two women, and even himself might very well die.

Close to three hundred warriors would charge through that extremely minute escape tunnel!

"Xiao Xi."

Long Chen lowered his head. He seemed to be very calm as he said: "When the battle starts, I will bring you towards the direction of Xuanji. Our first mission is to find her and protect her.

Ling Xi asked: "Do you want the three of us to die together?"

Long Chen laughed, gently patting her face, and said: "Idiot, we are going to live."

His words were light, but the fire in his eyes was a clear sign of the incomparable desire to live. He had already said it, he would fight with his life on the line!

"I wish you luck." Su Muchen said helplessly.

Although they were enemies, he recognized Long Chen. If it was not for the entanglement between them, maybe the two of them would become good friends.

"You too. I wish you luck." Long Chen truly wished his well, but if she were to meet him on the battlefield, he wouldn't be courteous at all.

The two men closed their eyes, feeling the breathtaking silence of the stormy night.

Suddenly, someone spoke. He said, "My fellow G.o.d blood descendant members, I am Di Feng from the Di Jun Divine City, and you all should have heard of me before. I am our human race's greatest hope for the future — — Brother Di Yu's blood."

At this moment, his words attracted everyone's attention.

"Everyone knows, he is the G.o.d blood descendant with the highest concentration of blood in the past one million years, he is known as the son of the Emperor, who possesses 80% of the Emperor's Jun's Divine Blood, and has currently already reached one yuan of the tribulation of reincarnation. In another half a year, he will definitely enter the tri-level tribulation of reincarnation, after a thousand years, he will definitely become a top expert of the human race, maybe after ten thousand years, he will become a human Divine Spirit, a Divine Spirit that hasn't appeared in ten million years, he will be the only one present who has the qualifications to lead our human race to the pinnacle!"

"But today, we are facing a disaster!"

"In this disaster, only three people can survive. In the face of this disaster, Di Feng humbly requests all of you, for the sake of the human race's hope and future, to let the three most talented people live on, and hopes that you can let go of this young child and give him a chance to live on, so that he can repay all of you. Let him realize his own value! I, Di Feng, am of the second tribulation of reincarnation, and with my fighting strength, I would at least be in the top five in the entire compet.i.tion. If all of you are willing to let him live, I am willing to commit suicide at the last moment in exchange for his life! Di Feng, I sincerely ask for everyone's permission! "

With that, the young man in the light blue brocade robe knelt down in the middle of the troops far away from Di Jun Divine City.

He was able to compete with his peers. Although Di Feng said that he could be ranked in the top five, in reality, he was too modest. In the eyes of the audience, there was a 80% chance that he could even be ranked first.

When Di Yu's name was announced, everyone forgot about him. It was rumored that he was a very courageous person, but looking at him now, he was indeed extraordinary, he was willing to use his own life, in exchange for everyone giving Di Yu a chance to live. After all, in terms of true combat strength, Di Yu was not even in the top twenty.

Di Feng could of course protect Di Yu, but at that time, he would only be afraid of being targeted. If several warriors of the same realm attacked, he might be fine, but Di Yu would definitely die.

He was known for being magnanimous in his actions. Only when he knelt down did everyone wake up from the flames of desire. Everyone looked at their brother with their mouths dry, not knowing what to say.

These two were the pride of the heavens.

Before this, everyone was envious of him, and didn't even have the guts to be jealous. Even now, they were sincerely envious of him, but in front of the threat of death, everyone was extremely conflicted. They had to ask themselves, if I had the power to make this decision, would I let him go?

"Personal lives are a small matter, the hopes of the entire clan are a huge matter. I swear that I definitely will not do anything to Di Yu, please take the big picture into consideration. Anyways, if you all want to die, you all better leave a way for the human race to escape."

The so-called three chances to live, the so-called treasures, are all personal desires. I think that leaving the three slots for Di Yu is not a problem. As for the others, we can compete for the last two. "At least let him live. Our race still has hope."

For a moment, the strongest people all agreed.

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