Chapter 2115

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However, the living conditions in the refuge were very harsh . The typical lifespan of an habitant in the Shura World was 300 years . The hunters used to be masters in cultivation . Many of them had extraordinary spiritual power, but their power slowly depleted throughout the years . Moreover, there was no supply of spiritual power anywhere, so they could not possibly resume their cultivation practices . As a result, most of their lifespan was reduced to only 70 to 80 years .

The villages were the second or even third generation of the hunters' descendant . Most of the elders had already pa.s.sed away . The clan leader was the only elder left in the clan .

Certainly, the tales of the foreign city lived on . According to legends, the foreign city possessed spiritual power in their land . There were magnificent buildings, gorgeous clothing, and scrumptious food . The closest city from where they were was about a hundred miles or so . However, the journey had become impossible for them to embark on .

Tie Dan had also told Di Fuyi many things about Stone . He then turned to look at Gu Xijiu, who was still being surrounded at the moment and let out a smile . The sorcerer's prediction was not entirely wrong . Stone would emerge as the savior of the village, but it was not the Stone that they had thought .  

With Di Fuyi's help, it would not be difficult to escape from the refuge in the valley . However, he was not sure if the city was really safe . What had happened a century ago and turned this place into a living h.e.l.l? Also, what kind of animal was out there, making thundering growls? What was concealed underneath the layers of thick, grey fog?

Meanwhile, the bottle of wine Di Fuyi had shared was able to convince Tie Dan that Di Fuyi was a trustworthy friend . Tie Dan was not a keen drinker . He got drunk only after a few sips . After chattering for a while, he gave Di Fuyi a gracious tap on the shoulder before he added, "Brother, you are a capable man and a real friend . I do not know how you and Brother Stone met, but I do know that if you really like him, you should express your feelings boldly . However, there is a problem . Brother Stone prefers women . He will not usually come into contact with men . If you were a girl, he would definitely fall for your beauty and your strength . "

Di Fuyi was impressed . "I will express myself boldly, for sure . " This time, he would not hold himself back .

"That is right . You must be determined . Actually, our village is not against the idea of h.o.m.os.e.xuality . No rule has stated that you cannot marry a man . "

"Hmm, that sounds good . Either way, I will be happy as long as he is by my side . When we are finally together, I will treat you with more drinks . "

"Brother, you have my support . I will talk about you nicely to him later . " Tie Dan was very supportive of Di Fuyi .

All of a sudden, their surroundings came into complete silence . Tie Dan noticed something strange and looked up immediately . A man came into sight .

He was obviously intimidated . "The clan leader is here!" He announced hoa.r.s.ely .

Di Fuyi saw a man standing not too far away from him . He was strong and tall . His strength was fully realized in his gigantic, muscular frame . His face was covered in a full beard and a layer of thick paint, making him look very distinguished .

The people were intimidated by his presence . The moment he appeared, the noise in the crowd died away . All of them faced him and greeted courteously .

However, Di Fuyi only looked at him with a smile; he did not greet him . Although Di Fuyi had concealed most of his splendor family background, he still possessed the same old temperament, which was intimidating for most people .

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