Chapter 243 - Battle Against The King

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Chapter 243: Battle Against The King

s.h.i.+ Guan’s body began to tremble violently as soon as it was decapitated, then, his backbone began to crack while a pitch-black humanlike creature with scales all over its body appeared.

He had soul-ripping eyes that were pulsing with dark-green flames.

“Wraith Devil!” Qin Feng seemed to be perturbed from his expression, blood flow accelerated throughout his body as he became highly alert, his conscious energy heightened to a level that he had never experienced before. He stared fixedly at the person before him.

He was one of the major causes of Pingyun becoming a ghost town, and it took many years for Pingyun to recover from it.

Twenty thousand people in the entire area of Pingyun were devoured by the Wraith Devil, and it fuelled its transformation into a D-tier being.

Normally, it would require a D-tier apt.i.tude user to hunt down an E-tier beast king. If the beast king were to achieve D-tier, the needed number of apt.i.tude users would increase tremendously, or else, C-tier apt.i.tude users would be needed.

As Pingyun’s location was not indispensable, Zhongcheng Organization gave up on it and instead chose to utilize another route.

It was until two years later when an outsider accidentally trespa.s.sed into Pingyun found out that the Wraith Devil had left the place for a long time, everything was abandoned in Pingyun, and not even a single human being stayed behind.

Now that the Wraith Devil was looking at Qin Feng with its piercing eyes, dark-green flames began to engulf its body.

“You don’t seem too bad, I could use your body!” The Wraith Devil growled and pounced toward Qin Feng.

It was at that moment, Qin Feng no longer displayed his ancient martial arts skills and started activating his abilities.

“h.e.l.lfire Carpet!”

Flames began to rise from the ground and circle around the Wraith Devil.


A loud and blood-curdling scream was instantly heard from the Wraith Devil.

After all, the Wraith Devil was afraid of light and fire abilities.

Without any hesitation, the Wraith Devil turned tails and ran away!

“Fire beam!”

A fire beam that was about the size of a wrist was shot out.


The Wraith Devil that was escaping took the deadly hit and let out another screech, surprisingly, its speed began to increase.

It did not have a physical body and was able to penetrate through the walls, it then glided into one of the buildings in the area.


Qin Feng did not care about dodging any obstacles along the way, he was akin to a humanlike ultra beast that was ramming through every single wall within the building to hunt down the Wraith Devil.

Qin Feng had his conscious energy locked on his opponent.

Blazing flames were furiously enveloping the surroundings.

The Wraith Devil had finally found the presence of a human being, it was a woman who was cooking in a room, he pounced forward within a split second and possessed the woman’s body.

Qin Feng raised his saber and sliced it across the air!

The Wraith Devil was forced out from the dead body. However, the wound on its back that was injured by Qin Feng’s attack had fully recovered, as if it had never sustained any injuries.

The Wraith Devil’s wound was healed from devouring other people’s souls.


The Wraith Devil went through a wall and disappeared once again.

Qin Feng forcefully rammed through the wall and it was hollowed into a giant hole, he continued on with his wild pursuit.

The flames kept burning, dealing continuous damage to the Wraith Devil.

“You have left me no choice!” The Wraith Devil turned around and pounced toward Qin Feng.

In the next moment, Qin Feng felt that his conscious energy was being invaded by an unknown being.

It was an extremely nauseous feeling.


Qin Feng’s conscious energy was split into small arrows as he activated a wild retaliation against the invader.


The Wraith Devil screamed and retracted itself from Qin Feng’s conscious energy s.p.a.ce.

It was surprised and furious as he looked toward Qin Feng.

Qin Feng’s physical capabilities and conscious energy were of beast king tier, whereas the Wraith Devil was also a beast king that had the capability to go head-to-head against Qin Feng. However, Qin Feng’s attributes had dominance over the Wraith Devil’s nature.

As such, the Wraith Devil was unable to cause any harm toward Qin Feng.

All of a sudden, a clamorous noise was heard from afar, along with a beeping sound that was specially used by patrol vehicles.

It was the patrol team of Pingyun Colony!

The Wraith Devil heard the noise and immediately sneered, it then instantly turned back and penetrated through the wall.

Qin Feng was taken aback.


Qin Feng plowed a giant hole in the building.

On the outside, some G-tier apt.i.tude users circled around the scene and began to inspect s.h.i.+ Guan’s body, questioning the witnesses.

“Everyone leave, do you want to die?”

Qin Feng was fuming mad as he saw that Qian Yuan and the others were standing idly by, not doing anything to stop the patrol team from closing in!

Qin Feng’s conscious energy was instantly locked on to someone, it turned out to be a G5-tier patrol team member.

“Get out from there now!” Qin Feng let out a furious roar and attacked the patrol team member.

That person was shocked and shouted.

“What are you trying to do? Are you insane? Help!”

The others had subconsciously pointed their weapons at Qin Feng but Qin Feng did not stop and he continued to rush toward the patrol team member.


An insane number of shots was blasted toward Qin Feng as the patrol team members thought that Qin Feng was one of the members of the Dark Coalition that had come to create chaos in Pingyun.

“Hold your fire!” Qian Yuan panicked and shouted as he witnessed the chaotic progression of the situation.

Although he was fully aware of the situation, before he could even explain, Qin Feng had sunk into another battle with the others.

Qin Feng had no hesitation nor fear in him as he was faced with the bullets that rained down on him.

None of the bullets were able to harm Qin Feng as all of them stopped within a radius of a meter around him and fell onto the ground.

Qin Feng was only eyeing the G5-tier patrol team member.

All of a sudden, Qin Feng was surrounded by blazing flames.

“Fire Dragon Style!”


A ma.s.sive fire dragon rose up to the skies.

The overwhelming presence shocked everyone in the surroundings and none of them dared to move away.

Qin Feng continued on with his pursuit.


The ma.s.sive flames covered the body of the patrol team member.

However, the fragile body of a human being was unable to withstand such a powerful ability, and it was instantly burnt into ashes.

The human body was lit up in bright-red while being burned down by the flames, and the Wraith Devil appeared from within again.

The fire dragon wrapped itself around the body of the Wraith Devil.


The Wraith Devil let out a miserable shriek as it began to break apart and split itself into five human shadows.

Swoosh swoosh swoos.h.!.+

The five human shadows pounced toward the crowd simultaneously, and within a split second, five people were being possessed.

The situation became worse when the five of them began to run in different directions.

“Stop them!” Qin Feng roared furiously.

“Fire beam!”

Qin Feng blasted out five shots of fire beams and managed to hit three of the human shadows, and the fire dragon swept down, decimating the three of them. On the other hand, one of the human shadows was blocked by a patrol team member who was quick to react, Qin Feng rushed forward and took care of it with a slash across the opponent’s neck.

However, as soon as they were killed, shadows of the Wraith Devil began to crawl up from the back of the dead bodies and all of them sneered devilishly.

“Kekeke, I thought that everyone here is incapable and weak, guess I was wrong, interesting!”

The Wraith Devil spoke with a hoa.r.s.e voice. Not only that, its tone sounded weird, like it was unfamiliar with the language and its usage. It would seem that it had absorbed the language by devouring s.h.i.+ Guan and the others.

“It seems like I will be able to spend more time playing this game with you!”

The Wraith Devil completed his sentence and faded into black mist, disappearing instantly from the scene.

Qin Feng was daunted by what had happened.

The Wraith Devil had escaped.

Qin Feng was no longer able to detect the Wraith Devil’s presence using his conscious energy.

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